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    The sword & board idea sounds cool for a change! Although, there aren't many exciting shields for Barb out there.

    First thing that popped in my mind with the S&B idea though was a LoN fire build using Bash (Pulverize), with high attack speed and Wrath of the Berserker - although a bit harder to get perma Berserker without IK, and, well, LoN builds take some time to farm.

    I could also imagine the Rimeheart/Freeze of Deflection dream, but I never managed to get a decent Rimeheart to check how it´d work at higher GRs.

    In any case, we could always start with LoN build to tweak and experiment, and see how it goes. Most likely there´s someone out there already trying something similar as well.

    I'll share something if I get to a somewhat decent idea/build. :)

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