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    I think I am getting toward an end of this wonderful game and I am really tempted to write a few words about it. I'll try to be objective which may be a little difficult to achieve 'cause I am really enjoying this game and I feel like writing only good things about it.

    Anyway, I think Drakensang is a German creation, a classic RPG set in a fantasy world long ago ruled by dragons.

    On Character and skills: You control a party of up to four characters. The game has a system based on dice rolls much like D&D but simpler and very easy to work out. Each character has its own class but shares the ability to learn same skills which gives us a lot of freedom in character development. Spells are more or less limited to a specific class but you can make a hybrid caster/pickpocket and fighter much like in Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights. Drakensang is very similar to the above mentioned in many ways.


    There are skills like alchemy which is used to create potions and elixirs out of different ingredients you find along the way as well as skills which let you create your own weapons and ammo out of special items and recipes. Each skill and spell levels up with experience points, therefore we must choose what spells and skills we want in each of our four characters to create a nice and well put together party with each character being a specialist of some sort. Experience points are used to increase attribute points, health and mana.


    On Combat: There is the option of pause during combat, which I must admit is really necessary to use in order to win some of the more difficult battles and Drakensang does not belong to easy games and I must say it is rather challenging at times which is what most games are missing nowadays. The combat itself reminds that of Neverwinter Nights and the above video shows it well. It seems simple but simplicity has its beauty as some of you well know.

    on Art and Music: Now here is my favourite bit simply because Drakensang is just a beautiful game. I fell in love with its art from the very beggining, the scenery, buildings, forests and caves. Simply wonderfull. All of this is topped up by some fantastic tunes. Have a sample at the official website of what the music is like.


    I could point out some downfalls of the game but it is really heartbreaking to criticize a game which has finally brought some light and emotion into the RPG genre.;)
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