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    I presume you should roll Vita to % dmg.

    However i am not sure how crucial LpFS is.

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    Quote from Brutus»

    yes, i do that, i'm at 780 paragon, the problem is when i'm playing barb full dps i have that feeling that i'm wasting time not playing my sader with 220% XP

    Wow just wow.

    First..you dont play support build for XP leech. As name is saying, main purpose is to support your team.

    Secondly..why do you care about XP so much? 780 or 680 or 580..its all the same.What are we talking about?

    If i had enough luck i can have BiS gear in 300 paragons. To succeed in solo or group all you need to have is BiS gear. Paragon level means nothing. It is just ego boost :)

    Stop caring about Xp and start playing this game because you have fun playing it.

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