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    posted a message on I feel like this went fairly unnoticed today.
    Quote from Trustfire

    ^^lol how can these people not see it immediately?? it's blatantly obvious. :facepalm:

    Guess they don't have your trained eye...

    ...an eye trained to immediately locate cocks :)
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    posted a message on Everything just changed...
    Quote from Eldius

    Quote from Branmuffin

    In the words of the great "Weird Al" Yankovic: "Everything you know is wrong."

    While changing the DH's skills around, it seems they've changed much, much more.

    Most WD and Wiz skills now use weapon damage instead of flat damage that increases with level.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to rebuild

    That is just...lame. They should reverse that change. Casters shouldn't have to rely on weapon damage.

    While I see where you're coming from, I think it's important to note that some wands have pretty good damage at high levels.

    Take this wand for example: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/fragment-of-destiny

    165 DPS, which is definitely lower than a lot of weapons. But it makes up for it with the 81-171% more damage for wiz only.

    Not to mention the other % to damage for wiz that you'll get with the orbs.

    I'm confident that Blizzard will balance whatever needs balancing.
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    posted a message on Force's first video is up!
    Apparently he was having some problems uploading it to youtube, but it is up now for all to see. Enjoy!

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    posted a message on Closed Beta Has Begun!
    God I hope I get it.
    I HOPE I GET it.
    How many people do they need?
    How many boys how many girls?
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    posted a message on Will you use Blizzard forums or stick with Diablofans?
    Quote from Umpa

    Quote from lawless2788

    the mods here close troll-threads here as if it were a game of whack-a-mole.

    HELL YEA WE DO!!!!!!!!!

    That one made my day lol...No doubt I'll be here playing whack-a-mole for D3!

    Nice whack-a-mole on that Error 33 thread lol
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    posted a message on Hardcore Graveyard idea.
    I've never played hardcore much (a few levels in D2) but I also really like this idea. Maybe add an option to watch the last 30 seconds of their life or something, too. That would be really awesome.
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    posted a message on Magic Find and Boss Hunting
    Quote from dnygren09

    Quote from Clypheous

    Quote from DSRilk

    I thought that Blizz said they were doing away with MF, and that drops would be such that you wouldn't just go boss hunting and skipping the rest of the content. I'm in the F&F Beta, and there's MF all over the place sadly, so once again I'm trading off (the admittedly unnecessary) good stats for MF. Also, bosses still seem to drop a lot more and a lot better loot than even yellow "mini-boss" creatures, so I'm not sure how that will push people not to just run the last bit of each section. The only reason I can find to run other sections is for crafting papers, and even then, at least in this first part, they are far more common at the end near the boss.

    So... when did they change their mind on the direction or am I missing something?

    You're missing something. This isn't inferno. In Inferno difficulty all mobs will be balanced out for drops, prior to that it's going to slowly ramp up with later mobs giving you better loot. So for the Beta, absolutely, once you've got yourself up to max level, there's no reason to farm the early parts. Just like when you're level 60, but not quite geared for Inferno you'll go to Act IV Hell to get more items, not Act I Normal.

    No I think your missing something, what hes trying to say is that the bosses drop better gear. Unless you can confirm that bosses in inferno drop no more gear than regular inferno mobs, than there is no reason why people won't stack mf and rush to inferno bosses.

    Yeah, no. You're definitely missing the something. The whole point of inferno is to make all monsters as equal as possible across the board to encourage running whole areas instead of just bosses. Obviously, even in inferno, killing one boss will net better loot than 1 normal monster, but in the time that it takes to get to and kill that one boss, I could run a huge number of mobs, including whatever champions and whatnot spawn, and get way more stuff.

    Most likely, the most popular runs will be something akin to the Diablo/Baal runs in D2 where, instead of the best char teleing to the boss, everyone just runs on foot, killing everything on the way, and ending with a boss kill. I hope they add some incentive, though, to make it so people will want to run entire acts, or maybe the entire game from act I-IV on inferno, that would really be awesome.
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