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    I usually only dabble in Diablo whenever I play a season, but I’m looking to push properly this season!

    I love the wizard and it’s different play styles, but I’m not up to scratch with the current meta etc. I know what it is but I’m not sure of the mechanics etc etc.

    I'm farming paragons atm and I’m doing so on a rat nec and a zbarb, I’d love to do it on my wizard but I never really see any groups looking for a wizard for speeds (95-100) and I’m pretty hell bent on finding a build good enough to keep up with a rat or just be viable with one! If any of you know of any builds for wizard that are viable please let me know, or if you think Any sort of build has potential please leave them below!



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    LF a Zdps WD to join us and push ranks!

    We want to push ranks about 3 times a week!

    We will use skype and have a nice mature yet amusing atmosphere whilst playing!

    Feel free to add me in game, yologrumples#2329

    Or just reply here and I'll get back to you ASAP!!


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