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    I honestly don't even like the current patching of Diablo 2 at all for anything. I might play Diablo 1 for a little while before Diablo 3 is released personally. Or just improve my SC2 ranking. Diablo 1 is more fun in my eyes because making new chars and lvling them is still fun. Making new chars in Diablo 2 feels more like a chore, with almost no randomization to the drops at all. The only annoying thing about playing Diablo 1 is the lack of mana regeneration lol. The runewords also kind of kill the game for me.

    I hope they tone down the uniques in Diablo 3 so the game isn't just about farming items like Diablo 2 runewords. I like it better when the better items in the game are randomly generated attributes on strong items. Not looking for a specific item that adds the max to every stat possible in the game.

    I'd like to say that theres probably a good amount of people who play both PvP and PvE. More probably play PvE, but I don't believe PvP is that far beyond at all. A lot of people just like farming Baal 300 times before they make PvP games and characters. The PvP option along with mods is probably what kept the game going so long to begin with. Since it gives the PvE players a goal to work toward. If there was no PvP then I believe a good half of the people wouldn't even bother with Diablo 2 and play WoW or something.
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    well they dont really tell how much higher they increased the drop rate by

    but i did notice that they increased the drop rate for other items too

    im finding more uniques and even a super unique right away although they suck cuz im only like lvl 6 XD
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    Quote from "luc1027" »

    I don't think so... won't happen...
    you have a big imagination lol. Too much, keep it simple... (I don't said that your idea cannot be "cool", I said it was too much complicate for nothing)

    for some reason you remind me of snotspill from diablo 1 xD

    id like a simple timer of like 15 seconds but if your whole party dies then you gotta respawn at the nearest waypoint and run bitch run! xD
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    Blizzard already made a ranger and it did not use summons at all

    but instead did massive damage with a bow =3

    it was in warcraft 2 so blizz can still make a ranger and be different than other companies rangers

    however im not entirely expecting the class to use bows im expecting more throwing weapons but due to not looking at the barbs skill tree in a while im not sure if the barb used throwing weapons or not lol

    i actually want to see a rouge with a skill tree myself xD

    also in diablo 2 polearms went pretty much unthemed by any class
    the barbarian usually could use any weapon but no real reason other than personal liking lol

    so i would not be surprised if bows existed but werent a theme of any char only due to throwing weapons existing =3
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    the problem your having has absolutely nothing to do with your internet or your connection

    sometime after the release of WC3 they released a new CD for diablo 1 that basically reorganized diablo 1 files into a more modern program

    so basically you have the old diablo 1 installed but you need the new one

    or the online wont work

    thats the same problem i had but then i found out this was the case since i recently bought diablo battlechest at the time and after trying my 1999 copy of diablo 1

    i popped the newer diablo 1 in and found out it didnt detect the other diablo program as already installed lol
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    once im far too busy playing diablo 2 or my playstation 2 XD
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    happy birthday crazy lady =3


    hope you have another yummy diablo filled year =3
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    lol they should just make the items slightly smaller instead

    like daggers and all 2 space items now take 1 space

    all 3 space items now take 2

    all 4 space now take 2

    all 6 space now take 4 and so on =3

    that way you dont gotta do anything too fancy except change the pics a little or completely change the pics lol
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    i like some of these monster ideas =3

    mini baal ftw xD

    diablo 3 got chibi's! XD
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    me want^ XD

    just add a nuclear energy reactor and an exhaust system and ill be good to go xD
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