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    Ok, so I dont know if I am missing something here or not. People are arguing that they are basically taking out the players choice and consequences for their actions because you can freely choose which skills to use at any given time (which I agree). So, what if the player still had to choose which skill to use out of their 6 and they could not change it after they selected it. The skills still scale with level and are made more powerful. With that being said, you keep respec in the game to change your 6 skills that are alotted to you. This way, the players choices have consequences, there is a cost to change skills around, and this still eliminates the skill system. I just dont think that people should be able to choose whatever skill to use at any given time, that just doesnt make since to me. You are going to use whatever skill set is effective for whatever types of monsters you are fighting at that time and change it as you go. I dont feel like people have to make very many decisions and everything is handed to you on a silver platter. If anything, they should make it where it costs the player something to change their 6 skills around...by thats just me, anyone see any problems with this?
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    From my understanding of this interview with Jay Wilson, he states, that as of now, they currently have BoE for high end items only...but of course, this is Blizzard and everything is subject to change :)

    You can find this interview posted on this site under the Diablo 3 section. Reference Thread Bind on Equip

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    Quote from "Seth" »


    Dang dude, you almost made me sh*t myself, I seriously (for a split second) thought you were being serious...LOL

    Hopefully we can get the 1.13 patch up on a PTR in the next few weeks! :thumbsup:

    BTW: Thanks for the credit :)
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