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    posted a message on IK Weapon Enchants? Help

    Keep the vit. Roll elite damage to damage%.

    1400 vit will always outweigh 10% elite damage.

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    posted a message on Fastest Solo Paragon farm?

    So after you choose a class, a tip is that one level of GR is equivalent to 8% experience. So GR 72 is worth 1.08x a GR 71. And experience roughly doubles ever 9 GR levels (GR 70 is worth 1.99x GR 61)

    factor that into how fast you are clearing the grifts. If it takes you 8% longer to clear a 71 than it does a 70, then it's not worth your time to do the higher level. If the efficiency is about the same, do the higher one so you don't farm as many keys

    In general people say the most efficient GR level is the highest level your class can do in 5 minutes, but I'm sure it depends.

    When it comes to classes, builds that can where nems will always be more efficient than those that can't.

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    posted a message on How much CDR for leap quake?


    just did a GR 78 with my leap quake Barb. Here it is.


    i have CDR in the helmet, paragon, and then a measely 5% on my shoulders. That puts me at 25.19%.

    the "perfect" gear shown in draques guide shows Max CDR rolls on both rings and shoulder, giving him 38.68% reduction.

    the thing is I don't know how much this will actually benefit me. I already reset leap fully with a 180 fury Boulder toss. More CDR I guess will let me shout and cry more often for a little more damage, but I can't help but thinking that AD or strength in these slots will be worth more damage than CDR.

    anyone play with the numbers to see how it works? I basically want to figure out if I should work on upgrading my CDR, or if I should focus on other areas, such as getting a better Ammy.

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    posted a message on Ess Of Johan on follower

    How about the days buying a level 42 cold damage buriza on auction house for your scoundrel so he could multi-shot freeze an entire pack of mobs for you?

    those were the days of optimizing the follower.

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    posted a message on Solo Vs Group XP balance: S4 Nothing Changed!
    Quote from Okakeri»

    The main reason behind the huge paragon differences is, and likely will continue to be, botting. Of course, there is, and will continue to be a difference between solo and MP - Not only is there the default 30% multiplier, but theres also synergy between classes, and as you can see at the higher lvl, synergy between support and damage, which further increases the gap. Blizzard, is, however, slamming down on botters recently, so its incredibly likely that we will see botters banned and the leaderboards wiped.

    Also, there is an inherent diminishing return with paragon - The more paragon you have, the less it contributes to boosting your damage. I.E going from 0-200 paragon will boost your GR clear by, say, 5 lvls, similar for 201-400, but the amount of boost you get from the stats gets less and less - I.E. The gap from 3000-4000 isn't as much as the gap from 1000-2000, and the gap between 9000-10000 wouldn't be as much as the gap between 800-1300

    The top people who spam GR 100s for paragon farming have said that botting isn't that big of a deal. If blizzard came out and abolished it today all that would change is that these clans that do 12 hours of GR 100 a day will change their approach to 1-2 hours of key farming and 11 hours of GR 100 a day. the issue is as OP mentioned that the experience gap from solo to groups is immense, and when the difference between top players and second tier players is paragon level and not gear, it becomes and issue.
    What I do is find someone on the leaderboard of similar paragon and same build as me and set that as my goal/ what I am competing for. I know being a mostly solo player I won't compete with 2k paragoners but it really doesn't bother me too much, you just need to adjust your goals according to what you are actually competing against.
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    posted a message on Furious Charge ZDps Support Barb Questions (GR 80+)

    Make sure you are viewing the correct page when looking at their gear.

    if you go to battle net and just view the profile, that's not necessarily what they were wearing the the Grift. Instead while in game go to the leaderboard page and click the "view hero details" option which will give you a snapshot of exactly what build/gear was used to clear their personal best as shown on the leaderboard.

    i have seen it reported in a couple places that really high end 4 man groups actually don't use sockets in weapons as none of them have a significant impact, and the sockets introduce lag to the game. But if your not that hardcore, amethysts make the most sense on ZDps.

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    posted a message on Trying to find viable LoN build, but are there any?

    A Barb broke into the top 100 leaderboard with a frenzy thorns LoN build. Based off of using hack has weapon.


    In depth post on it. Like the LoN thorns sader build, it's extremely hard to gear for as you need ancients with all good rolls+ thorns in secondary. But if you run a Lon sader you can share most of the peices.


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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Barbarian)

    Got a Mara's That seems straightforward


    900 strength

    phys +20%

    crit damage 100%

    area damage 15%

    instinct tells me to roll area damage to socket, but just wanted to check if 15% area damage was better than 900 strength. This is for Reakors/ik6 greater rift build

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    posted a message on Speed Farming
    Quote from brusader»

    The thing with LoN Bomber is that it gets boring insanely fast because it is such a brain dead build. It almost feels like I'm not playing because you don't even really need to do anything besides riding to a pack and picking up the DB.

    If he got bored by Chicken Farming he will be bored by LoN Bomber after 15 minutes.

    Any speed farm build has to be extremely simple and boring in order for it to be quick. Almost al of them you just hold down 1 button run as fast as you can between packs. So yeah they all get boring.
    I'd say go wiz over DH, because then you could gear the wiz for group Grifts. DH meta is kinda blarg this season. But if you really have no desire to play the character beyond speed farming, do whatever.
    If you like Barb the Raekor ik6 build can speed farm pretty quickly, esp. Considering damage scales with MS. Only issue is you can misclick furious charge and get stuck without stacks. Not as quick as my woh'rasha setup, but it's not terrible either.
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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Barbarian)
    Quote from Balatro»

    I'm a Leap/EQ barb - almost exclusively solo except some split bounties. I finally got my first Ancient Blade of the Tribes so I need to reroll.

    +1783-2163 Arcane

    +1381 Str

    +1275 Vit

    CDR 8%

    +176% EQ

    I have a consumable to socket the wep so I don't need to reroll for that.

    I imagine of the stats on the weapon, I'd probably drop Vit but should I aim for Dmg% or LPS?

    My present max GR is 67, so I imagine with this wep and some augments I've done, I *might* be able to clear 70 now. I've had really bad luck on the ancient drops this season.

    LPFS is better than vit on the weapon so boulders toss can nearly full heal you but I would say your CDR is the stat you want to roll off not vit. you can get that 8% CDR on shoulders or gloves for a cheaper swap than 1300 vit. 10% damage > LPFS in my opinion.
    So roll CDR into 10% damage.
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    posted a message on Advice for Globe Barb + LoN crusader pair


    so I play with a LoN crusader and together we can do about GR 79 with me running leap quakes, but it's getting to the point where I should switch to a ZDPS build for us to get any further. I'm currently trying to figure out what's the best setup.

    i started off by looking at the WW zDps globe Barb high lighted in the builds (wastes plus bulkathos weapons), but I quickly noticed that the top crusader/ globe Barb combos on the leaderboard run slightly different setups.

    So first major difference is swap out nemesis for strong arms. Crusader wears nemesis so this is redundant.

    Second difference is lose the iceblink for a Golgok of swiftness. I'm guessing the logic here is crusaders don't Crit so that 10% is purely for globe generating, which you can accomplish through Golgok attack speed and some CDR thrown in for good measure.

    third difference is swap ground stomp rune to wrenching smash- less globes but more pulling.

    ok what I'm not sure on is stat priorities, do these change at al being with a crusader versus being with a wizard? I'm guessing you still want to build CHC and a stupid amount of defense, rolling off damage stats for extra vit and AR. Any other edits I should make? It feels like maybe I don't need as much CDR since we have the Golgok? If that's the case what stats would I get instead?

    Also if someone could direct me to a video of gameplay of this pair that would be helpful... I haven't quite got the nuances of when to pull, when to skip etc. Down.


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    posted a message on Speed farming (bounties and T10) with leapquake?
    Quote from Jideo»

    It's faster than Leapquake. It is a bit squishy though. Can get one shot if not careful.

    Haven't tried the others. They may be better.

    For farming t10s you can adjust any relatively quick build to add avarice band, boon of the hoarder and Goldwrap and toughness is no longer an issue. Every mob drops gold. You pick up any gold the second it drops, and pretty much one pile of gold is enough to give you invincibility. Then you can start selling out on damage gear and no longer worry about toughness. Add Warchezian and wreath of lightning for more speed.
    The R4/IK6 is a ton faster than wastes, both sets can be augmented to be lightning fast, however with standoff cube'd, furious charge does increased damage as you get faster, so you will be one shotting pretty much everything in t10 when moving at + 200% MS. Wastes you will struggle to kill mobs quick enough unless you have pretty much perfect gear.

    I also rolled a wizard and I'm using the Woh+ tal rasha death breath farm build. About same speed as R4/IK6 but lots more deaths breaths, and I barely spent any time optimizing the gear.

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    posted a message on 4/4 barbarian sets for Years of War
    Quote from KD335-1151»

    how bout this build for years of war Wrath Waste set? http://www.diablofans.com/builds/73637-ww-poc-build-with-blade-of-tribe

    I feel like you may run into toughness issues. Your setup basically swaps out the bonus of band of might, for the bonus of hexing pants. 25% damage versus 60% damage reduction. (You would have to cube the mantle and wear the waste shoulders to make the swap)
    I would also recommend getting focus and restraint on there for the 2.25 damage multiplier. You'd have to swap out something to be a reliable generator for the buffs. Maybe ground stomp for furious charge.
    In theory I like this approach. Chances are you already have most of this gear if you main leap quake, so it shouldn't be too hard to transition.

    theres also no way to keep WOTB up permanently in this build, so I feel that ability slot could be better used on a different skill. Battle rage bloodshed gives more consistent overall damage boost, rather than the larger, bustier buff from WOTB.

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    posted a message on Gr 55

    So if you are trying to clear all 4 sets at 55 wastes is by far the hardest.

    might of the earth - use leap quake build = easy

    imortal King - use chainer's raekor build (raek4/ik6) yes RORG counts, as long as RORG gives you 6 peice bonus.

    raekor. - run chainer's build verbatim, but swap out 2 peices of IK for Raekor so now you are doing IK4/Reakor6. The only real difference here is that a lot of your damage now comes from Boulder toss- so you have to aim the Boulder toss well. If you could do GR 60 with rk4/ik6 then you should be able to do GR 55 swapped, and same build.

    wastes. By far the hardest. You need semi decent gear. Run 6 peice wastes and bulkathos for weapons little rogue and slanderer could work too. Left click furious charge merciless assault right click WW blood funnel. Cube furnace, mantle of channeling and band of might. Where FNR as the rings and use furious charge to give you the generator bonus on the ring set.

    The rest of the abilities you can play around with but typically you want to use the shouts. Threatening, falter. Battle rage bloodshed, war cry veterans/impunity. If you can fit it in your bar, add rend mutilate just because of build synergy. If it's still isn't enough, level a taeguks, and maybe a pain enhancer.

    I cleared a GR 55 with 3 minutes left with basically no ancients, but gear was enchanted to get better rolls. Paragon 700, Lvl 70 gems.


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    posted a message on Season 5 Set Dungeon Difficulty Equivalent?

    For some set dungeons overgearing can be an issue. I tried doing the might of the earth dungeon on Barb and you have to do a 3 move combo on every elite pack in the correct order. This becomes a real issue when these elite packs 1 shot themselves by wandering into the aoe of one of your earthquakes.

    i ended up.having to do this dungeon with no rings and no amulet in order to reduce my damage enough.

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