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    Dear friends.. Hear my pledge! Brothers and Sisters, Fellowship of Mysterious and Infiniteness Pride. Nothing brings me more gratitude then to awoke the interest and curiosity of this thrilling saga for those who hasn't gotten the opportunity nor know of its magical content.

    ..Yeah, I know. It's so fricking over-dramatic. :D

    Nonetheless, I want by making this comment direct your listening ears and lovely eyes to my attention for a short while. By scrolling through the content of this Forum yesterday I was amazed by all wonderful quotes and messages being used in the Diablo saga. so I moved in Wikipedias realms and being my search, a short while latter and a bit confused I found out that Warcraft and Starcraft has a place for quotes but none created for Diablo.. after a few moments thinking it through I came to the sence of, it can't be this way! Said and done I started scribbling a little, the more.. and more.. and came with something rather useful to my own knowledge.

    Short said: Here is a domain for Diablo's quote, hope you like it! :)
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    I followed up your('Atrumentis') suggestion on which way to read the books and after coming about half of the first book I just wanted to pinpoint to everybody, what a great read! Interesting story indeed and very educated plot if you looking for some backbone-history for this grim yet lovely serie.

    Now, if we just could get some more attention on this pieces so someone might do a audio book out of them. And even got the perfect guy for doing the voice-over that would be nonetheless then our humble, historian Deckard Cain aka. Michael Gough. What do you think?

    Oh, and the first sentence pronounced in all the books should be, the (in)famous..
    "Hello, my friend. Stay awhile and listen..."
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