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    posted a message on Unique Weapons in Diablo III
    I was quite disappointed with the amount of unique art of D2. Especially for the lack of Jewelry art, as compared to Diablo 1 - which did really had unique look to almost all uniques.

    I really hope they will make a unique art for everything in D3. It just gives a lot of satisfaction to have something that also looks unique and not only has unique qualities.
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    posted a message on Why Blizzard Could Soon Return to Game Consoles.
    Quote from "XZ3ROorDieX" »
    I would just love it if diablo 3 would come out for both computer and console because I have alot of friends that own consoles and i would love to get some team play goin. But again! as long as nothing is sacraficed for computer in terms of gameplay experience.:D

    Crossplatform has been tried and failed so far. How exactly you suppose to play it on b.net?

    Even for RPG's, mouse & keyboard are superior to controller. Advantage is always for PC gamer, unless its a racing or sports game.

    I don't mind for even more people to know about Diablo, but at what cost? and usually it cost. Just check history for games gone Console/multiplatform that were PC exclusives before.
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    posted a message on Your favorite Diablo townsperson
    Quote from "Musica" »
    And to think all these years I thought he was saying "Tandrid, fallow drinking geese." This makes way more sense although it wouldn't surprise me to hear Farnham not making sense.

    lol man i swear that i thought he was saying geese too :D
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    posted a message on Why Blizzard Could Soon Return to Game Consoles.
    Quote from "tkrow21" »
    I'm surprised and not surprised at the same time.

    People are arguing that on a console, it would be difficult to play an RTS with a controller. Well, the same thing goes for an FPS; a mouse gives you much more control. So why not an RTS?

    To play FPS with controller is bad enough, but its somewhat (on a super very low level) playable, especially when they put auto/help aiming, dunno, never played for more than 5 minutes lol.

    But to play RTS with controller is absolutely impossible. I never did play RTS with controller, but i saw once a gameplay video of C&C on Xbox and well... think about it, how fast can you move the map without a mouse? how fast you can choose different unit? RTS on console is BS!


    lol I thought that XZ3ROorDieX post is spam bot, i seriously just skipped it :)
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    posted a message on Why Blizzard Could Soon Return to Game Consoles.
    Quote from "mattheo_majik" »
    Holy shit man, where do you live. I'm moving there NOW.
    I've never heard of a (Good, Decent, Usable) PC or Laptop for under 600.
    We pay more than that for a good monitor in most civilized parts of the world.

    Ok, so let's say your right. D3 doesn't require high end PC's to play. Seems like a good argument until you actually compare what your getting for your money.
    300$ on Console....Can play D3 with amazing graphic and speed.
    500$ on a shitty PC, Can play D3 with shittier graphics and half ass speed.

    So it leaves you with one real argument. The fact that PC's have more capabilities than consoles makes them better. They aren't just gaming engines but all in one tools. That's true.

    Ok, so i guess in China PC cost as much as you say. Can't argue. But here in the US you can have a PC for 300$ that is better than a PS3 (and the emphasis is on better - about the same graphic power oh and you can do some other things beside gaming and watching movies). For 500$ a PC would own a PS3 from all sides. Please don't ask me to prove it to you. I'm tired - every time there is a Console v PC discussion - of showing, people in different forums, how you can assemble a good PC for 400$. (and yeah, some people can't assemble themselves but it still cheap to buy good gaming grade PC from retailers).

    About 5 years ago, a good gaming PC would have cost at least 1200$, now its different (once again, at least in the states). For a powerful GPU to run everything at Max, once you had to shell out 500$ for now you can have for 100$. All other component prices subsided too.

    Now that you know, you can go ahead and move to the US :D
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    posted a message on Why Blizzard Could Soon Return to Game Consoles.
    PS3 or w/e can have mouse/keyboard is not a valid point!

    Game developers look to make the game around the primary controller. Its as much as you won't see console games (genre: fighting, racing, sports) being developed for PC although PC can handle any controller.

    Before you know it Blizzard will start making Starcraft and Diablo games around the Console control scheme and you'll see dumbed down version with no complexity.

    I've already made peace with PC exclusive developers going multiplatform or even dropping the PC altogether. But if Blizzard is going to make RTS/RPG games from the big 3 for Consoles, I won't buy their games anymore (as if someone gives a damn though).

    RTS on Console is Ridiculous! Isometric RPG is also very bad.
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    posted a message on Bashiok on Binding Items in Diablo 3.
    2. @ Debo, no Odin wasn't right. But YOU are. BoE and BoP doesn't affect single player at all, and is solely designed to save a game economy from being turned into D2. Obviously, Odin either didn't get the message, or hasn't figured out yet that Diablo is mainly a multiplayer game sporting a single player option for both anti socialists and/or people with shitty internet connections wishing to enjoy the game at full speed.

    I don't agree. Diablo is a Single Player foremost. I rarely played online (although i played a lot LAN or DirectIP), but i consider myself hardcore D player. And even when you play multiplayer (which is great, i remember on Diablo1 me and my friends played for a week without sleeping/eating) it still feels like Single Player with other characters running around to interact with. Diablo was always about the adventure and the story, and mostly you get it on SP.

    Don't get me wrong, MP is great, but its not the main part of Diablo.
    I think if we do a poll on which mode you first play when you run the game (or play mostly on) there will be more people that will choose SP.
    Also, about the BoE/BoP - sounds fine to me and it doesn't concern SP. Its all better if they make MP better. :)
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    posted a message on Diablofans Redesign Launching Tomorrow! Plus, Live Chats During BlizzCon!
    Its nice, but its too narrow!

    Can you widen this up? it looks very narrow, especially on wide screen.

    sacrificing real estate for that background pic... meh....
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    posted a message on New Curse network site: FFXIVCore.com! Plus, Diablo Haikus.
    This place is desperate for new i gather.

    I also guess some ppl are very bored.
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    posted a message on SC2 - No LAN support?
    Quote from "paladin_122" »
    what no one has been able to explain to me as yet is why my wife and I sitting in front of 2 pc's the same room would need to connect to a server on another continent in order to play Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3 multiplayer.

    just makes no sense to me.

    Because they are greedy and they want to squeeze every penny in every way possible, thats why!

    I hope Korea puts a ban on their ass or something. :mad:
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    posted a message on Skill Respecs Confirmed for D2
    Diablo 2 was never a competitive game. It was mostly about PVM anyway.

    I understand some of the "frustration" ppl have bcuz of respec, but this game is already old and done! You can't take this game "seriously" anymore, its just for fun.
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    posted a message on Skill Respecs Confirmed for D2
    For me it could have raised alarm bells, but since Diablo 2 has been played for so long this change is actually welcome. It will be nice to actually try all the spells.

    Is it gonna cost anything to respec?
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    posted a message on StarCraft II Delayed Until 2010.
    If i was a super SC fan i might be pissed.

    SC2 - almost same thing as SC1 only with graphic upgrades. And will only have 1 campaign of the 3 races. And yet another delay. and why? because of B.net. oh yeah and no LAN. pffff

    how about they just release the damn thing and let player decide about their own damn online experience. Its like their trying to force feed you their damn B.net.
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    posted a message on Racial Diversity? (remaining 2 classes)
    Quote from "Umpa65" »
    Get your eyes checked, the paladin is most certainly an Afro-American.

    lol, you should check your eyes! What makes you think he is african-american and not just black or african?

    lol, check his face features, nothing even close to African-American. Maybe Ethiopian, even hindi, but no way african-american.
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    posted a message on diablo3 special holiday events
    hmmz No. This will mean that Blizzard would have to throw more people on this, which will mean they will charge for it, which will mean an MMO. No.

    But if they do it for free (which they won't), than w/e.
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