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    posted a message on electrocute no archon meta - high potential

    If you plan to use this kind of build, i think you'd better use the Pain Enhancer to get more attack speed.

    Overall, I think this is a fun build, but i don't really see how come you can survive in grifts over 60. :/

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    posted a message on Paralysis Vyr'Rasha Archon "proc/non-hit issues" workaround

    I don't know how to feel about that... I just tried it out, and yes, the damages and procs seem to be much more reliable...

    I don't know if it's a psychologic effet after reading your post, but still i could clean a lv80 rifts in 6 minutes without using a speedrun build.


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    posted a message on Survivability issues


    There are multiple reasons why you can't survive well enough in 60+ grifts when it comes to your character:

    - You use prismatic armor instead of Force armor. At low level, prismatic is great but at 60+ force armor is much better.

    - You lack some CDR (10% on the weapon, 8% on one ring), that means that you spend more time vulnerable out of your archon form

    - You have no Arcane Power Regen / Crit (you can have +4AR/C on your left hand and +4AR/C on your helm), that means you run out of arcane power extremely fast and therefore cannot use your Zodiac ring at full potential.

    - As you said also : There is an obvious scaling reason relative to paragons and gear. Your main stat has a huge impact on your sustain in general and i would not recommend to use the same setup as the top ladders that probably have 10.000 int more than you.

    I would recommend to get some toughtness even if you lose some dps. I am currently P800 and farming lvl80 Grift solo and I am using Esoteric Alteration instead of Gogok. And i swear this is a decision i do not regret. You should try it.

    Now concerning the dps variation : This is part of this build. Sometimes you will proc your Manald Heal tree times in less than 10 seconds, and sometimes it won't proc at all. There's nothing you can do except packing as many mobs as possible and hope for a proc :)

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    posted a message on 2.4.2 Tal Rasha's Meteors GR80+ Build (VIDEO included)

    How can you say it can push into the 80's wile you're already struggling doing a 70 rift with 1300+ paragon Levels, a full ancient gear and level 100+ Gems?

    Except that small detail, it looks quite fun indeed. :)

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    posted a message on A small victory I would like to share! :) (Solo Grift 83 ET Wizz)

    Hi guys!

    I finished yesterday a grift level 84 with my ET wizzard, using Taeguk instead of the typical Esoteric Alteration and I have to say that this gem is incredibly strong!

    Anyway, i never expected to be that high in the ladder, considering that i'm not botting (contrary to many high level players) and that my guild is a Friends guild only, and i really wanted to share this with you!

    Here's the video of the GR83, I really do think that this setup for ET Wizz has a great potential.


    I hope you like it!

    Have a nice day :)

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    posted a message on Fire Vyrs Wiz - Rank 8th U.S

    Hi Dioxy!

    Very intresting variation of the Archon! I'm currently trying to pass my 68 with it, and the results so far are not bad at all!

    Still, I really think that the use of the Enchant+Deflection and AW is the best combo, but by mixing the Classic Archon and the Fire ideas you bring here, you get an super nice result!

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