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    WD will probabli have the greatest chance at soloing Inferno with the corpse wall and all that, keep enemies away from you.
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    Quote from Ayr

    No I won't take it, I'm not much of a collectionneur and the goodies you get will most probably get lost over time.

    The only thing I'd like is the artbook, I'd pay a 80$ version for artbook + game but not 100$. I totally understand why some people do, if they take care of their CE that's good, if you are like me and don't take care of boxes etc that's more questionable though.

    The shiny box is one thing, if you have an annual pass, it is actually quite the deal.

    Diablo 3 - $60
    Soundtrack - $15
    Soulstone USB - $20 could be more since its custom
    Diablo 2/Lod - $20
    Custom USB holder - $10
    Artbook - I'll estimate by ScII's $55.99 ( ya no kidding source: http://www.amazon.co...c/dp/B003XSYR8M )
    4 Free months of WoW - $60
    All ingame items - I'll just say $5 for the ingame WoW pet.

    Grand Total if you bought all items individually $245.99, that's not bad for a $100 package.

    If you have the AP its also like getting the collectors addition for $40 because of the 4 free months and the $60 it would be saving you.
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    Quote from GladHeHasBeta

    wtf? why the hell is this 4 stars? this QQ shit about not enough content in the beta is pathetic and wont happen. they are hiding most of the game for a reason and your spitting on all the people who dont have beta by complaining like a child.

    Not only that, but they are hiding stuff even in beta to make it an E rating lol.
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    I was doing alot of studing about angel lore and I found something quite interesting and might potentially be effecting us all.

    Looking at all the Archangels and the virtues they represent, I noticed one missing!

    Justice - Tyrael
    Valor - Imperius
    Wisdom -Malthael
    Hope - Auriel
    Fate - Itherael
    Patience - ??

    Where did Patience go? did he run away with Malthael and thous leaving us high and dry? I knew there had to be some kind of connection between Wisdom disappearing and Diablo 3 being delayed as well as everyone all over the world becoming impatient.
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    Quote from Snaks42

    Quote from Crysto37

    Diablofans 1 - 0 Blizzard

    In their defense, I guess it was always implemented, and Bash was just told wrong =D

    from what I gathered, they removed it at some point and told everyone they were gonna try something new, and then the outrage happened and blizz was like...hrm maybe we should put that back, let Bash take the hit and then make it sound like it was gonna be there all along...which is why Bash said it would be included in the next patch -_-
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    Twitter from Bas.

    "Alright, 3DS for $150. Worth it? I don't know if there's any killer apps for me. Vita? I don't know what to do."

    Clearly pointing towards a March 15th release date...
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    I disagree, the fact that the patch is so small...clearly a sign of release.
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    I was just posting to show I own every blizzard game, including lost vikings which doesn't show, I always check account just incase, so like I said, I was just showing off, its part of my denile process.
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