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    posted a message on QuinFans ???


    I can't really see why people are reacting so hard towards Drahque here. He didn't shitstorm Quin here, he questioned why Diablofans would add the tab, and came up with a good alternative of how we could use that tab and make diablofans even better. Really no reason at all to call him attentionwh#%e and stuff like that.

    I love the season guides he made, and have used it a lot, both in hyping the new seasons, and even during the seasons to quickly understand other builds in groups and if re rolling a character, get quick access.

    I'm not trying to butter up Drahque here, but as stated before in the thread, Quin is good, fun to watch, and has good/useful youtube tutorials. I don't need anyone of them to be prioritized. Both of them (you) are needed as much as Philo', Jmacc and the others.

    Stop the shitstorm! Come together and make this community a better place instead!

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