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    I converted from a standard UE Multishot build to N6 a few days and so far I am really enjoying it. The playstyle is extremely rewarding once you get the hang of it and I also like the fact that the build, and perhaps even some parts of itemization, is not yet fully explored and optimized. Haven't started pushing GRs yet and mostly been doing solo GR 50s in my testing, which is a cakewalk with N6.

    So mainly this goes out to players who have completed GRs solo 50+ and/or have done extensive testing with this build. I want to share some thoughts and experiences I've had so far and I hope people will correct me and share their thoughts on these matters. Forgive me if these issues previously have been thoroughly explained in another thread. I have, of course, read Bonerfleximus' N6 guide and to me it looks like some of these issues are still open for discussion.

    Some thoughts/questions:

    Regarding CDR

    Currently I am running CDR on everything except amulet. Sadly I don't have max CDR rolls on every item, which puts me at ~53 % CDR in total running CotW, Iceblink and BotT. I have +2.20 % IAS in paragons in order to reach the assumed 1.88 BP. I currently have RCR on my Calamity, shoulders and paragon, ~26 % RCR in total. Hatred regen 5/s with Templar.


    - 53 % CDR is definitely not enough to cast 1 RoV per 2 EF. This is, of course, well known.

    - 53 % CDR is definitely enough for a consistant and smooth 1 RoV per 3 EFs. Based on a 1 RoV per 3 EFs setup, it would probably be beneficial to drop some CDR off gear in exchange for more CHD/CHC, i.e. on one or even both rings. I am not sure about the the lowest CDR needed for a consistant 1 RoV per 3 EF cast. Would running no CDR on rings + Gokok be an option?

    - With Gokok I have ~59-60 % CDR. This is not enough for a consistant 1 RoV per 2 EFs. Sometimes 2 EFs will reset RoV and sometimes 3 EFs are needed. This may support the claim: "I've noticed that when you hit with a generator immediately after a strafe N2 proc, it tends to lower RoV cooldown a bit faster." Since you can't really control your EF hits in regards to the Strafe ticks the result is an inconsistant RoV reset, which messes up the whole rhytm. In my opinion it is extremely important to either consistantly land RoV every 3 or 2 EF shots. From your experience, how much CDR is needed for a consistant 2 EF RoV reset?

    So basically you need max CDR on items (minus amulet) + Gokok for consistant 2 EF play. So you're sacrificing CHC/CC on rings and a 3rd gem, most likely Iceblink. Is it a general consensus that the increased damage output of 2 EF play outweights the above mentioned loss?

    Hatred management

    Even with 26 % RCR (at the 2nd IAS BP 1.88) I seem to run out of hatred when resetting RoV with 2 EFs. It doesn't happen at once but will happen eventually and a few times during the course of a run. It's annoying and potentially dangerous. With 3 EF casts low hatred is a non-issue, in my experience. Would Night Stalker be an option for smoother gameplay, or is it too much of a DPS loss?


    Currently running 39 Discipline as I don't have any on either of my weapons. I can't say I'm having huge issues casting SS when needed. I very rarely have a full pool of Discipline, which means none of the 45 Discipline from Focused Mind are being wasted by reaching max pool while still in effect. With "active SS use", i.e. you SS to negate affixes, attacks, prophylactic, skipping packs or just for general speed, I don't see your Discipline pool ever being full during a solo GR, which makes me think the max value of your Discipline pool is less important, although it certainly helps. How important is it to have +Discipline on your weapon?

    Fighting Jailor/Thunderstorm

    So basically you have to outrange and/or preemptively cast SS. For absolute safety you pretty much have to keep the mob off screen, which sometimes can put the mob outside of the EF range with a slower RoV reset and a huge loss of DPS as a result. I've found it extremely helpful to leave 1 or 2 harmless mobs behind which you can hit with EF, keep the jailor/TF at a safe distance while still hitting it with RoV.

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