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    Please make the player bar more visible and different for each class.....in fight i cannot see the player bar .....and when i must protect the wiz in fight i cannot see it because i see only spells ...etc....sorry for my english

    follow the tornado. or follow the wiz when he sets up his tornado spot. gg - problem solved.
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    @LaBalius: Area damage to cooldown reduction 10%

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    Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

    You might want end-game changes -- I certainly do -- but don't fool yourself into thinking that the community in general feels the same way. I read these forums. I read the Reddit posts. Anytime someone makes any kind of suggestion about adding to or changing end-game content, the community erupts on them and tells them that Diablo 3 isn't the game for them. This game will never see any meaningful end-game changes because the community will not allow it and that is 100% the truth.

    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Kooqu-1851/hero/19855990 P384 - Where are the "Some people like games where the end-game isn't the exact same as what you've been farming for the past several months." several months bro?
    OP with p150 speaking of end-game.
    Guys please understand, you want changes for something you do not care enough about to play it. Have you even tried playing the different group dynamics ? Last season it got pretty boring because lack of power creep, i personally got tired of playing a DH when a monk got twice as much XP as me in the same group. Guess what, blizzard fixed it, everyone gets equal XP now.
    Problem with group composition ? Last season it was +1 DH +1 CC WD,+1 crus., i didnt really see many barbs/saders(except for the static support sader) anywhere. This season its different comp again.
    Basically what im saying is that you want changes to something you have not experienced yet. You probably spend more time on dfans than in d3. Why should anyone take your opinion seriously ?

    ---forgot to add /rant after reading all these QQ threads here

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    all fine and dandy here, gg your isp ? also why so mad ?

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