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    posted a message on Your greatest fear with D3???
    All I fear about on Diablo 3 is that it might have the shittiest player killing system, and no PvP system.

    Blizzard gives me a feeling that they're just gonna focus on PvM. :necro:
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    posted a message on A New Idea Of Mine For The Autoassign Stats System
    well, the idea lays to waste already, someone posted my idea and Bashiok said no to this little recommended stat system..

    oh wells, from what Bashiok replies, everything is gonna seem okay :)
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    Quote from "Barquiel" »
    I really like the way the WD looks, and if you look up some vodoo masks that are used in real tribes some of them are crazy scary. I do however take your bet and raise you 10 that its going to be a very deep south african voice :D

    But For me I think their is to much attention to the looks in games and not enought attention on gameplay these days.

    Iz tiem fo sam zabmee waals man

    i'ed be happies if he haz thee jameecan accent boyz :cool:
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    posted a message on A New Idea Of Mine For The Autoassign Stats System
    Quote from "akse" »
    There would be at least one fun thing about this.. if it is possible to boost or leech exp in D3.. those characters would be a joke because they haven't used any skills or taken any hits so theirs stats would be close to 0 :)

    On the otherhand I don't think it would work.. if I want a lot of vitality on my barb mm I would go and find some monsters and just stand there and get beaten a lot?:)

    hmm.. maybe if like every level has 5 stat points to be fitted in, let's say you been leeching from level 10 to 20, there be like 50 saved stat points ready to be fitted after the next level? so if you started solo'ing since 20 and leveled up to 21 you get all the saved 50 stat points into level 21..?

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    posted a message on A New Idea Of Mine For The Autoassign Stats System
    I hope theres something into the AutoStat system if they are really going to go with it, i always had looked forward into a system like my idea, so the stats on everyone wont be the same, this includes your play style, you want to improve your life? then get hit more get tough.

    hard explain for me, because im chinese so my english isnt very good, but if you get my idea, i hope someone in better english could explain this for me in a better way :D

    heres an example to know what im talking about:

    Two Level 10 Barbarians, as Barb A and Barb B, they both go on the same quest at the same time together, their skills are both the same levels, and with the same experience to gain, heres hows it goes... Barb A likes to smash monsters with his Fury/Leap Skill attacks, and he uses the skill everytime he attacks and nothing elas, and Barb B likes to just whack people exploring the place running most of the time while Barb A Leaps to where he wants to be. after a period of time they level at the same time, Barb B has his autostats improved his run/walk abilities(more stamina, vitality), and physical attack damage, but Barb A gets more Fury and higher Fury/Leap damage, cause he uses it alot more often then Barb B, but in the same way Barb A doesnt have much run/walk, physical attack damage because he rarely run/walk or whack monsters.

    anyone get the picture now? :D

    if not, i got another way for me to explain= =//
    Ok, let's say you have Strength, Vitality, Dexerity and Energy as your stats.
    Pretend im a Barbarian, I want more Strength, Dexerity and Vitality, so I head off as being a Tank, whacking zombies and taking tons of hits, and when I level up my stats assign into more Strength, Dexerity and Vitality. If I mostly stay away from the monsters throwing axes, I obtain more Strength and Dexerity cause I dont tank hits often as being a tank, it will improve my attacking stats!

    Stat Autoassign Idea:
    Strength: Attack more with physical skills and gain strength, damage(more muscle? XD)
    Dexerity: Not sure but.. using Bows or shoot with physical long range attacks? and gain attack ratings etc.. (tattoo's? @@)
    Vitality: Take hits more and toughen the characters body up :D (more muscle lookin' and scars?)
    Energy: Use more energy based skills and gain more mana, maybe improve damage of the spells that cost mana?! (blue glowing aura sayin' "IM A SPELL HOE")

    so if your a wizard, you use spell/mana based skills, so you absolutely gain more mana easily when you level up
    if your a barbarian you take hits alot and attack up close range, you'll improve more into strength, dexerity and vitality.

    Final word, how you play your character in the game, makes the character absolutey to your own style of playing, not gonna be better then putting your stats your self, but its definitly more fun and making every character more unique.
    (too many d2 players just shift+click to vit LOL)

    well this has been on my mind for awhile now, theres some stuff i couldnt think of it to make it balanced, but if it works this way, i would definitly love it!!
    if anyone think this is a good idea, post back and let us know your suggestions or let blizzard to know about this!! thanks :thumbsup:
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