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    Looks like a merc to me. Just like the others said. I do hope we get an archer class however.
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    posted a message on Guild Wars: A realistic solution to Diablo 3
    Quote from "Ivaron" »
    GW is not a replacement for Diablo, it's a replacement for WoW.

    You have to play Guild Wars with a friend, and just take henchmen and heroes for the rest. Don't bother with other players. Then the game is great fun.
    As for your loot problem, there just isn't any great loot in Guild Wars. It's not that kind of game. And you get the drops for your heroes, at least.
    lol thank you.

    And yeah.. I made friends in game and played with them as well as my irl friends. PUGs suck. That's what your guild is for. They are there to help you and save you from Pick Up Groups. Sadly since my irl friends can't play because of computer problems I lost my guild. :(
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    posted a message on Rock Band
    I might not get Rock Band 2 for the 360 since I don't have one just yet and by the time I have access to it, Rock Band 3 will be out. XD;

    Console wars bite. I wish I could play with someone on a 360. :(

    It's just like computers really. I mean, if I have a Dell I can still play with someone on a Compaq! Grrr. XD
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    posted a message on Should a bow/javelin class come back?
    Quote from name="dub Lucifer" »
    Also the fire arrows should cause some enemies to burst into flames, fire catching onto everything it touches.

    The archer should be the equivalent of a modern sniper.

    Stealthy, Deadly, Necessary.

    It would also be cool if he had Holy arrow or Light arrow, causing irreparable damage to the undead and demons.

    Realistically, you should be able to sneak up on a group of enemies. In D2 it did not matter what you did, as soon as you reached a certain distance the enemy knew you were there regardless of how quiet or hidden you were, this was also mainly because of the stale d2 environments.

    I want to have a stealth class, everything from the type of boots you are wearing to the gems in your inventory, to the type of armor you have equipped, to the direction the wind is blowing, should contribute to a noise/awareness level which affects your ability to sneak around and ambush enemies.

    A relatively perfect assassin archer would be able to avidly sneak up on most type's of monsters, into prime position and deliver quite a bit of damage in their ambush before discovered, many times having this advantage will be critical. Setting traps would be a good idea before you unleash hell (or heaven in this case) upon them.

    Just think if enemy AI actually patrolled area's like guards, and actually behaved in a manor, suiting of hells army. (occasionally stopping to torture some poor soul, or gamble with each other or get into fights amongst themselves, or reinforce a barricade or outpost) I don't want to see a giant clusterfluck of enemies , randomly scattered throughout the game, doing nothing but idling, waiting for you to come in range... I want to see some structure please.

    For example, an assassin should be able to sneak behind a patrolling guard, slipping a particularly powerful explosive inside his satchel , disposing of a multitude of high end demons in one swift blast. Why not just throw it at them? This Ai is so good they see your attempt and be ready to toss it away or back at you at any moment. This AI should be at the level of almost impossibly endless scenarios.

    I anticipate some parts of D3 are going to take hours to get past, while only facing a few select , unbelievably powerful foes, before facing off against the boss!

    In light of Blizzards new AI /Enviroment changes and upgrades I already know a stealthy assasin class is inevivtable, lets just hope they make this one right, a skilled bow warrior, with insight and skill as well as stealth of unimaginable proportions.
    That would be awesome. This is what I was thinking but add in some melee.

    I hate that the AI knows you are there the minute you aggro them! I mean, if you have a skill (like in DnD the Rogue's don't tigger aggro if they are smart) then you shouldn't. You should be able to sneak attack and pull like a rogue is supposed to do.

    Let me just say this:

    Nexus TK had rogues who could go invisible and they wouldn't aggro because of this skill and it was TONS of fun. Nexus TK was a 2D downaloadable game I would play for 10 bucks a month. If they can do it, D3 can!
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    posted a message on No paladins, please.
    A monk would be nice and would be great for teamwork something I felt that Diablo 2 didn't have. You could basically play it yourself with enough healing pots. I'm not saying the game should be like Guild Wars or even WoW, it just should learn a bit. lol

    MMOs are about teamwork and I would love to see some of that. I think a warrior would be good if we have a monk. It's tank, healer, wizard, and if they can a rogue because the Wizard needs a pal and that pal isn't going to a witch doctor. lol. I honestly see the Witch Doctor as misc. Something that a team doesn't really need, just nice to have.

    I miss necros. I wish they would have kept nercomancers and improved them like they did with the sorc.
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    posted a message on Illegal downloading of music soon to stop?
    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    I'm sure some artists care. But yeah, it's mostly the record companies that care.
    Most don't really care. I mean, I can say it's really just Metallica (and a small band of others but not many) and as much as I love them, I hate that about them. I loved Napster. They just had to kill it for no reason.

    The artists who own their own companies like Madonna and Alanis Morissette are just some examples of artists who just go against all of that because they know the money is in touring and merchandise sales. You pay (at least I do when I love the band) 24 bucks now a day for a shirt at a concert and about 50 or so for a ticket. That's way more than 10 bucks for a CD.

    It's illogical on the artist's part to care. The record company who is owned by someone who is not an artist, of course they are going to get into legalites even though their sales faulter by very little. It's because all they money they earn is from iTunes sales and CD sales. :|

    I still buy music but I have to like the music I'm buying A LOT and half the time, I'm just buying singles and making playlists of artists I like.

    I don't see the problem and why these morons who have huge houses have to come down on poor people who barely have money to scrap by. It's selfish if you ask me. The RIAA is selfish.

    Quote from "Nacho_ijp" »
    here we have some bands that made them selves famous by uploading they music to the intenet and letting people download it for free... no record no nothing and they are full of money...
    Because like I said, they make the money off their merchandise and tours, not their CD sales. I believe TLC said in an interview ages ago that they received a very small cut for their first 3 CDs. They were living off live shows and what they could sell to the fans.

    After the 3 CDs, they saw a bit more cash flow from sales, but it was still touring and merchandise that was keeping their bills paid.
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    posted a message on Hello, I'm new here!
    Quote from "Stormcat" »
    Always good to have another female.

    Love your profile pic.
    Thank you on both counts. XD;

    Quote from "Slim8907" »
    Yay! There's been about three girls total including me sign up in the last week or two! *dances*

    Welcome to the forums!!!
    *high five* XD

    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    Don't wanna make friends with any guy gamers? I don't blame you.
    No, I do! I really do, I just don't meet many female gamers.

    So much to reply to! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! <3
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    posted a message on Illegal downloading of music soon to stop?
    ^He said he was in Lebanon. I can believe that. A friend of mine is from there (moved to the US when he was really young though) and I remember him telling things like that.

    I think it's stupid. The artists don't care (except Metallica cause they are stupid half the time). They make money off concert tours and t-shirts.
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    posted a message on Should a bow/javelin class come back?
    Quote from "italofoca" »
    PArtially agree with you.
    I also wish this ranger-rogue-assassin class hehe

    His skills could be:
    -Stealth skills
    -Poison Sklls
    -Sneak Attacks
    -Special Ranged Attacks
    -He/She could be good with Bows, Crossbows, Daggers, Katars, Throwing Daggers and One Handed Swords.
    -Special suport skills like a new Slow Missiles and a teleport/charge kind of skill.
    -Passives bonus focused at high critical and evasion.
    Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. lol.

    That's a lot like the Ranger in GW (or the hunter in WoW? I guess) but minus the nature side. More Street style if that makes any sense.
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    posted a message on Should a bow/javelin class come back?
    Quote from "Battle_Mage" »
    Not really, the ranger class in GW is more like the hunter in WoW(but alot better). What I'd like to see is something like a ranged version of D2's assassin, with the wicked traps and awesome melee weapons, but mainly ranged, such as bows/x-bows.
    Oh, I never played a Hunter in WoW so I wouldn't know. I thought you wanted something like the ranger who could use ranged attacks and could be a trapper at the same time. I used to have a build on my ranger for trapping the UW alone but yeah. <_<; That's what I got from it but I get you now.

    I would want something like sneak attacking with daggers or what have you, and then using bows/x-bows for the whole long range thing (cause rogues aren't tanks D:).

    It's hard to explain. It's kinda like when I used to play with my assassin on D2, I would only play with my barbarian friend because she (it was a female friend lol) would take all the damage while I trapped.

    It would have been way better to trap, sneak attack, run away and then shot from a distance while the tank takes the damage from the creature(s).
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    posted a message on Should Blizz Bring Back The Ability To Name Item's In D3?
    Quote from "Battle_Mage" »
    Yes, it would be neat, but not in the way we had it in D2. Like, with the new form of crafting that Blizz haven't introdiced yet you can carve out your name in the item, but the more powerful an item is, the harder it is to do. Then, if it passes into some one else's hands he too can do the same and so on, until you have an epic list of owners. That would make it more like a relic, not just a crap named item. However, I think it wouldn't be practical if it was shown like in D2, more like another window opening to see from whom to whom the item has been passed.

    For an example of such an item think of the Deathstick wand from the 7th Harry Potter book, it has been passed on for centuries, except there are no names carved on it, but you get the idea.
    Yes! That's exactly what I was thinking when you went through your explanation! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan as well. ^^;

    But yeah, this is most def a good a idea. I never named my items in D2 except for my Sorc. I think she was the only one I did that with because she was my main.
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    posted a message on Rock Band
    I didn't see another thread like this so I decided to make one.

    I have it for the Wii and so far, I can't stop playing it. I love all the music on it. ^_^

    Well, except for Bob Dylan. Why on Earth?

    I play drums irl but I find playing the drums on the game to be rather difficult. I tend to go with the beat when I play (play by ear) and the way they set up the drumming just confuses me so I just stick with guitar/bass and vocals. Vocals being my best which surprised me. I'm playing on Expert already.

    I moved over from Rock Band 1 but I used to play Expert drums on there. For some reason, I just can't get a handle on these. There might be no difference whatsoever, it's just me being totally weird. ^^;

    Anyway, if you have it for the Wii, what's your "friend code". God, I have the mention I hate the Wii online system but it's the only new generation console I have. D: My gf has the 360 but I'm waiting until I move in with her to get the benefits of it so for now it's Wii.

    Those of you who have it for the 360 can exchange info too I guess. I'm not too familiar with the way it works on the 360. Gamer tag right?

    Anyway, if there already is a thread, I'm truly sorry. You can close this one and direct me to the other. I just didn't see one.

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    posted a message on Illegal downloading of music soon to stop?
    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    I'm a big advocate of illegal downloading.

    <rant>I think it's extremely petty of the record companies to pull this crap. The artist themselves make their money off touring. They hardly see the cash flow from their albums. I mean, Trent Reznor and Madonna both put their albums online. The outcome? Record sales didn't go down.

    It's just stupid. I buy CDs from artists I know I want to support, otherwise, if I only like a few songs, I'm not going to buy the entire album. Sometimes, I'll buy things off iTunes just to show some support for new artists, but other than that.

    I mean, we all do it. One way or another, we do. It's just stupid how they think they are going to arrest billions of people who download music everyday. I don't use Limewire or Kazaa. For that, I just buy the bloody single off iTunes.

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    posted a message on Merry Christmas Everyone.
    Quote from "Genesis" »
    I ate too much and now I feel sick

    Merry Christmas...
    Same here. D:

    Merry x-mas! ^_^
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    posted a message on Metallica's baclC..........
    The album is amazing. I really like Unforgiven III for some stupid reason.
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