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    posted a message on Time to buff solo??

    Solo play is already very viable... Let me tell you there's a reason there are there are paragon 2100 people in season already :)

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    posted a message on Last time - season 5, class

    The only viable DPS classes in group are WD/Monk and wizard. So I would choose between one of those.

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    posted a message on new bannwave

    Pretty sure anyone who has played over ~12 hours a day in a season like this should either be seriously investigated or banned. This filter alone will be able to detect the majority of botters which make this issue a problem.

    Botting is way more serious of a problem them most people would realise and alot of builds can easily bot like <5 minute GR 70's solo for huge exp, T11-13 for infinite keystones and ubers/bounties for perfect ancient gear. These botting programs are too advanced/ sophisticated to be ignored.

    Fingers crossed for another MASSIVE ban wave at the end of the season, id rather have a dead game then one riddled with cheaters.

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    posted a message on Gabynator’s D3 journey

    Good thread actually, great summary for blizzard too see the many places in which their "competitive" seasons went wrong.

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    posted a message on Crash Issues after 2.2

    Yeah the game today has been crashing like mad, not just for me but alot of people in my clan.


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