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    posted a message on Diablo 3 S11 Speed 110 2 ratmas in 8 mins

    Damn son! That's impressive. Only thing that really irritates me is your huge overlay which covers the fourth party member. I assume it's a necro but you all move so much and fast so it's hard to tell from just watching whatever char's on the screen doing stuff.

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    posted a message on Season 11 Food/Drink prep!

    Neat! Will that be enough for the coming 3-4 days? I've done a stew of vegetables, pre-cooked pasta and have yoghurt and müsli stocked. I am prepared for 4-5 days, I'd think!

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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Legendaries
    Quote from horrax1»

    Quote from The Zeph»

    These primals does not effect CHD, CHC, CDR etc, right? If not, that's sad imo. Most builds strive to have high numbers of those stats and it won't matter if they're ancient or primal, they'll still roll like normal items. Yey, higher sec resist and mainstat but it feels like a wasted opportunity.

    Normal rings roll up to 8% CDR, ancient up to 9-10% and Primal up to 11-12%. Just a minor increase but if you get the right rolls you could end up changing a build drastically. Three primals could let you roll attack speed instead of CDR, or drop a passive for something else.

    I guess primals are fine (except for the red border, zero durability much?), they should just be tuned a bit!

    I like your idea, but just for CHD and CHC since they are just mainly dmg modifiers (should also work with RCR, elemental dmg and maybe also with ATS but you know...breakpoints... so I would probably shy away from that.)
    But CDR is a very very important stat for some builds (!!). I have tested so many builds with CDR and some are just lacking a few points here and there to make a build work or completely fail. If you target CDR for constant uptimes or especially for rotations it's a far too important stat.
    It would make primals just mandatory and not only nice to have in certain slots (like gloves, rings, shoulders,...) Imagine you can drop obsidian ring of the zodiac for something like unity, coe, ring of royal grandeur, just because you got those few extra CDR points... way too powerful in my opinion.
    certain builds in the past would have not worked if the max CDR roll would be 7%. Just sayin... it would overall make a huge difference if they would do primals with higher CDR values.
    Yeah, I know it would but I think it would be good anyway. More CHD, AD won't change builds, CDR, RCR, CHC could though. It would be like LoN, some builds would require more and better gear then others. In the long run it would work like any other build. You would have to get over X CDR for it to work optimal. However, it would most likely still work with less CDR, just not as good as it could.

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could drop Zodiac for something else and would that be so bad? You'd have to progress for it, grind more gear and eventually you can roll with that Krede's Flame you always wanted to implement in your build! I get your point with something being mandatory which is harder to get then just some gear piece and I understand that 3 primal CDR items could be what is needed for you to change build completely into something much more effective. I still think it's what Diablo is about, improving your gear. I don't think it would matter much for leader boards though. I mean, those in the top farm so much anyway and are bound to get the items they need. It might give someone who's lucky a boost in GRLVLS but things do that anyway. Get an ancient good weapon in the beginning of a season and you'll sky rocket your progress.

    My point is, it's worth trying :P use the PTR and such for it. See what happens.
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    posted a message on Question: Why would you even want a D4 annoucment at Blizzcon 2016?

    I don't want a D4 :) Improve D3 and I'm happy! Also, 2-4 years goes by fast if you have something to do, work, hobbies, whatnot so I'm fine with a wait time.

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    posted a message on "HELP, I can't post anymore!" - issues with adblocker

    The comment field have a html [BB] view which can still be used normally. Just write as you usually do.


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    posted a message on Season 7 Act 2 - Complete a Nephalem Rift on Expert difficulty???

    Don't feel stupid. You asked, you got answers and improved your understanding. That's like the opposite of stupid^^ Also, welcome!

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    posted a message on blizzard doesnt love diablo anymore.

    Maybe you should just look for another game. People get tired of games, eventually. Nothing wrong with that. Playing the game despite it being boring seems unhealthy^^

    I remember in the good ol' days when single player games were the way to go. They didn't get updates or new content, you bought them, played and abandoned them. We were still happy.

    As said, it would surprise me if they didn't announce anything at GamesCom or BlizzCon.

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    The goblin post was a good read. I always find posts like that interesting. So much more thought goes into things like this then one could imagine. I like it and since posting things like that doesn't effect game development, balancing or content its fine and great that they write things like that. Makes you understand more of the thought progress behind a game, which is great!

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    Ah, finally found the Cursed Chest in Drowning. Were no problem almost failed due to having to much attack speed which made sweeping wind fall off, twice... some precious seconds wasted without noticing.

    I guess I just needed some motivation. Thank you!

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    posted a message on Why people are so obsessed with COSMETICS?


    You're your character. If you imagine him/her as a stealthy assassin then you don't want to run around in massive full plate armour. You'd most likely go for something light and simple. If you don't care then fine. This is actually a system you don't have to use. You could also ask team mates not to use wings/pets if you feel those things creates too much lag when progressing.

    To some, design is important, to others functionality is enough. In fact, you could run around with a sticky figure fighting sticky monsters in a low graphic world. Items could just be stat boosters. No visual effect what so ever. No shiny stuff nothing. It would work and you'd most likely would not care. Maybe this would even make you happy if it reduced lag/what not which has a negative effect on progression. Which is fine.

    Diablo 3 (and most other games) isn't only designed to be effective and performance wise super great. They're designed to look appealing and in those boundary's perform well.

    I love transmorging. To me its equally important how the character looks as it is how it performs. That's the way I play. Luckily for you, cosmetics have nothing to do with progression and as said, you could just ignore it. It do have huge value for other people though.

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