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    posted a message on BlizzCon Tickets Round 2. PLUS: Blizzard unveils new game... FAILOC-ALYPSE!
    check the help screen at start..
    not sure what the "Ok, ok" button is a reference for.. maybe the d3 pic with 2 gold icons in it?

    "Learn the enemy's pattern to defeat him."
    "There is no pattern."
    "There might be a cow level."
    "No, there isn't. Sorry."
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    posted a message on Φ Diablo Lore and Chronology of Events
    i am not sure where else to ask this (sorry if wrong place) i searches forums and web for this..
    it seems to me that the story from patch 1.10 and up (the Über Tristam quest and the other Über Diablo quest) will be discarded in Diablo 3.. is that right?
    i have tried looking for comments from Blizzard on this.. if they were gonna use this or not..

    can anyone tell me what they said/desided and why (and maybe a link where they spoke about it)?
    thanks :)

    awww... darn.. just found the answer anyway.. hehe..
    "No, that is only available on battle.net and was only made to give high level characters something to do."

    dont mind my post anyway :)
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    posted a message on Map of Sanctuary (Complete)
    your map is looking very good.. i would like the 'full version'.. but when i use the link i cant press the download tekst.. no link for download on that page :(
    dont know why.. is there anyway you could upload somewhere else? :)
    or maybe explain to me how i should get it from that other site :rolleyes:
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