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    If all recepies in the cube gets a note "resulting item cannot be primal" and when a primal drops it's a giant red beam or something, then I'm down with this. Then it's an actual "RNG loot hunt" which imho is what diablo should be, not the current grind for mats to spend at the "cube slot-machine"

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    Quote from Mirsset»

    Thanks. I dont think that using Sacred Harvester for this is good idea, for exactly same reasons you described.

    I asked only because i completely forgot about Wormwood and have feeling (wrong :) ) that u were using Sacred Harvester (which surprised me).

    for generic speed builds (i.e rift/grift) sacred harvester is great since it's trivial to maintain stacks to feed the "soul to waste" speed boost.
    to clarify, I used wormwood in order to drop "locust swarm" from the bar and still maintain the RoE/bakuli buffs, pestilence is not needed since we are only fighting a single boss. The dogs + "fierce loyalty" is a much better option imho for a consistent speed boost. But as always with these special conquests, there are many ways to complete them I guess, and trying out different builds is hopefully part of the fun. good luck
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    My 2 cents (in order)

    1) You have no area damage on your gear, this is HUGE for gargantuans. Unfortunately you can't re-roll anything obvious on existing gear that I can see.

    But I would recommend AD on at least the shoulders and one more item. +skill to gargantuan on shoulder, chest and mojo is good but I think AD is better since skill% is addative with MoJ. (don't forget to recast gargs in the middle of the packs so AD/cleave is most effective)

    2) Get a new amulet with CHC/CHD/INT/socket, the secondary on Ouroburos isn't _that_ good.

    3) Since you didn't roll off the socket on the weapon and use a gift I would highly recommend trying to get a better weapon as well.

    4) Your gloves are also sub optimal, if you have better (at least CHC/CHD/INT) helltooth gloves, consider checking your inventory if you can run with HT-gloves and MoJ equipped and cube the Taskers.

    EDIT: ran some simulations in http://www.d3planner.com/ on your character seems like +gargantuan -> AD on shoulder+mojo is a very good DPS choice for you, 470B -> 538B :-)


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    Quote from Evilanf»

    ok, so spent a few hours with the locust swarm and this is obviously my opinion, i was not a fan. I found the chicken much easier to manage and kill

    mobs especially in 4 man groups. Solo was not as bad but just fell much slower.

    It was the little things that bugged me i suppose, i could not smash through doors as easily because you only have locust swarm to use, if you missed something along the way and had to go back it was slow as you couldnt keep InGeom going long enough.

    It did seem to matter a bit how the map set out too, if the mobs were thin or there were no elites, it was a slow walk. Bounties i think would be useless for this build.

    So i have already gone back to the chicken, feel free to give a try and give us your opinion, i would be interested to know if it worked for you.

    I think the chicken is more generic as you say (bounties is not an option with locust) but I've kept on with the locust swarm build and I think it's quite good once you get the locust swarm damage good enough to actually kill white mobs. hwoj wrap, zei's, trapped and +fire and +LS skill where applicable did the trick for me (and those pesky ancient hexing pants finally dropped yesterday).

    It's also really nice to run low level GRs with, no running back for DBs or legendaries, I'm currently ranking gems for caldesans despair at levels where I can afford to empower the rifts and for that it's really fun/efficient.

    I think that the only real drawbacks compared to HT-chicken-garg is that it's so hard to gear for being a farming build (that can't farm bounties) and that it takes up an extra char slot.
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