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    posted a message on pet doc, how does cold, phy, poison compare to each other?

    You dont have to nolife to reach leaderboard spot ^^ Last time i checked i was 217 on the leaderboard.. And i started playing D3 7 weeks ago... Never ever played the game befor then :P And i play maby 4-5 times / week. And those days i also got work + gym. And yes, like most people i play with Carnevil.

    If you want leaderboard spot its simple. Just like some1 here said you need zuni. Jade sucks. U die so easly thats it. If u wanna push 50+ u need pets to hide behine and enought dmg to kill elite packs fast. Cause the elite packs is accualy the only dangurus thing. Whites is easy even in 50+. And RG is the easiest part of the whole grift...

    If u want to compete on leaderboards. Check what people on the leaderboard play and copy that. Be wary tho, most of us logg out with our speed rifting setup ^^ Simple cause thats what we do most of the time... Better gear = more progress.

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