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    posted a message on OMG, GR 128 in 10 mins, crazy combo.

    Rollback? Facepalm.

    Perm ban for exploiters. Dont care if its 50% of playerbase of D3. They will learn.

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    posted a message on New bar - "Stash for MATS" - count GR keys also?

    Hello, im curious if new stash (BAR) will also hiding/counting keys for GR?

    I didnt saw it on blizcoon, did some one have 100% confirmed information, or i have to wait till PTR for be sure?

    Im asking, because i have 4k+ keys, its like 40 slots - alot of space for me.

    Thx for info.

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    posted a message on News from day 2?

    In summary, it is a TON OF NEW THINGS, and clearly a lot of stuff they still do not want to share coming to us in the near future and different intervals next year.

    This game was really good, and it will be taking another step forward.

    1 - Having a crafting mats tab instead of storing them in stash is awesome.

    2 - The fill feature for the Cube is awesome.

    3 - Constantly adding new zones with some lore is really nice!

    4 - Challenge Rifts are going to be a fun competitive option to get bounty mats. They are also a means to have fun with friends, yet compete on leaderboards. Level, paragon, gear, etc.... None of it matters. But most importantly, they are going to take a snapshot build from the community, and that is the build we all play in the challenge rift, really really sweet idea!

    5 - Necromancer is going to be AWESOME!!!!!

    6 - Seasons on console is also really nice!!!

    7 - The 6 new legendary items being added in 2.4.3 are going to be really fun and open up other build options!

    8 - We get the 2.4.3 anniversary patch on PTR this coming Tuesday.

    9 - When asked if they have "anything planned moving forward with story, etc..." had a huge smile and said "we cannot dive into that much"

    10 - MANY NEW CLASSES, saying "we certainly have many NEW classes to add to the game, not only with the potential of bringing back old classes such as Druid and Amazon, but also unique classes not in the Diablo universe!

    11 - Bottom line, they are clearly putting a ton of work into this game, proving it is FAR FROM MAINT MODE.

    Blizzard paid u for this crap?

    Im asking about most important staff wich should exist in any best game in the world.
    Where is end-game. Where is PVP. Where is Trade. Where is rewards for even stupid uselles GR rank 1 world on lederboard.

    No womens, no money, no flame (in dead game), no satisfaction (all is free time-paragon, same gr over over +RNG ), no holidays.
    What im gonna win after invest 2000 hours for get rank 1 world solo for example in barbarian?
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    posted a message on 2.4.2 - how much % exp give orek from rift, for close ?

    lolz is crazy. no more nb runs.

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    posted a message on 105 2 Player Clear

    There is any rewards for top rank in diablo 3? Some cash, money, womens, fame?

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    posted a message on Patch 2.4.1 - Live. There finally will be new wings or not?

    Ok guys, its nice to see there is 2 new wings.

    Can some one explain, link how to find/drop new wings/pets/transmog.

    Thanks alot for your time.

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