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    posted a message on FPS drops? Lag spikes? Stuttering? SOLUTION here! WORKS!

    Thank you!

    This editing tweak really helps me!

    To let people know, DisableTrilinearFiltering "1" obviosly ofcourse disables trilinear filtering. HardwareClass "1" reduces effects over spells etc. This hardwareclass is detected when diablo 3 have being installed. ChannelsToUse "16" reduces sounds channels to use to 16.

    For me it really suprise that lowering sound channels to 16 helps alot, because I'm using Creative Alchemy over X-Fi Fatal1ty Champion pci-e card. Alchemy should move all the sounds fully to run over hardware (sound card) so it won't use cpu anymore. Creative Alchemy was made because DirectX stopped using hardware support for sounds, but seems it doesn't work over diablo 3 as it should <_<

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