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    posted a message on Tweet for 2012?
    they're punishing us for having the audacity to be so sure of ourselves that it's coming out in 2011... so they're pushing it back another year.
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    posted a message on Hope they dont ruin the monk
    no weapon specific skills please!
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    posted a message on Will you make a Demon Hunter ?
    i tend to love casters as well, but i like to save the best for last.

    so assuming the 5th class does indeed use a bow, my play order will be:

    >--barbarian (ick!!!),
    >--monk (gnarly fella, but appears difficult to use with the assassin-like combos),
    >--witch doctor (i know i'm contradicting myself here since he's a caster, but i'm not feelin' him),
    >--5th class (can't wait to finally see what it is!),
    >--wizard (love the character, hate the name! i'm used to a wizard being a geriatric sage).
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    posted a message on Pets instead of Mercs
    i think pets are an awesome idea, although i'm sure many people disagree.

    only thing is i would prefer it as a main trait of a specific class as opposed to a mandatory feature for everyone.

    in neverwinter nights 2, many of the classes had minions/familiars/pets and it just took the glory out of having one.

    i think hirelings are better in that sense because it feels as though you're simply adventuring with another player and the uniqueness of certain classes (i.e. the witch doctor and possible "hunter") are preserved.
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    posted a message on Health globes look ugly!
    to be honest i don't really like the idea of health globes. it reminds me of the multi-platform game "marvel: ultimate alliance" where life and energy crystals would automatically fly from a vanquished enemy into the nearest character.

    i kind of felt stunted in between battles when i didn't have enough health or energy.

    potions may be lame, but i'm sure going to miss them! i don't like the idea of not having direct control of when to replenish health/resources for my character.
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    posted a message on Late-Game Quest Idea!!!
    this came to me in a dream and i think it was inspired by the word "talisman" which came up in an interview with jay wilson.

    this is a late-game quest and involves the player obtaining a mysterious amulet from an npc. it could be anybody but lets say it's a chick. she doesn't know much about the amulet herself, but says that her husband received it from a strange mystic who told him that it would protect him on a mission - which turns out to be the very same quest the player is charged with.

    she recounts that her husband dismissed the mystic's advice as the amulet only bestowed minor enchantments and warns that this arrogance resulted in her husband's demise.

    for all intents and purposes i'll say the object of the quest is to locate and destroy a boss deep in the wilderness (or dungeon or whatever). the enemies in this area turn out to be exceptionally strong as they are corrupted by an unknown power. fortunately the player is accompanied by a large group of npcs who have also ventured on the quest and help to destroy the hordes of super-powered creatures.

    the players themselves will be reluctant to equip the amulet as it has extremely low stats (possibly only adding +1 life) and it would mean sacrificing a more powerful amulet that would undoubtedly be available in the late game. plus the fact that the enemies are more powerful so you'd be tempted to wear only the best gear.

    before the player approaches the boss's lair with the group of npcs, s/he will be prompted to equip the amulet if s/he hasn't done so already. once they're in the lair they'll see the boss with a group of cultists or other spellcasters performing a weird ritual. the boss will exclaim something like "ah, more puppets for the show" (lame, i know lol) in a creepy and ominous manner. suddenly all the friendly units are possessed and turn into hostile enemy units - the amulet having protected the player from corruption. our character will then be forced to destroy everyone, including the boss on their own.

    now this is where it could go two ways. the dark energy that corrupts the npcs could suddenly unleash a whole lot of cool buffs from the amulet, increasing damage output, life and resistences (to make up for the empowered enemies) and disintegrate once all the enemies are dead. or it could simply remain a dud and the ensuing battle would be more challenging and fun for our characters. which of the two do you guys reckon would be better?

    any thoughts? has this been done before? i wouldn't know because i don't play any other rpgs outside of diablo ii: lod and final fantasy.
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