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    Quote from McLachdanan

    Just to make it clear: There have been quite a number of things announced I don't like and the RM AH was just the icing on the cake but all put together it's enough for me to say goodbye to D3.
    Your post would have been fine without the iconic " I HATE BLIZZARD OFREVER AND I QUIT D3" fit.

    Seriously does this argument even work, is it like the final weapon against Blizzard. The threat of quitting.
    Does it bring any good arguments to the table? I swear if I was a mod I'd delete every single I QUIT D3 post on the
    freaking forums. Not only are they mostly BS, but even if they werent, your posting that your quitting unless Blizzard changes this to fit your view? huh what?

    Maann if your successful, I might try it out too.Il have this argument where I push to have D3 given for free in the masses. Then I'll post that if it dont happen I'll quit D3. See if i get lucky too. Maybe they'll take me seriously ;)

    I left a year ago cuase the forums were filled with
    I hate this and I'm leaving Diablo3
    by alot of folks who stragely are still here today, lol a year later. Then on my first day, return to the forums I get another thread filled with I QUIT posts again. Time changes, but people dont.
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    Whoever doesn't like the art style of D3 is either blind or artistically challenged. Just look at the details of the settings. Even the staircases have pointy spikes on them.

    The only thing I didn't like was the wheelbarrel in one of the town pictures, it was too intact, it should of been in a semi-broken state.

    And I absolutely love the death animations of the skeletons in Picture 102, you can see their souls floating up and being banished back to hell. Classic D2 stuff.

    I think the Blood is a little too splashy, but that's just my opinion. Never thought slashing a guy would create a pool of blood with a 10 meter square radius.

    The skill effects on the other hand really look sharp.

    PS: I am psyched about the return of squishable insects (scorpions) from Pic 101!
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    4 days later, a few words exchanged with Bashiok, and we seem to finally have won Blizzard's attention. For those of you living under a rock, there was a blogger on Blizzard's forums who had posted a thread of sincere complaints about the 1.13 patch. In this heart felt post, he had pretty much wrapped up everyone's opinion, worries and disapointment over the apparent lack of involvment the community was given on the first release of the long awaited patch.

    I had resumed his e-mail in this thread for those who would like to read Big Mike's email. http://www.diablofans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23992

    It seems like we all owe him a big one, cause apparently he made enough noise to have the big heads at Blizzard reconsider their imput into 1.13!

    Does this mean we will finally get what we wanted out of this patch, or just some more empty promises?

    Here is the official quote from Blizztracker on the 1.13 patch.

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    Well the community certainly has been active since the PTR went up. Bashiok has given us some guidelines for posting as follows;
    ??? All post should have a subject line that clearly describes the bug or feedback being given
    ??? Use the search feature to ensure a thread doesn't already exist before posting
    ??? When reporting a bug include as much information as you can, including steps to reproduce it if possible
    ??? Any non-constructive posts may be deleted and the poster's privilege to post revoked
    ??? This is a chance for you to ensure the 1.13 patch includes changes and balance tweaks that you think would lead to a better overall experience. Getting the information to us in a clear and logical way helps us understand your view and makes it easier for us to collect feedback for any potential updates to the 1.13 patch before release.

    I will summarize the most popular threads below to simply it for Bashiok and anyone else who doesn't feel like scrolling through 200 threads to review the voice of the community.
    This is not my opinion although I may mention my opinion as I describe the threads. It is a list of the most popular thread issues direct from the PTR forum.

    1) Runes need to be more obtainable. Although we appreciate the increased drop rate it simply is not enough. Aside from upping the drop rate gambling runes, rune shrines, hell forge quest reward upgrade are just some of the ideas that have been brought up.

    2) A new way to gain experience would be nice. The most popular way seems to be to make the cow level give more experience. There have been some other suggestions , one of which that jumps out at me is an endless end game dungeon and most would support it but I doubt it is something we will see.

    3) A way to stop bots spamming in games, channels and farming items. A captcha has been suggested but there seems to be a large % of the community against the captcha idea.

    4) Bug fixes. While the biggest include TPPK, Aura stacking and drop barbs there are a number of minor bugs that would be nice to see fixed as well. There are a lot of details in these threads.

    5) There is a concern hat with respect, the removal or Iron maiden and the nerfing of souls the game is becoming easier. I am sure this is debated although I have not actually read the thread myself.

    6) I am sure everyone would like to see new items as long as they are balanced with the ones we currently have. The more choices the more unique our characters can be. New Unique and Rune words have been suggested.

    7) The enigma/tele debate rages on???

    8) There is a lot of discussion about skill (single or tree) balancing. Here are some of the more popular threads. There are a lot more! Some of the things that keep coming up are Assassin Martial Arts and Druid fire skills,

    9) There is little debate that the community no longer supports the way the Dclone spawn and Annihilus charm is obtain. It seems to be felt that it currently promotes duping. Although most players appreciate the experience and charm itself we would like would like to see this changed.

    Although there are a lot of threads that are not included here and may be some ideas that do not fall into these 9 categories, I think this covers most of it. For those of you reading this please bump this post so it can be used a resource. For those of you who have threads you feel should have been including please add your thoughts to one of the posts above. They are the most popular, which means most read and most likely for Blizzard to take suggestions from.

    Lets cross our fingers that a good % of these categories get looked at.

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    I think the fact that Bashiok only replied with an "incorrect", really signifies but one thing.

    The person who had made that comment was so far from the truth that it just, didn't nrequire any more than a word of reply.

    Meaning that what Zhar said in his post, I believe, was only the tip of the iceberg. I think were going to see something that's going to blow our fucking minds away. Our simpleton and divided imaginations couldn't begin to fathom the ideas that are being developed by the giant that is Blizzard.
    All the masterminds and lords of the gaming universe are going to provide us with another decade of maddening click-fests, pwnage pvp, and L33t character builds.

    Were talking about a motherload worth of customization. this is going to be 1998 all over again. Were going to see new concepts and builds years after release. :thumbsup:
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    Quote from "luc1027" »
    You talking about d2 ?!?!??? It's because we talk about d3 !!!


    WTF are you talking about....? Did I make any reference to D2? I know english isn't your first language but I mean, it's plain as friken white that what I'm talking about is D3.

    Implying that leveling a character to a maximum level will require an extensive ammount of time is not just speaking in terms of D2. I'm pretty bloody positive that it will be exactly the same in D3.

    Quote from "Nacho_ijp" »
    surely blizz is starting to feel the downside of all this changes (not saying the changes are bad)... the balancing issue is becoming quite complicated as far as i can see...

    I respectfully disagree. I think that Blizzard know very well the implication of creating a game by their own standards. When your universally known to be a company which creates groundbreaking games with "near to perfection balance" you sort of feel a certain ammount of pressure to design things meticulously. Requiring alot of back and forth designing in order to push the limits.

    They've always said that they push the ideas past the line in order to find the line. Then go back a few steps and balance everything. Not because they try to do shit that they can't, or they get into way over their heads. When you've got that much resourses, talent, experience available you can do anything, with the right ammount of time.
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    posted a message on Griefing, Health Orb Mechanics and More with Jay Wilson
    Some people are so stuck in the 90's it's unbelievable.

    They would go to the ends of the earth just so Blizzard could give them a 3D version of the same game, D2. It's stupid and counter-progressive. Plus it just shows a general fear of failure and a lack of faith in the company that has given them games to play for the last 15 years.

    PvM is awesome. But it gets old fast since monters never evolve or adapt to the player's skill level/ builds. Therefore when they start to optimize characters, the monster just get easier and easier.

    PvP on the other hand is thrilling. Reminiscent to playing PvM on hardcore. Where the fear of death is ever present. Although dying in PvM hardcore results in loss of character (heartbraking, maybe) but a loss in PvP means a blow to your ego.(much more serious).

    Noone likes to lose. Hence why the competition level is so high. PvP has always been an important part of D2 no matter which way you look at it. Even a PvM only player with half a brain would admit that alot of folks were doing it. Thus the reason why Blizzard is trying to improve on it and make it something more than a sideshow (as it was in D2).

    They are trying to give it features, meaning, order. A properly developed ranking system would enable things such as internaitonal tournaments to take place and would make the Diablo world exponentially larger. Imagine th epossibilities, imainge the bragging rights of winning against all odds.

    That's the kind of vision Blizzard has and the kind of spirit Diablo needs to remove itself from the ARPG (cheap story/clickfest) stigma that it has, and truly become a competitive/user friendly game it should of been a long time ago.
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    posted a message on Wizards New stoneskin name
    1. Perma-Shine
    2. Candy-Grillz
    3. Mr.T
    4. Supa-Greazy-O-Crispy
    5. Ballistic Kevlar Vest, aka (BulletProof)
    6. Stone Skin (what....it's a good name)
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    posted a message on Auras to Return in Diablo III?
    Same as usual,
    Come on a thread and reading a handfull of comments
    doing nothing but comparing D3 to how D2 was. What's the point?

    I played D2, yeah. The Pally did have auras. But when I stop and
    really think about it, why the hell would he? Why should a knight
    have auras? It doesn't make any more sense than saying a monk
    has auras. They are both just as likely candidates for mistical
    powers of the mind/Holy.

    I just don't get how people come on and say "F*ck that, auras are only for pallys".

    If it where the other way around and D2 had a monk, they would be saying the same thing about the Paladin.


    Bottom line is, Blizzard thinks auras "might" be a cool thing for D3. They trying to make it fit on the Monk.

    I would bet my right nut that they know about the silly issues from the D2 era, in other words, they don't really need folks to come on saying how a Bowazon with Zeal+Might was OP. And I'm sure as shit that they are implementing something cool with Runes, keeping the aura factor balanced at the same time.

    ----PS: Totally agree with Luckmann on his last post, for once.---- ;)

    It's a no breainer that unless soloing, everyone would go for a rune that made your aura apply to the team if it wasn't so by default.
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    posted a message on "The Road To Diablo III"
    Great Interview!

    I really believe that they brought up the specific issue that was on every body's mind; Time.

    There's people that think games are just spat out like it was off a mass production line. Others that have an all around negative opinion of Blizzard, having misconception about them being so filthy rich that they could hire an army of designers to finish the game in record times.

    Worst of them all are the ones that just go and compare Blizzard to other gaming companies. You can't do that. How many companies have ALL their games played for a time span exceeding 10 years?

    Not many right?

    They take time because they make products that not only last over a decade, but also break the barriers of gaming dogma. Everything good in life is worth waiting for...

    I think the good folks working on Diablo are doing an excellent job, and although we might not agree with every decision they make, I believe that in the end it really comes down to "they know what the hell they're doing"
    cause it's their game. Some of the staff has been working on it since Diablo 1, that's what, 15 years.

    I'm not worrying. :cool:
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    Quote from "likwidsteel" »
    That's pushing it... I still think that Diablo is better.

    By far, (and far, I mean China far) The Butcher is THE most badass, ruthless bastard of a monster Blizzard ever blessed us with. I think it was a combination of, story buildup, fluff, dark settings, kick ass punch line, decapitated bodies and a boss that wouldl run after you ala leatherface with a knife the size of a small man.

    I have played many games since my childhood, and never have I had such a profound memory of a particular boss/moment. The only thing that could even come close comparisonwise to the feeling of opening the Door to the Butcher was the first time I ever played Unreal. (Not the Tournament Version). I played the demo for months before the release of D1 and I was always avoiding the dreaded room, cause I knew that if I heard "Aaah, Fresh Meat!", that meant my ass.

    It's something that was never replicated in any RPG. And if Blizzard manages to design bosses in D3 that can even come half way to what D1 Butcher was, I'll be thankfull.
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