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    Your Curiosity will be the death of you!!!
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    Yep my bad. i thought about it after having post a few answers...
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    Not sure where to post this one....

    Anyway it will be completed in episodes.

    If the placement is incorrect accept my apologies in advance...

    The light had been taken from me, or so I assumed. In the deeper recesses of my mind, I could almost recall a time when sight was possible. I did not doubt many years had since passed, but just how many was anyone's guess.

    I paced the confines of my enclosure as I had every day in memorable history. I had awakened here many years ago, or was it centuries? I could recall no specific circumstance to explain my current predicament, unless I was dead and this was hell. I remembered nothing before my incarceration, not even my own name or what type of creature I might be. What little I could glean from tactile sense told me I had two arms, two legs and a head. I had known other creatures that met the description, but was unable to recall their name.

    Much of that time is a blank to me. I spent countless hours searching, prodding and prying at every inch of the stone walls that entombed me. In retrospect, for at least some of that time, I was not entirely lucid, which was to be expected, considering.

    When I finally became bored with my investigations, I would pace the enclosure and try to remember. Visions of the past flitted through my mind, but none stayed with me long enough to grasp. Fragments of experiences that might have been mine occasionally came to me and then were gone just as suddenly. I knew I should have been scared, upset, or I dare say, enraged. Yet my emotions seemed to have deserted me as well. I was left with one thing only. The burning desire to understand.

    I tried desperately to draw some kind of conclusion from what little I knew. I thought in words, which meant I spoke at least one language, though I couldn't name it. I couldn't recall eating or drinking, either, but that was impossible. Nothing could survive without sustenance.

    Nor did I grow tired, no matter how many hours I spent examining the insignificant details of the stonework. It didn't make sense. I ran my fingers through my short hair, wondering why it hadn't grown during my years of imprisonment. That was the only thing of which I was certain. Someone had placed me here.

    I latched onto the fact, strained furiously to remember even the smallest clue as to what I had done to deserve such punishment, but my mind was as much a prison as the surrounding walls. Each day my routine continued unaltered. Each attempt met with failure.

    At times, I would grow increasingly frustrated with my amnesia, and I would resume my explorations, often violently. This, my only surrender to emotion, was largely wasted. I remember more than once beating the stone walls with my fists, as though I could pound my way through by will alone, only stopping when the pain became too great.

    Finally, calmer, I would continue to feel along the walls, the floor and even the ceiling, which I could reach by standing on my toes. Indeed, the area was so small if there had been an exit, I'd have long since found it. Yet I knew if I abandoned hope, if I allowed despair to set in, it would surely become hell. As long as I kept trying, there was a chance.

    Then one day, my hand fell upon a smooth metal protrusion that had never before been there. It had to be new, though how that was possible I couldn't begin to guess. I wrapped my hand tightly around its coolness, fearing it might fade from existence should I release my grasp. I rotated the object and pushed. The door swung outward.

    For a moment, brilliance as intense as the darkness assailed me and blinded me just as effectively. The world exploded into sound. I could hear the wind, the birds, the rustle of leaves. I could smell grass and wood smoke, though the latter gave me a moment of caution. I wondered why. Only then did I realize I'd missed the sounds and scents of the world as much as the sights.

    My eyes stung. When I raised a hand to my face, I could feel the tears. Voices in the distance told me I might not be alone for long. Part of me wanted to embrace the newcomers, but my intuition screamed danger. I turned, still virtually blind and ran, hands extended before me so as to avoid collision.

    to be continued

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    Of the top 5 ones i had spent most of my time with Mythos as i was in the beta from quite early.

    Although i spent some quality time with it it was always giving me a sense or repeatability that even the MMO element couldnt beat.TBH though i used to play when my sister was playing her WoW char so probably i was a bit harsh siince i was comparing with WoW.

    PS: I played DS1 right after D2 as well but the gap was so vast!!!!
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    Quote from "Doppelganger" »
    Hi! Welcome doctor.
    @ PS1: It was disabled a time ago due to strain on the servers, will probably be reintroduced in the near future.

    Thanks for the warm welcome. You can by all means call me Dimitris or Raist or anything else. Thx for the heads up about the avatar:P

    Quote from "Krow" »
    Hey there doctor!

    You should be a Witch Doctor.

    Okay, I know that was lame on epic proportions.

    I shall think about it:P

    Between you and me most doctors are kind of witch doctors as well...

    Quote from "Ivaron" »
    Welcome, Dimitris! ....And that is probably the only time I will ever refer to you by name, as I have a horrible memory :D
    Enjoy your stay. Cookies and drinks to the left, bathroom to the right. Oh, please pay no attention to the corpses. We had a creature named "The Butcher" in here a little while back, it was a very messy situation.
    I really kind of want it to come back soon, because it´s so much more personal and easier to get to know people when they have avatars. Nicknames alone won´t really do in giving you an impression of someone.

    Thanks for the quick tour... Looking forward to see the...dungeons and stuff

    Quote from "Daemaro" »
    What's up Doc? ;)

    Welcome to the forums, and enjoy your stay. :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome:P

    Quote from "sabreSKULL" »
    Yasou, milas ellinika vre?

    Ennoite... Xarika poli:P
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    Hello my name is Dimitris and i come from Greece.

    I am working as a doctor and when i dont operate i am willing to bash a head or two... (not literally speaking of course.... well at least not yet:P)

    Anyway since the Diablo series had always been my companion in most of the long cold night hospital shifts, i think that this is the least i can do to pay tribute to this godspel of video games...

    Looking forward for the next one and another incredible forum experience...

    Nice meeting you all. I consider myself privileged to be here and learning from you all guys and gals


    PS1: For a reason i cannot edit my avatar (no such option) any ideas?
    PS2: Proper signature under construction
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