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    Quote from overneathe

    Rob Pardo is executive producer of Diablo 3. Ex-boss of Jay Wilson and Chief Creative Officer at Blizzard.

    He has worked as designer on:
    Diablo II
    WarCraft II

    Lead designer to:
    StarCraft: Brood War
    WarCraft III
    WarCraft III: Frozen Throne
    All World of Warcraft expansions including vanilla.

    So in simplier terms, Wilson has full authority over D3. Rob has full authority over Wilson in a supervisory role.

    We can thus safely blame Wilson for all the D3 launch problems. Rob's part is more on how well he supervised Wilson.
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    I disagree with this notion of "true fandom".
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    Lets review.

    1. There is a rule saying that reporting players should be done through official channels and not to call them out by name. The OP broke this rule and was punished.

    2. There is a case of alleged scamming. It involved using item swapping of a similarly named item. This is covered by the scam policy.

    "A scam is the act of acquiring items or any other possession from another player through misinformation, confusion, or fraud. In short, using any sort of deception to gain at another's expense. If you are unsure if your particular case fits the criteria of a scam, contact a GM in-game and they will be able to assist you."

    Given the above, the OP is best served by contacting the in game support tools to attempt an item recovery. While his actions might be altruistically motivated, calling out players by name is a violation. I wish him well in his attempt to recovery from the scam and hope that he retains his desire to help others through this difficult time.

    There is a place for calling out alleged scammers and it is not the d3 official forums.
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    I hop on my wizarrd and shoot things. When I feel satisfied, I log off. That works for me.
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    Satisfied with the changes. Blizzard continues to impress me with their constant improving of d3. The launch was terrible and full of incompetence but the recovery operation since has exceeded my expectations. I doubt any other game would have redesigned their endgame paradigm after launch like d3 did for inferno.
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    D3 is a great game and was let down solely from a QA perspective. The balance team dropped the ball, IT team was substandard and general QA was missed swarms of bugs.

    These are problems that can be solved through patches and hotfixes but take time. It is truly disappointing how poorly it was launched but it is salvagable and will only get better with every patch. I honestly cannot think of any other title in a similar genre that can claim to be better. Balance will be improved, bugs will be stamped out and a lot of the frustration experienced will slowly be drained out. 1.04 improves things a lot, future patches should do even more.

    Financially, facts speak for themselves, the game was a financial success. The poor launch will could see some disciplinary action to those responsible but the many problems in D3 will fade in time as the polish starts to get applied in consecutive patches.
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    Econsfag here. Take it from someone who spent too many years studying Econs, that Blizzard is hitting some serious platinum in this idea.

    Gold. Resource generated by D3. Tradable for money.
    Money. Resource generated by the banks. Tradable for gold.

    They are going to create a system by which the virtual goods (gold, items, etc) generated by D3 is given a money value.
    1. Every item, gold piece or rune you find in D3 has an equivalent money value. You will earn real money when you play D3!
    2. Due to arbitrage and the gold/money exchange rate, they will be able to generate a stable market. The central bank has tricks they can pull if there's too much or too little money, Blizzard has tricks they can pull if there's too much or too little gold too. They are gaining the powers of a central bank with respect to gold.
    3. This is all going to be financed by people who put real money into RMT. These people, are going to be giving you money by financing this system. Previously they paid 3rd party sites, now they pay you.

    TL;DR -- D3 lets you get richer when you play it and gives a stable economy for both gold or RMT trade.

    Successful company is successful.
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