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    only got one primal this season so far

    and also got this jesseth shield which id consider more "rare/unlikely" than a primal convention in terms of how it rolled

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    Well, the problem imo is that blizzard doesnt realize what made itemization in D2 so good, and what makes itemization in D3 so "bad". Its the simple fact that once you finally dropped the shako or whatever other legendary in D2 it was pretty much exactly what you wanted/needed, there was no bad rolled shako, or any other legendary. Once you got what you wanted it was always good and useful. Unlike in D3 where even if you get the item you want its in 90% of cases useless. If anything, ancient ancients should simply be regular ancients that roll top 5% rolls on all attributes and that only roll the "useful" stats.

    Even better would be simply decreasing droprate of legendaries/sets to 1/10 of what it is and having more fixed attributes and smaller intervals for their rolls. What has always been missing in D3 in terms of itemization is the feeling of "finally dropped the item that i want and it is what i expected of it", nah, you drop item you want and then salvage it with disgust because its still useless due to shitty rolls.

    But then theres still the next problem and mistake of D3 which is items giving ridiculous multipliers in the first place.

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    ITT: peoples eyesight and ability to recognize shapes and patterns drops to amoeba level

    I really cant understand how any of you can even begin to think it isnt a male monk, i simply cant see anything in that picture that would even make me doubt for a second that it isnt male monk. Really blows my mind how people will see what they want to see,

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    posted a message on Your class in season 7?

    Well, since season 2 i have played (didnt do season 1)

    s2: crusader

    s3: wizard

    s4: monk

    s5: barb + dh

    s6: wd

    So for s7 im back to crusader. If there were some changes that would give DH some new playstyle (traps) i might go for that as DH has always been my favorite class.

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    posted a message on Menagerist Goblin? Where...It's a joke.

    Ive been getting approximately 1 managerist per 1.33 hours of farming (royal crypts, leorics passage, northern highlands, leorics hunting grounds and moon clan cave) and over double of that of rainbow goblins.

    Any idea how often the unicorn spawns? Ive been in at least 13 rainbow portals and havent seen the one that drops the wings.

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    I did lost faith in the developers knowing what they are actually doing.

    2.4 PTR -> M4S2 is obviously OP compared to everything else precisely because of the S2 bonus, gets nerfed into ground (remember blizzard doesnt want people to mix sets)

    2.4.1 PTR -> 2 months later and the developers already forgot why they nerfed S2, put even higher numbers there and make a biuld that is 10 GRs higher than everything else

    They should either simply change it so the S2 only affects the damage of skills cast by player (but that is lazy design) or solve the real problem with the shadow set, which is no useful offhands and pretty much useless onehanders as they are.

    Nothing simpler than keeping the numbers as they are (S2 600, marauder as they are on PTR now), S6 new bonus - you can dualwield 1H weapons. Problem pretty much solved. Cube dawn as with every DH build (this imo is so terrible design that every biuld has to use it), use karleis and greenstones or ill will. Even better would be in addition buffing karleis so it rolls with 40-50% impale dmg and impale gets the ricochet rune effect. Or change it altogether to something like "the first impale hit on an enemy is a guaranteed critical and deals 200% increased damage", which could very easily be a new item altogether (quiver/dagger) or could be part of S6 bonus.

    The problem of shadow set is simply that all the legendaries for it are complete shit compared to what other sets get and that one cant have two useful weapons/offhands on at the same time. Karleis does nothing basically, the belt does nothing basically, ill will by itself does nothing, greenstone the same. Just being able to have two of those on at the same time would be a significant buff, but to make the set truly useful the items simply need to be buffed.

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    Quote from Haburaboi»

    Just to confirm this doesn't transfer to SC if you get it in HC . Got to lvl 70 in SC and got no mail. I can however start a new HC and give the gift to them

    Yep, can confirm, kinda doesnt make sense and made me unhappy. Told my friend id wait for him to get back from a work trip to start the SC season with him from 0. In the meantime thought id get HC to lvl 70 as that would be needed anyway for the seasonal journey, so i did that, didnt claim haedrigs gift.

    Then when i got to 70 in SC there was no haedrigs gift for the SC character. It doesnt make sense since the journey is for both HC/SC together. But then the MESSAGE with the gift gets stuck, in my case, in HC. Really damn annoying since that caused me being some 5 difficulty levels below my friend for quite some time before RNG decided id actually get my full set (and it sure was very annoying for both of us).
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    posted a message on 2.4: The Little Things

    While not precisely the topic of this thread (dont want to make useless threads for this question) ill still ask here:

    In preparation for the patch i wanted to make a list of items to be found for the cube. Just to be sure i checked on PTR (because there i noticed some items that i already had were missing, but thought it was only for items that were completely changed) and noticed that 14 of the items i have in cube (and had for sure before i copied characters onto PTR) were removed from the cube in 2.4. And what surprised me was that some changed items stayed, most changed items were removed, but also several unchanged items were removed.

    The question is: is this just some messed up bug or do i simply have to deal with patch deleting items from cube that werent even touched in the patch? Because, to be honest, it kinda does piss me off.

    EDIT: these items disappeared from the cube: oculus ring, short mans finger, fazulas chain, sacred harness, drakkons lesson, winterflurry, vengeful wind, triumvirate, three hundreth spear, demons demise, star metal kukri, henris perquesition, fist of azturrasq, buriza

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    posted a message on Which class do you play in season 5? ( POLL )

    Wanted to play DH after a long time (was hoping for the shadow set to be fun), but turns out the shadow set is not fun and every single DH build = dawn + guyia (or whatever the name of the helm is) for vengeance. Such variety, very wow. + natalya gives me cancer and UE/M6 are basically the same thing.

    So i guess ill play crusader just because it seems like there are quite a few builds that can be played and that play differently. Next choice would be barb, but only because of the earth set.

    Definitely not touching monk (played in S4) and wiz (played in S3) and WD (played NS a lot during S4).

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    posted a message on [2.4] DH items/changes dicussion

    Just tried some stuff with the unhallowed essence. Pretty much the same stuff as in 2.3 except:

    in cube - dawn (reduces cooldown of vengeance), the new helmet (vengeance gets 50% dmg reduction), obsidian ring

    on myself - unhallowed essence, wraps of clarity, witching hour, cindercoat, rorg, endless walk set, jangs recurve and DML

    Can easily achieve 100% uptime of vengeance without using any cooldown anywhere (without zodiac 60% cooldown reduction is needed and imo it isnt worth it going full cooldown rather than just going for zodiac and rorg). Hatred is just about not running out with seethe (reduced cost on bow, shoulders, gloves and hatred regen on quiver and follower). Using the boar companion. Only the generator slot seems kinda wasted as it only procs the wraps of clarity, but without those it would not work well. Definitely is way stronger that in 2.3

    Basically one loses 25% dmg from F&R and 50% from convention, but with those the uptime of vengeance wont reach 100% (with 60% cooldown it would, but i dont think it would be worth losing all the other stats). One gains some fire % from having cindercoat equipped. Also the endless walk ring has extra stat compared to F&R and generally it can get (the setup) significantly more toughness than the F&R. Also not sure if cindercoats +20% fire outweighs 12 discipline from unhallowed cloak. If not then i guess this setup sucks or one would have cindercoat in cube and the helmet equipped.

    Perheaps using F&R, dawn, cindercoat and elusive ring in cube without the helmet and cooldown everywhere would turn out better. Ill try some marauder stuff now.

    EDIT: tied the FR setup, seems about the same after 1 rift, but the hatred is a problem. The first setup might end up being better, but without the zodiac (instead COE or elusive?) and cooldown everywhere. But then again the hatred would become a problem. But i guess with perfect gear it would work out.

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    Quote from Hyperborea»

    Quote from etneet»

    Well after some playing the shadow set seems really poor.

    Have you tried this aproach to the Shadow set?
    No, was trying to make it work with the chakram/impale related legendaries. I could (would want to) try more, but i cant connect to the server anymore, and i couldnt even get more act materials for cube to get all needed stuff in. ACT V bounty that has to do with some shamans is bugged and i got it in every single game....
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    posted a message on [2.4] DH items/changes dicussion

    Well after some playing the shadow set seems really poor. It has most to do with pretty much all the legendaries for it being completely useless. The dagger that returns hatred when impale hits an already impaled target returns only 15 at maximum. In real in-game situations its nigh impossible to make any use of the returning hatred as one can be pretty damn sure that random monsters will always block the path to the target one actually wants to hit. This alone is also easily the biggest problem of the whole set. Sure it is nice to have good single target dmg, but getting to hit the one target that one wants just doesnt happen often enough. One simply ends up wasting all hatred on killing trash this way. (or wastes time killing the trash mobs using really weak chakram or even the fan of kniver or sticky bombs)

    Its impossible to have two onehanders or dagger+1h crossbow so one is stuck with one sword/dagger and the chakram quiver (no other useful option). So basically one is forced into using a chakram and impale. Chakram even with the 1000% bonus does absolutely nothing, and even with the dagger that gives ~1.5% of dmg per hatred does barely make it useful in TX. And so theres the third option - increased dmg of fan of knives, which is kinda useful, but only twice per minute when it does the same damage as one impale, but to more targets. TBH having the demons demise (sticky trap spreads) was way more efficient than using any useless chakrams.

    The crossbow that says "shadow power also triggers smoke screen" is completely pointless for this build, as it cant be equipped and must be in the cube.

    The belt that removes vault discipline cost is also absolutely useless as 2 seconds equals 2 or three free vaults at best and as i have said, the build has problems with hatred so its not plausible to use impale every 2 seconds just to refresh this "buff.

    So yeah, im extremely dissapointed so far. Sure, i might be missing some strong combination of items or what not, but the thing is, just equipping any of the DH sets without using any of the new items or without having the items with new rolls (like +100% dmg to multishot on DML, +100% dmg on sentries etc) is way stronger than any combination of shadow set items ive so far tried.

    So what would i do? The 6p bonus could easily be changed significantly - the damage could easily be double or it could say "does 40000% dmg to ALL enemies it hits" and one would then use the piercing rune. Or impale could just pierce by default. The chakram quiver is useless and there is no other option to use with that build, if it rolled with 80-100% increased chakram dmg, then maybe it could be useful. The dagger that adds chakram dmg per hatred is imo completely terrible design that does nothing, or it could easily be double the bonus it gives now. The hatred returned dagger should roll up to 20 (but would mostly be solved by the set working with the piercing rune). The vault belt could read even as much as 5-6 seconds. And fan of knives dagger could add 2 stacks per second, or add double the damage with half the maximum stacks.

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    posted a message on Need some Info on the new full set reward.
    Quote from Koksii»

    Quote from TrueColdkil»

    My question is: why give a full set to people when it's already easy to gather them.

    I don't really see any reason for this. You want all sets? you farm more. What if i wanted to play season with a Shadow set build and the reward is the same set?

    Too many things that don't click imho.

    The rest looks more than simply fine.

    its because the real game starts when you get your 6p set. im they should give you the 6p set after you create a sesonal character :D

    I can hardly imagine how someone could finish a seasonal journey without having dropped every single piece of every single set on his char by that time... This reward really seems completely pointless. If it was full ancient set, then i could see how that would be a reasonable reward (but then again, even ancients can roll with useless stats on them).
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    Quote from JesusAngry»

    Cool idea, but all you're doing is giving players the option of removing everything that's unfavorable, thereby standardizing the game even more than it already is. It'll take a couple days before the 'perfect grift' community is born and everyone is running the exact same thing while complaining that the game lacks diversity.

    Did u read it all or just TL;Dr? He says its No exp No loot gain...
    Did he write anything about that? I dont think he did. The OPs idea might be OK, but the way he presented it is just beyond retarded with thousands of different combinations, 99% of which no one would ever use after figuring the "best" setup. EVER. Only making it overcomplicated. Doesnt matter theres no XP/loot. Everyone would end up running with 95% of all the settings being absolutely the same, changing a couple of the settings, and even then those particular settings which might allow for 10 different levels would maybe ever see settings at only their extremes. Basically what im saying is, instead of 150 different things to set at 6 different levels each there might just as well be only 3 things to set at 2 different levels.
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    posted a message on Sick of fishing for that perfect grif.

    Regarding the RNG, let me just write something ive written already, but regarding a different game.

    In reality there simply isnt any randomness at all in our everyday lives. We are only unable to make perfect predictions simply because there are too many phenomena at work that influence each other. And to me it looks like games are lately relying too much on RNG to either give some sort of "real" feeling or to simply mask that the games themselves dont have any complexity at all. The games are just so straight forward, made for complete retards, that to create an illusion of depth huge amounts of RNG are implemented. More so in multiplayer games this RNG is aimed at giving the retards (which greatly outnumber good players) the chance to always win against a good player, so that the hordes of poor players keep playing the game and can be milked for cash.

    Of course id prefer if the "randomness" in games stemmed from the game being quite complex, with many underlying principles being at work at the same time, so that making perfect predictions/moves/plays (eliminating randomness) was only possible through great understanding of the game. But unfortunately what contemporary games only really allow for if one is a smart and great player, is having, over large number of games, a few percent higher "winrate" than a completely average, or even below average player, which should be beat by the better player 100% of the time, and not 60% of the time..

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