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    posted a message on Dev Journal: Defensive Bonuses and Monster Damage
    I'd like to see those "not mandatory defensive stats" on items also, because if you want to survive right now you almost must have a high AR in every piece of armor you can along with high main stat and high vit. Otherwhise you won't survive or do any damage.
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    posted a message on 1.0.4 Class Preview: Wizard, At Least 50 Procs Being Added, Class Previews are Previews, North American Battle.net Account Updat
    So, they are announcing 1 trillion buffs and one single nerf and people still complain about the nerf?

    The game is probably getting so easy that Inferno will look like Hell with all those buffs to characters and nerfs to monsters. You really want to complain about a nerf to a incredibly easy to make freeze-locking build?
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    posted a message on Finally got my refund!
    Quote from Luedine

    Anyway heres a couple of truly good ARPGs that I've (so far) enjoyed more than diablo 3:
    Titan quest: immortal throne
    Diablo 2 + LoD

    Now this is all about opinions, you might believe that Diablo 3 is the best ever made, but at the same time, until you provide a comparison between the other games in the genre you've played, you've just said you prefer the only game you played over a bucketload of great games you chose to ignore.

    And mind you, I don't think D3 will last 12 years.

    I strongly disagree. You must be overreacting. Let's compare each game:

    Titan quest: immortal throne: I just installed it again last month to wait for D3 to come out. The game is boring as hell. It takes forever to get from a quest to another, the whole game lasts forever because of the time you spend walking from town to town. The monsters are just lame, you go on into killing boars, spiders, murlocs and other animals for the whole game. And the number of skills and specializations are just insane in a world you can only successfully combine so little of them that you had to make a 10 hour research before making your character and keep a paper with the skills you should take. But don't get me wrong, it was the best Diablo clone ever, but not even close to any Diablo.

    Nox: I am surprised anyone else played this game. It was quite fun actually, but it remembers a lot more the Ultima franchise than Diablo's. I even remembers more Baldur's Gate then Diablo. 0 replaybility also takes it toll. No online coop gaming whatsoever too. Just can't compare them. But I did only play it once too.

    Torchlight: You're kidding right? Torchlight was born in the D3 first gameplay movie. They've copied EVERYTHING they could from the Barbarian video and made a game that is incredibly flawed in many aspects such as story, balance, skill setting, items, story, pretty much everything. It is quite fun too, but the endless flaws make you give up on believing in the mechanics.

    Diablo 2 + LoD have already been discussed. They were great. But they're old. There are MANY aspects that D3 improved so much that if you play D2 again you won't know how you could manage to play it those days. Useless items like throwable potions, stamina, stupid stats assignment, almost no way to play different skills from the cookie cutter builds, painfully trading in spamming trade channels and games, no private loot so quicker player got them all, annoying to pick gold manually, shallow story (D3 isn't great, but D2 story is shallow and D1 is a joke in story), everyone did boss runs on and on all the time, everytime the same quests that almost everyone of them just got skipped (now we have random events), lots of hacks and dupes made the economy incredibly dull, people complain about AH making the game easy but everyone of them got Enigma armors for quite nothing in D2. I also remember making like 1 thousand Nightmare Meph runs before I got to Hell to get items to trade or for myself and people complains that you have to farm a lot to pass through Inferno, and only Sorcs and Necros could MF, may I add, because of the melee dependency of gear while magic classes didn't at all... I could go on, there are lots of improvements on D3.

    Also I could add the Dungeon Siege franchise. The 1 got me for some time, but when I was controlling about 5 characters all the time the game just seemed too complicated. Dungeon Siege 3 is so bad that I felt to make a sacrifice to play it. Stopped just after getting the second level.

    So, yes, D3 is probably the best ARPG ever made if you analyze it without passion. But people are so craved in their romantic memories of D2 and D1 that they would never see a game that lived to their fake expectations. Have you tried to play D1 in the last 5 years? The game doesn't even keep attacking if you hold the mouse button!
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    posted a message on Are people refusing to buy authenticators?
    Quote from Hans

    I have a smart phone but can not afford the cost of a monthly plan.

    You do realize that you don't need to have internet access to use the authenticator, don't you?

    Once you download and activate it (it can be done in any wireless network) you just have to use it offline.
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    posted a message on Current Players in Inferno, Finding and Trading Gear, Blue Posts, Inferno Act 3 Farming Spot
    The people in the official forums are a joke. It seems that are so many spoiled troll kids that things aren't even possible of discussing.

    Yesterday there was an obvious troll post with a guy saying he was hacked despite of being a PhD T.I. student working for Oracle using a dedicated VMware machine just for playing without even an Internet browser, using weekly random generated 17-char long strong password generated in Amazon EC2 virtual machines that got transfered behind a 128bit SSL connection behind 3 firewalls that logged every connection different from the usual.

    Even with the obvious troll signs like doing all this and not having an authenticator, or his other posts claiming that people who say that have T.I. degrees are whining, people started to cheer for him and use him as an example that anyone could be hacked and that was Blizzard's fault. I don't doubt that people will also exaggerate and spread rumors about a "friend of his" that worked for the government of security and was hacked while he was playing at the pentagon and also using an authenticator.

    I spent 15 minutes posting topics of "Guys, seriously, this post is a troll, read the comments for proof.". But no one remotely read any of my replies. They just want to spread rumors and find consolation to think that they were hacked due to Blizzard's fault, not their cracked games which possibly contain keyloggers or their stupid assumption that using an authenticator is useless and just add a layer of annoying stupid security standards.
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    posted a message on Reduced Stash Size, Blue Posts, Blizzard at GDC
    I wonder how you people sleep at night with all these conspiracy theories.

    It is a lot easier to believe that we are being manipulated by aliens everyday.
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    posted a message on System Changes
    I don't get it. They just got themselves so much against their own claims that it doesn't feel right.

    The "don't break the combat" thing was quite nice. As I do like to go back to town sometimes and maybe take a leak or eat something while everyone sold their items and stuff, I really like the idea that you could opt to not do it at all. Imagine that the four players have different ways of picking items, so they would all have to go to town at different times. With 4 players max, 1 less player makes a big difference.

    The attributes were simplified so people didn't have to research what each attibute do to understand what's going on. Now we may see a lot of monks investing in strength items because they didn't research about it before. (And I think monks SHOULD benefit from strength).

    The removal of identification scrolls is quite nice. I hope that they come up with an explanation for it, like the hero having a big book and needing to look for some information to know about the item, or just meditating to an angel or something like that. It may be a pain in the ass when you spend a lot of time to identify 50 rings you picked up. Maybe making identification instant in town.

    I didn't like the removal of the mystic. It would be another artisan to level up and grant new achievements.

    Really don't care about the minor details, but I really wanted to know about the rune system. As they are going back in their previous groundbreaking news, they may very well put skill points back in the near future.
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    posted a message on What annoys me in the beta
    The whole game is too unrealistic. This hacking and slashing demons thing is totally unrealistic.

    The game should be about getting a job and making a family. Maybe cooking and cleaning could be added in a future expansion.
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    posted a message on Hardcore Graveyard idea.
    Well, there should be ways to "let go" of some characters and move on. :sad:

    Hehehe, that's because no one would like to keep a dead lvl-5 character in their graveyard, maybe you should have limited tombs so you could only remember your best dead characters.

    But it is a nice idea for sure.
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    posted a message on Re-playability
    I really hope I am wrong, but from the information we have right now, I think the replayability will be less due to having no reason to replay classes.

    Onde you have all chars at lvl 60, all you can do is get better loot and wait for the expansion. In D2 you always could do a new character to try another build. While allowing free respec saves you time to do another build, saves you time you would spend playing, so you play the game less.
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