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    posted a message on 2.3 Roundup - Ruins of Sescheron

    If you happen to get the Abd al-Hazir miniquest and don't portal to town but go to the throne first, he'll say:

    "It is strange they have placed Kanai's corpse on the Immortal Throne, as he died before he could be crowned king."

    My theory is that Kanai's cube can make a crown which we can place on Kanai's head on the Immortal Throne. The real question is, can we do that now or is that expansion stuff? There's already several hidden recipes, amongst which the Cow level and Greed level, perhaps also a crown. Or they will patch the game during BlizCon and give us all a crown to put on his head.

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    posted a message on Mara vs Eye of Etlich

    Eye of Etlich. I don't get the deal with Mara's. Yes, it helps with Voracity and Blighter, but I rather just start over again or plain abort if I run into them, while keeping that 10% elemental damage bonus of Eye of Etlich.

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    posted a message on PTR Patch 2.3 Conversation Strings

    That is what I suspect also. With Diablo himself having a breather and the angels being in disarray, I also wouldn't be surprised if all this leads to Lilith slipping out of whatever place she's banished to, perhaps to set free Inarius (or what is left of him), no doubt all to Big D's design, I bet he'd love to embody a Nephalem the next time he chooses a host. It'd be fitting that if the main game made us fight demons, and the first expansion involved reapers/fallen angels, that the second expansion would involve fighting other Nephalem.

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    posted a message on PTR Patch 2.3 Conversation Strings

    Benedictus es deam Nereza maximum est. Nostra digni gratia tua et amor! -> (more or less a translation) -> You are the most blessed of all, goddess Nereza. May we be worthy of your love.

    Nereza was the demon that betrayed Alaric after promising to restore his nephalim powers, instead turning him and his followers into horribly misshapen creatures. Without doubt, they seek power from Nereza, on an island that feeds. I wonder if it is Skovos, or something else. It doesn't seem to be the same as the ruins.

    Also, we finally get to meet Abd al-Hazir in person! I wonder if he's still as much of a skeptic about demons after seeing them with his own eyes.

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    posted a message on DH crafting 100 Hellfire Amulets + Commentary

    Crafting these is beyond frustrating. If the passive is right, the stats aren't and if the stats are nice for a change, the passive is useless. Yet I help the boyfriend make his first and he gets CHD, CDR, Fire Dam and Int... with Blur! Thus rerolling the CDR into a socket. It's just not fair. :P

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    posted a message on Unfair drop rates in co-op

    The only thing I think to notice is that within the first 100 kills or so after not playing for days, I seem to quickly loot a legendary, even from a barrel, body or treestump. After that, it's back to normal rates. It's all RNG really.

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    posted a message on Rewriting Diablo III

    A C T - 1

    • Cain survives, joins us in Caldeum.
    • Magda is the final boss of Act 1.

    A C T - 2

    • Belial tries to make a pact with us, but betrays us. He kidnaps Leah.
    • We free Leah, with Adria's help.
    • Adria claims Belial seeded residual energy from the black soullstone inside Leah. In reality she prepares Leah for hosting Diablo.
    • Cain leaves without notice, we learn it is to meet with the Barbarians.

    A C T - 3

    • We arrive at the Bastion but it will soon fall. Westmarch's king won't send reinforcements, so we have to convince the Barbarians to join us.
    • We fight our way to the Barbarian colonies and encounter Cain at their camp, who also fails to convince the Barbarians to join up.
    • We're sent to meet the Diablo 2 Barbarian, who lives as a quiet hermit in the mountains, only his heroics can unite all Barbarians.
    • Ghom makes it to the old Barbarian hero first, we fight Ghom. The old hero comes leaping in, giving Ghom the deathblow. We have to fight him.
    • Defeated, the old Barbarian comes to our aid. He promises to lead a charge into Azmodan's camp, if we make sure Bastion charges from the other side.
    • Adria betrays us all, fights us, but flees with Cain as hostage. Leah sneaks out at night to bargain for Cain's freedom.
    • Leah is captured and made into Diablo, Cain dies after we encounter him, from sadness, he of all people knows how lost Leah is inside the soulstone.

    A C T - 4

    • We drive Diablo from the high heavens.
    • We chase Diablo all the way into hell.
    • We try to free Leah from the soulstone, by fighting all 7 prime evils in a gauntlet like one-on-one duel.
    • But Leah was keeping the 7 from reuniting and with her released from the soulstone, Diablo becomes Tathamet, absorbing hell.
    • We defeat Tathamet. Leah and Cain's ghosts bid us farewell.

    A C T - 5

    • Malthael is less of an obvious villain, making a real good argument on why what he does is actually quite sane. We start to doubt that heaven is any better than hell.
    • We refuse to let mankind die. Malthael is saddened but sees Wisdom in destroying mankind.
    • As Malthael dies, he laments how his dismise and using of the soulstone was all orchestrated by Diablo in advance and how losing his role of Wisdom has made him blind to that deceit.
    • One by one, the 7 prime evils mock us as they are released.
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    posted a message on Imperius theories?

    Yet, somehow, I think Imperius will come to realize mankind has a lot of valor in their hearts, when men someday lay down their lives, fighting even if they have no chance of winning when hell invades sanctuary proper. The ones who are most opposed to a principle, often become that principle's stauchest supporter when they learn to admire it.

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    posted a message on Next Expansion Speculation

    ]_) . ][ . /-\ . ]-} . ]_ . (_)

    ] | [


    E X P A N S I O N - ][ ][

    Or rather, here's how I'd write it:

    • With all the chaos going on, such as the seven prime evils being defeated, an angel on the council (Malthael) having being killed and another leaving the heavens (Tyrael) causing division, Inarius has gone unguarded.
    • Lilith, seeing opportunity and having greatly exadurated her own exile, sets Inarius free.
    • Inarius during his imprisonment has figured out a way to awaken Nephalim powers within mankind, but unfortunately the majority of mankind will die in the process with only one in a thousand surviving. Lilith wishes to use this knowledge to build an army.
    • The player Nephalim is approached by Lilith in disguise, who convince the player that heaven and hell must be destroyed for mankind to survive and asks us to become the general of a newly risen Nephalim army.
    • The player discovers that the awakening of these Nephalim comes at too great a cost. Inarius reveals not only these facts to us, but also that he is the force behind the Nephalim powers we have. He now wants to dissect us by arcane means to find out why we were such a successful creation.
    • As we are about to be turned into cosmic dust by Inarius, Tyrael barges in and saves the day as we together defeat Inarius and Lilith who flee. Inarius in his madness spoils that he shall create a new Nephalim as great as the player him/her self.
    • Tyrael reveals that hell is restless and that Diablo must be close to rising once again. Also, the heavnes are now fully divided. Valor fights without wisdom or justice and fate has forgotten how to hold onto hope.
    • Imperius charges straight into hell, causing hell to set up defenses by setting up camp within Sanctuary itself, rapidly turning Sanctuary into hell.
    • Inarius is betrayed by Lilith, who sees to it that her newly created Nephalim is embodied by Diablo himself, making him stronger than ever with both angelic and demonic strengths. Diablo, anxious to try out his new powers, utterly destroys Lilith to prevent her from betraying him, citing how he won't need an army of Nephalims now that the power of the Nephalim is his to control. Revealing how Tyrael is about to die in the fighting on Sanctuary, the player abandons Diablo to rush to Tyrael's aid.
    • Diablo prepares to spearhead his assault into Sanctuary. Mankind and angels fight side by side, because if Sanctuary falls, then so will the high heaven fall too. In the battle Tyrael and Imperius rekindle their comradery. Imperius observes as mankind willingly dies, only to fight for a cause, that mankind has atleast as much valor in their hearts as any angel does. This, at last converts him completely to believe in the importance of mankind and the Nephalim.
    • Seeing one single opportunity to give mankind, or more specifically the Nephalim a chance to strike at Diablo in the heart of hell, Imperius calls upon his Valor one last time as he sacrifices himself to tear a giant rift into hell, dying so that mankind has a chance of destroying hell from within.
    • While mankind takes the battle to hell itself, the Nephalim faces off against Diablo. Defeating him temporarily, Diablo absorbs all of hell, reforming into Tathamet, returning to Sanctuary. After an epic battle, where Sanctuary is completely scorched, the Nephalim manages to finally slay Tathamet.
    • With Sanctuary barren and destroyed, mankind goes to live in the high heavens, while the surviving few angels follow Tyraels example and take human form, teaching mankind on how to embrace the light and how to keep their inner demons at bay. But within the hearts of men Diablo silently laughs, for as long as even a spark of evil, a hint of fear, remains in our hearts, Diablo will live on.
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    posted a message on Why do people do full clears on regular Rifts?

    For me it depends entirely on the level design:

    • If it's an open field, I'll clear it, because I can kite a lot of enemies while I rush through and take them down when they begin to form a decent pack: all it takes is a few area attacks for some possibly worthwhile loot. On top of that, I may bump into a goblin feast while I run through. The ratio of kill + loot vs time it takes to clear the stage is beneficial enough for me to stay. And it needs no further explaining how devastating a conduit pylon can be in an open field with mobs coming from all sides.


    • If it's a typical dungeon crawl, with small rooms and hallways, like the Act 3 underbridge design, I stop after killing the RG because half of the monsters will get stuck behind walls, doors and what not anyway and it takes too long for me to clear the stage as I have to either wait for monsters to catch up with me, or I have to hop room by room while stopping to kill everything in it before moving on. In that case, I could already be doing a new rift, with a new RG and more rewards.

    So, yea, it depends entirely on the level for me.

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