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    Seems like melee are getting buffs and ranged some nerfs. All good. Melee were really a bit gimped when beginning Inferno. I'm worried about monks though because spirit generation will plummet.

    The change to overpower makes me want to explore the skill a little more.

    I know a lot of people will complain about the nerf to Inferno, but personally I'm gonna enjoy being able to farm act 2 and still have a chance at sick act 3-4 items.

    The worst change of the patch is the nerf to destructible objects and chests, corpses etc... Doesn't this take too much out of the meat of Diablo? You're supposed to be able to find awesome stuff anywhere. There is no point in stopping to explore a bookcase or break some furniture anymore. That removes a hefty bit of immersion from the game. It's essentially cutting a feature out by changing it to have near zero use. I'm sure there are other ways to nerf all the chest/vase/pony cloud farming going on.
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    Subscribed. Thanks. Useful spots.
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