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    Quote from "Lydeck" »
    I think the whole argument against kids is blown way out of proportion. There are just as many older folks (well, mature ... 20+) that talk and spam like that.

    Whenever all of my friends and I were heavy into Diablo, we were about 13/14 I believe. Nobody I knew ever spammed like that. (Of course, anyone below 13 shouldn't be playing Diablo).

    You're always going to have idiots, acting like idiots. It's the consequence of having the internet, where you don't have to answer for your actions. People love being jackasses, sometimes. :P

    A reputation system would work wonders. It would be hard for this genre though.
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    Thats until they charge us for each act ;)
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    posted a message on What was with the mf system?
    Runes aside ( i didn't know, my bad) i still got some pretty good items. I guess some people here are just mad, because they spend a lot of time into finding those items and never do. I get on after a two month break and find a arachs in my second try at a meph run.

    Maybe it was a fluke because the only thing i have found lately was combat gc for a barb.
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    Quote from "Num3n" »
    well i had a perfect bowa... i tried the combo of an inventory completely full of 3/20/20 charms (most werent perfect like that but 90% were 17-20) and i tried a completely full inventory of poisen charms and then a combo of the two...

    and in the end neither was very good.

    I had a bowazon in 1.11 (is it .12 now?) but holy crap was it overpowered. Nothing and i mean nothing got within three feet of my character. Arrows flying everywhere killing everything in hell chaos runs.
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    posted a message on What was with the mf system?
    Guess i did get lucky, other day my friend had a bot do meph runs (god knows how many it actually did) and got nothing of use.

    Shit happens i guess, but in this case the shit was actually good :D
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    posted a message on Here's an idea to make D3 dupe-free..
    I like the idea, once a week all realms will be down for 1-2-3 hours while every dupe item will be deleted. It could get annoying but try something constructive like read a book or watch tv in the mean-time. The world won't end because your game is down for a couple hours, you'll survive im sure of it.
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    posted a message on What was with the mf system?
    Most of you know what i'm talking about. When you first make a mf character your thinking the more mf you got, the better items will drop. That didn't work out so nice when you found better items with lower mf.

    I decided to test something out over a course of three weeks (after i payed my little brother to level 3 characters to 90) to see if having less was better.

    ww barb had only 50 mf found:

    Arachnids belt
    Maras ammy
    So many IM hammers
    ber rune (i think this was my best drop)

    mf sorc with 500 found:

    tal rune
    Skulders ire
    Griz armor
    tals ammy
    again, so many IM hammers (why do they drop the most?)

    another mf sorc with 1564 mf found:

    town portals
    minor mana pots
    Dol rune
    White crappy items galore
    few crappy set items

    I only played each character 4 hours a day (I got a part time job, playing conionously gets boring and i start to feel sick for some reason) for a week.

    Note: I ran pindle skin, diablo, meph, baal and andy.

    Anyway, point of what im trying to say is...I hope the mf system in d3 will be better than the one in d2.
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    posted a message on Archon Plate Enigma
    It's an old post and many will complain and whine about it, but UPDATE: I've seen many engima's with 2000 def but many would deem this impossible. But experiments with the different types of armor's you find around.

    The highest one i've seen was a bugged sacred armor enigma with 2920 armor. I think it was bugged because it was eth and indestructible.
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    posted a message on Best Skill
    Hammers by far. No immunities for it, everything dies from one or two hammers. It kills bosses in less than a minute and can kill ubers in less than 2 minutes.
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    Director : Uwe boll, yes i said it. Only he can make a movie so bad that it will be funny.

    Why bother making a video game movie, they only end up sucking. Might as well go as bad as you can to make it impossible for others to try to top you. They always deveiate from the main plot of the game and manage to make it terrible.
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    posted a message on Bringing back the barb good or bad?
    Wasn't the barb nerfd to bejesus and back? I hear from a lot of people saying the ww was nerfed so many times to the point of it be useless unless its lvl 40+.

    I think the barb was cool, but it was severally useless in pvp. Most of the times i see a ww barb come in and teleport to a person and instantly die. If you see a concentration barb you laugh your ass off at them for being such a useless class. One of the funniest barb classes i've been was BO (not strictly battle orders, but the one where his shouts hurt people) barb (i try to not be a cookie cutter).

    But they were mana whores, not even 3000 mana was good enough to help them. But that type of class was useless in pvp.
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    posted a message on DII: LoD: Greatness or Nostalgia?
    Game use to be wow worthy, but now its just way to easy. Just lvl a hammerdin, do the uber runs (1-92 in like 2 hours) then do the cookie cutter items and stats. Then you got an unstoppable killing machine that can go through all the act's on hell, and not die once. Maybe use a full rej pot once or twice due to lag.

    It was fun when everyone was unique, but when 1.09 and 1.10 rolled around, everyone was just the same. Every time you see a:

    Paladin: hamerdin or smiter
    assassin: trap
    nec: bone
    sorc: fire or ice
    druid: wind
    barb: ww
    amazon: bow

    Any other type you saw wasn't effective and the game basically became a cookie cutter game.
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    posted a message on No paladins, please.
    Quote from "Lachdonan" »
    War3 paladin can get to level 20? Last I looked it was level 10, unless you are playing Player made maps. As for your WoW escapades you should try fighting players(npcs don't count as survival) of equal level and gear and see how long you last. Not to say that you are not good. But I would not call WoW paladins vastly superior...shadow priest with mana burn = dead pally.

    I would not mind seeing a paladin in D3, but I also would rather see a completely new class with abilities never seen before. Leave the pally for the expansion imo.

    I said players and npcs. Read before you type plz.
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    posted a message on Ideas inc PK system and PVE
    Quote from "Dynaverse" »
    Hence you have games like Super mariao, tetris, mine sweeper, that are repetitive. They don’t give enough options, people play it and never touch it again.

    Sorry, but that has to be the dumbest thing i've read today. Those games are considered classics because they have replayability and gave video games the boost to become so popular. Most games today lack this severally.

    Games today are just forgotten within two months of there release, but the classics are remembered forever. The first time you play COD 4 your like WOW, then the second time is meh, the third time is just plain boring. However, with tetris and mario, you can keep playing them to try and get better scores.
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    posted a message on Picking up Gold
    Quote from "Creuzebek" »
    Lol... I don't want to play Mario Bros. I want to play Diablo, dude.

    But mario brothers made gaming what it is today. If there was no Super Mario brothers, then there wouldnt be gaming. *shutters* :o
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