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    Diablo 1
    1. Which NPC is closest to you when you first start the game, and which two NPCs are the fartest away?
    Closest is Grizwald, farthest are Adria the Witch, and the wounded Victim next to the main entrance of the Catacombs.

    2. How can you tell what the second dungeon tileset you'll come across will likely be?

    3. What is the first boss you can battle?
    The Butcher.

    4. Which of the townspeople in Tristram is rumored to be able to see the future?
    Adria the Witch.

    5. Who is the Skeleton King?

    6. True or False: Lachdanan killed the Skeleton King.

    7. True or False: The Skeleton King killed Lachdanan.

    8. True or False: Wirt killed them both.
    False, he exaggerates about them in some story.

    9. How did Wirt lose his leg and how did he survive that?

    10. Complete the following: Fungal Tome, Black Mushroom and...?
    Moldy Tome?

    11. Fill in the gap: "Gharbad the ..."?

    12. True or False: In a pre-release version of Diablo 1, you had to complete the game within a time limit or Diablo would be invisible.

    13. Which quest has multiple ways to complete it?

    14. Who wrote the "The Black King" and how does that person call Diablo, besides "Lord of Terror"?
    The Dark Lord, and The Wanderer.

    15. What is the reward for the quest "Magic Rock"?

    16. Who does Diablo try to possess, besides Albrecht and the Warrior?
    Lazarus the Archbishop.

    17. Name a librarian in Diablo 1, besides Cain.

    18. Which NPC doesn't care about the water supply being poisoned?

    19. What does each NPC say to greet you?
    Good day?

    20. Who is Kael Rills?

    21. What couldn't Pepin cure?
    Permanent effects to stats, equipment, and spell levels.

    22. How come Wirt's items are such good quality?
    Opinion based question, since better items actually drop, Wirt is a little brat whom steals stuff, among all that he happens to gain some "rare" and "good" items in the process.

    23. How did Farnham become a drunk?
    To prevent him from going insane.

    24. Besides Gillian's grandmother, what other NPC living in Tristram do you never see?

    25. Complete the following: "I can see what you see not. Vision milky, then eyes rot. When you turn they will be gone, whispering their hidden song. Then you see what cannot be: Shadows move where light should be. [...]"

    Diablo 1: Hellfire
    1. Which unique monster in Diablo 2: LoD shares the Farmer's name?

    2. Name two convienence features that were added with Hellfire?

    3. True or false: Hellfire was made by Blizzard.
    False, Seirra Entertainment made it as an "add-on", Blizz merely accepted it as an "unofficial expansion".

    4. True or false: Diablo was made more powerful in Hellfire.

    5. What was special about the Monk class?
    Unique model, his staff could hit multiple enemies within a certain range/radius/reach.

    Diablo 2
    1. True or false: in the opening cinematic, Tyrael finds Marius in a sanitarium.

    2. True or false: in the opening cinematic, there is a dwarf waiter who runs away from the skeletons while still balancing the plates.

    3. True or false: in the second cinematic, the Wanderer deceives Marius without actually lying.

    4. True or false: in the third cinematic, the Wanderer frees Baal.

    5. True or false: in the fourth cinematic, only Baal is in human form.

    6. True or false: in the epilogue, we see the destruction of the soulstones

    7. True or false: Rakanishu, Bishibosh and Colenzo are three unique Fallen in Diablo 2 who's names are used as battlecries by their kin.
    False, only Rakanishu is used as a battlecry from the fallen.

    8. Where does Andariel have piercings?
    Lol, her freakin tits.

    9. What did the Oracle of the Amazons prophecise?

    10. What is the name of the unique zombie in the Den of Evil?

    11. Name at least 3 things to do to save time in "The Search for Cain".
    Get the Scroll on Inufuss beforehand, defeat Rakinishu beforehand, get the waypoints to the Stony Plains and Dark Wood

    12. Does "Cannot be frozen" work against Duriel?
    No, which is what makes him seemingly overpowered, the "cold" effect is actually demon magic, which, apparently, cannot be resisted in any way.

    13. "Can't you people just leave me alone": who says this?
    Lysander the Alchemist in Kurast Docktown

    14. What does Lam Esen have to say about how the game will end?

    15. What elements does Mephisto use in his attacks?

    16. What does Izual's spirit reveal?
    He already revealed some secrets about the Worldstone, and tells the hero whom releases him that it is "too late" to protect the Worldstone.

    17. What body parts does Elzix miss, and what is the name of the establishment he runs?
    His fingers?

    18. What kind of damage does Diablo's Red Lightning Hose attack do?
    Primarily Fire, secondary Lightning

    19. Name five (ex-)Council Members
    Bartuc the Bloody, Torrc Icefist

    20. Some people think Diablo 2 is better played without LoD. Why?
    Diablo is harder in LOD, many "balancing" fixes take away from the enjoyment(whirlwind, multiple shot, nerfed, many spells/skills have cooldowns now, you can't Gample on set/unique items),, Nightmare/Hell are much harder due to resist penalties increase, forcing players(generally) to gear up alot better than they would in D2 classic. I know there's ALOT more, but thats mostly it.

    21. Name the Barbarians signature skill.
    Whirldwind, for his impression of the Tasmanian Devil.

    22. The Sorceress has a skill that glorifies the producers of the game. Name it.
    "Blizzard" for the win.

    23. Name the three skilltrees from the Necromancer.
    Summoning Skills, Bone and Poison spells, Curses

    24. What does putting one statistic point into Vitality do for the Paladin? And one point of Energy?
    Vitality: +5 stamina, +3 hp
    Energy: +2 mana

    25. What does the Amazon have in common with Andariel? Also, in what are they opposites?
    Both are related to the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye

    Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction
    1. What does the Druid have in common with the Necromancer? In what are they, and the Paladin, opposites?
    Necro: Summoning classes, skills contain passive bonuses to pets
    Paladin: Has no auras(must use spirits to do so instead), less reliable as tanking

    2. What does the Assassin have in common with the Barbarian and the Sorceress? In what are they opposites?
    Barbarian: Primary melee attackers, they have "passive" bonuses within their skill trees which give +movement, they both have passive abilities as well (Barb: dual weild 2h's, Assassin: Can lockpick anything, no other class have passive abilities in that sense)
    Sorceress: Elemental attacks, traps mimic certain Sorceress spells.

    3. What does Baal have in common with the Amazon?
    Both are ranged attackers, both can make copies of themselves.

    4. What's ironic about not knowing if Baals soulstone is destroyed and Tyrial actually destroying something Baal corrupted?
    It's the Worldstone by the way, the irony is it ends up becoming corrupted anyhow, and must be destroyed as a result.

    5. What character class(es) does Nihlahtak represent?
    An extremely powerful version of the Necromancer

    6. Which other two characters in the Diablo games most resemble Nihlahtak?
    Assassin: most of her armor is dark

    7. How can you tell Natalya from a player character Assassin?
    She wore a cape.

    8. What are the Druid's motives for trying to kill Baal?
    To protect the cause and balance of nature?

    9. What are the Assassin's motives for trying to kill Baal?
    One of her missions in life?

    10. True or false: the Barbarian character class grew up in Harrogath.

    11. How come Tyrael can't just kill Baal, besides (perhaps) not being powerful enough?
    He's too busy fulfilling his duty by protecting the Worldstone.

    12. What is the most useless quest reward?
    Anya "Personalizing" an item of your choice.

    13. How come Harrogath is the only Barbarian stronghold still standing?
    Just so happens the Barbarians that are there, are powerful enough to keep the seige troops at bay.

    14. What is the name of the quest in which you have to beat the Ancients?
    "Rite of Passage"

    15. Regardless if it's true or not, does it make sence to say the Ancients are more powerful than Baal in gameplay terms? How about story-wise?
    Gameplay terms: yes, due to power in numbers, Lore-wise: I would say no, I mean com'on! He's one of the prime evils!
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    Cool, for the most part you did fairly well, although some you got partially right.

    1) Yes, but what about the setting D1-D2 LOD took place in? wasn't Sanctuary another area that happened to be "saved" from the corruption of the Worldstone?

    2) I expected this kind of answer, I assumed you got this one from the strategy guide, there's a few different ones, none of which are clear cut, according to Blizzard North's section on Baal's strategy, it's mentioned the clone has only 35% of the real Baal's hp, so if the real Baal happened to have 100k (100,000) hp at the moment, his clone would have 35k (35,000), and yes the clone hits just as hard, but is easy to spot if you notice his hp dropping alot faster than the original. However, a strategy I used as a Frost Sorceress was taking advantage of the fact when I freeze/slow him, he turns blue like what a monster usually does, so, when he clones, his clone isn't blue from the freezing effects, and I can take it from there.

    3) Yes, since it has the highest max damage in the game.

    4) Sorry if this one confused you, physical is right, but leech effects are just well, effects, not magic or the sort, what I was looking for is actually resistance to curses, and magic (not a specific element, this is a seperate resist to ALL spells in general).

    5) Yep that's correct.

    6) Correct-o.

    7) Almost aced this, you got undead and demon, but specifically the other is Animal, not beast.

    8) Yep, 100%+ merely suffers diminishing returns.

    9) Yes, since the charged bolts have a thorns effect with them as well, generally it's kinda hard to find lightning resist early on too, ouch.

    10)Yes, possible but extremely difficult, blends in too well with the other cows.

    11)Yeah, definitely.

    12)You're right about those three, the other two are Ventar the Unholy, and Achmel the Cursed.

    13) Physical? All I saw were fire-immune, I guess it's a matter of luck with the random stuff.

    14) Exactly, funny, I only learned about that recently, pretty interesting.

    15)Yes, although I don't recall whirlwind being so, maybe because it was hard for enemies to get a hit off of you when you did it?

    16) Yes

    17) Yes, appreciate the detail as well.

    18) Ah, now this was a trick question, but you are right, pretty crafty the way you put it too, nice.

    19) Yeah, haven't seen this one drop ever myself, I personally don't think Indestructable is worth it though....

    20) Actually it is false, the numbers of them are the same, as far as stats of them or drops, who knows?

    21) Heh, of course not.

    22) Right you are.

    I'd give you a 47 / 50, I'll try making another one soon, this quiz stuff is surprisingly interesting.
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    I've given this a little thought, and I wanted to try quizzing you guys, I'm not gonna go too heavy into the lore, and yes, for me, grammer does count to some extent, good luck.

    1) What is the purpose of the Worldstone/Worldstone Chamber? (D2/LOD)

    2) How can you tell the difference between Baal and the Baal clone? (I know this was asked already, but I know multiple answers and theories to this, I'll explain why/how after a few people try this one) (D2/LOD)

    3) Damage wise, which element is the most potentially powerful? (D2/LOD)

    4) Which forms of resistance does your character never get? (D2/LOD)(hint: there's 3, but correct me if I'm wrong and if you're able to explain please)

    5) What is a useful ability that the Barbarian has? (don't confuse this with skills) (D2/LOD)

    6) What is the highest amount of resistance that you can get w/o equipment that gives +to max resist? (D2/LOD)

    7) What are the three mob types? (D2/LOD)

    8) True or false, The highest amount of magic find % is 100%. (D2/LOD)

    9) What kind of mob is considered the most deadly? (D2/LOD) (Ex: cold enchanted, stone form, teleport, mana burn, extra strong, etc,etc......)

    10) In single-player mode, legitimately, within the same difficulty level, how were you able to return to the Cow Level multiple times? (D2/LOD)

    11) What does The Butcher say when you first encounter him? (D1)

    12) Name the 5 preset unique mobs that are summoned at Baal's throne. (D2/LOD)(Random uniques/champions do not count!!!!)

    13) In Hell difficulty, what form of immunity is guaranteed on every mob? (D2/LOD)

    14) Is it possible to make a monster immune to a particular attack/magic/element, "un-immune"? If so, how? (D2/LOD)

    15) What Barbarian skills rendered him invincible during their durations? (D2/LOD)

    16) Which character model did the Monk use? (D:HF)

    17) What was the formula to create a Full Rejuvination Potion? (D2/LOD)
    and, could you get them as a drop? (D2/LOD)

    18) True or False: The Countess is located on floor 6 of her tower. (D2/LOD)

    19) Which Rune is considered the rarest of all? (D2/LOD)

    20) True or false: a tome of town portal with 20 scrolls used to open the Cow Level portal will cause more cows to spawn than a town portal with 0 scrolls. (D2/LOD)

    21) Can a Hell Bovine (aka "cow") spawn outside the Cow Level? (D2/LOD)

    22) Is it possible to use Revive on Act Bosses? (D2/LOD)
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    Heh, didn't really play too much D1 but what the heck....

    1. What color shirt did Grizwald wear in Diablo I?
    Dark, dirty, crimson red-ish shirt

    2. What color shirt did Grizwald wear in Diablo 2?
    Same as in Diablo 1 (Dark, dirty, crimson red-ish shirt)

    3. What quest did you receive when you see a slained corpsed at the edge of Tristram in Diablo I?
    To kill the Butcher on floor 2 of the catacombs area.

    4. How many appendiges does Andariel have?
    4 of them (the arms sticking out her back right?)

    5. By having many gems in your stash in Diablo 2 LOD, what does it increase to your character?
    *Supposedly* increases magic find %, and claimed to greatly increase the chances of gems dropping overall, I heard you kept them in your inventory, apparently for me it didn't really do much.

    6. Who personalizes your items?
    Anya in Harrogoth after you rescue her from the frozen prison.

    7. What items consist of the Berserker set?
    I'm clueless

    8. What unique belt increases your vitality by 40-44?
    Belt of Safety crafted from the Cube? (I'm not sure)

    9. What's the item type of Dracul's Grasp?
    Demonhide Gloves? (again, not sure)

    10. What is the level requirement for Enigma?
    Lvl 76 I think, on any 6-socketed melee style weapon
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