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    Alright, we tally 4/5 now so the question either on the edge, boiling over or safely nestled in the back of everyone's minds is, whats left?

    Well thats exactly what this threads about. There are many theories going around already so I guess I will recap them quickly here first (not to mention name them mwhahah):

    Last Man Out: This theory goes as follows, there currently exists a straight up Melee character aka mega man himself, The Barbarian. - Good covered
    Next there should be a purely magic class, just like every single other game, and we got the Wizard. - Check
    Every single Diablo fan cries out to the heavens for their beloved necromancer and voila, you don't get him but... you get this crazy dude with equally nutty spells instead (Common... Zombie wall? Zombies throwing up spiders? You know you love it.) The Witch Doctor. This character has summons, though not its focus as previously stated, curses and a bunch of mumbo jumbo to fill in the roll as a mysterious character. - Great
    Every Diablo game had its flare of Holy, but after the shame of the WoW Paladin they were unfortunently whiped out of existance... But dont worry kids we got a killer substitute with, The Monk. This man with his big bushy beard reaches a top speed of 250km an hour, sure to leave a heavy dent on colission but be carefull, seatbelt not included. Holy character out to rid the world of evil as is his duty, can mix up a nice holy spell but without the frailness of a priest, sure to put his fist down for what he believes in. - Nice
    What else could there possibly be next? Obviously the last character has to involve some sort of ranged specific class.

    **sorry for being long winded X-X**

    2nd theory
    Gotsta Be a Rogue: Generally this theory revolves around the idea that the last class has to be a rogue because making a ranged class is too predictable and therefore is out of the question. You know because a Barbarian, Wizard, and a Monk are really unique. This theory has another flaw being that the rogue has been previously featured in the first diablo though one could point out that skills were not exactly class specific in that game so there wasn't much rogue-y-ness involved and it could be recycled. *Note: the monk from hellfire doesn't count because the expansion was not made by Blizzard it was made by Sierra and as such is not recognized as an official expansion, by me or Blizzard.*

    And more theories but im writing way more then i thought i would.

    Anyhoo to start this discussion off, I would like to re-iterate a concept previously discussed in some threads which involves the race of the current characters. More specifically though I would like to focus on the Cultures. As per this momment there are no characters who share a cultural backround remotely close with one another and neither was this the case in the previous installment aswell. This leads me personally to believe that the final character will aswell come from a unique background, comparatively to the other characters.

    So, to FINALLY start off this discussion a few primer questions;
    1. Thoughts of what said so far
    2. Any knowledge of the lore in the areas suggested which would point to any certain type of people, culture or faction that comes to mind
    3. Any other theories or ideas which you would like to suggest
    4. Your personal selection for the last class and reasons why

    .... And now i shall hold my peace for a while, lol :P

    *EDIT* Oh forgot to mention that i personally see potential in the Skovos Isles though if the character hailed from the dark and mysterious Dreadlands I wouldn't argue either. Also removed the map because as pointed out there were some assumptions made in its creation lol. Though i still believe the cultural theory will still stand, hopefully >.>
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