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    This is a load of BS, death animations... hard??? Look at dead space and you'll know that the technology is out there. Besides, they could have done it for the 4 big bosses and some 2nd bosses if they had time. Include a radius of effect and a health threshold to trigger the event. Why they are lacking time to do this and rushing it is beyond me. Tthey had 4 freaking years to do this and with an engine + couple of mechanics already in place. We're now looking at a 8 year development cycle... I hate to say it but, in my eyes, this game is already a failed product. I had time to play 3 uncharted games while they made a 4 act game .

    This is looking more and more like Fable now, they give you all those wonderful features and just before release, they squam half of it saying things like: "system isn't relevant", "not mature enough", " it didn't feel right", "Added nothing". I don't know what is happening behind the blizzard doors but I'm eager to get my collector's edition to see those meatballs working on it. When they said that diablo 3 would be the last of the current franchise I was sad. Now I couldn't be happier, this wait is a true torture and seeing how it's going down in the last months before release is painful!

    I cant believe they said late 2011 and now we"re in february. Well one this is for sure, I think that Blizzard is run by the 3 evils. They make me HATE them for the 4 year wait, they DECEIVE us with false release dates, I DESTROY my desk each time there has been a system change and they TERRORISE us by saying the game might now come out in early 2012.
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    Male or female DH to be honest. I've always had a kick for van helsing looks.... it's a jersey thing ^_^.
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    Quote from Ent1ty

    Quote from ScyberDragon

    It appears that this is about the fifth level of armor out of a total of eighteen types.

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    So what tier is this one, then?
    5. Out of 18 or so.
    This means that this is perfect for a tier 5 of 18 set this looks good. Not too much going on while keeping that tribal appeal and it does look great thanks to psyxix for agreeing.

    No prob man, +1 for you. I get what you mean and I'm 100% with you on this one!
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    Quote from Kaio

    I'm pretty sure we're going to see the jungle in act 2. I remember seeing this artwork (which I can't find, been looking for an hour) where the desert changed into a jungle, like it was an oasis for something, and it had something to do with the spider cave. Anyways, I think we might see the jungle part of the game at this year's Blizzcon and it won't be part of act 3.

    YES! Exactly my thoughts. They said that acts won't be = to a certain setting/environment. It is pretty obvious that there will be a shift from desert to jungle in the game and it will logically be at the end of act 2 :) +1 for you man !
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    My conclusion to all of this is ; there are way too many factors that make a game great. If you haven't played the game and are basing your opinions on pictures only, you will be missing a lot of what makes the game great. A still picture shows the graphics of the game and nothing more, gameplay, story, sfx will be out of the picture. I can compare this to a cake :

    What do you need to make a great cake?
    -Baking powder
    -Lots of love and attention

    alright, if you take out the salt, baking powder and eggs.... you'll end up with just flour and water... and love. While it may satisfy you for a few minutes, plain dough has it's backdraws. It tends to get tasteless pretty fast and can't keep up with my insatiable hunger for more Cakezz.

    So now, how does this succulent cake apply to diablo 3 will you say? Beside the fact that it tastes looks and smells great, it proves that you can't pass judgement on a still picture as it misses most of the games core features and so it seems... tasteless. Making pictures/movies using 3D with a nice setting is easy. They've made countless movies using such techniques (Final Fantasy, Pixar movies, Dreamworks...), they all look great but they are not games. Making a movie is not equal to making a game and the same thing applies to pictures. I know some of you guys pointed that out (scybedragon for instance), but I just wanna add my grain of salt.

    Also, on the same optic, photoshopped pictures. WTH is the problem with you guys? I've been using photoshop for 6 years now and I've also made textures for my 3D projects. Changing a picture and making a texture is not the same thing and it also doesn't look the same. What you are all doing is change a picture's lightning setting and nothing more. I'd like to see you change the actual character, in game, and make him look like that... it's hard as hell and it will always depend on the environment. In a dark setting he won't stand out, in a light setting he'll look like a shadow. A balance must be made here and it really takes time to do it. Also I find it funny how people change the pictures... a couple of ovelays, drop lightning and some painting. I can do that also :

    Normal bland picture______________________Super cool pimped out picture .My vision of what a civic SHOULD look like

    Seriously though, stop doing it and leave it be.

    As for the other points, I think that every point has been discussed extensively for the past 2-3 years, I therefore have nothing else to add.

    Finally, graphics are fine the way they are. Too much details and there isn't enough room for your imagination to fill up the blanks, not enough details and there is nothing more to see. Diablo 3 is right in the middle of all this and exactly where it should be. Whine, cry, kick all you want, diablo 3 is gonna remain as it is now and this is how it will be. It's inspired after WOW, FINE what isn't nowadays? It takes stuff from other successful games? So what, if it works why change it? The nature does it...look at the evolution of species and you'll know what I mean. SO if mother earth does it...why shouldn't her 4th son, Jay Wilson the 4th, do it also?

    As a closing argument, oncology recapitulates phylogeny. Diablo 3 is the proud successor of diablo 1 and 2, it's an evolution in gaming. It takes from his 2 brothers to make a new unique entity capable of living on his own as a standalone title.

    And soon, IT shall be born.
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    posted a message on What if the last class is not revealed?
    Meh, as long as the game comes out next year during the summer I'll be happy and positive about it. It all comes down to the release date actually, knowing which class there is in the game won't make me play them any faster ^_^!
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    The fact of it being a personal choice makes me think that it can be both for the story and to shorten the dev process. I can't think of something else since the game has been in gestation for at least 5 years and that it's getting "late", per say.

    Lol, diablo 3 makes me think of a situation where a guy has to wait to take a huge/urging piss and the guy occupying the bathroom says :" I'll be done, when i'll be done".
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    So I was browsing tom's hardware website and came up with a nice resume of the comicon event in germany... Idk if it contains new information though. Anyway here it is :

    Link to the Article
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    My best advice would be : Just go with it ^_^! It's hell my friend and if the minions of the deepest infernal pits decide that you die... you die :P Those little dolls only want one thing from you, they want you to give up. Ho you can stare away from the screen, you can cry and scream at them, but in the end... they will win. Those " little fuckers" will kill your barb on and on and on, and there's nothing that you can do, so hey, relax and just go with it ^_^!
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    Have you ever played God of War??? Cause that game blew my mind 0_0! I am a DMC fan so it's kinda natural :P. Still the DMC serie rocks and is on par with GOW :)
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