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    This season has been a boring one. Why? Because I accomplished my goals in one weekend. Technically, much less than a weekend if you add up all the hours.

    Back in Season 3 I had to earn my items. When I completed a set it was a goal, like an achievement. I needed that set so I could get the fancy portrait frame. I feel good about having that portrait, I wear it with pride. Because...I earned it.

    In Season 5 I don't feel like I earned anything. I went from T3>T7 in a matter of hours of casual play. The Firebird set was practically handed to me on a platter. I did not need to earn it, so I do not appreciate it. I tried the Firebird set dungeon, but it was brutally hard. So I went out and played to earn the DMO set. Then I did the DMO set dungeon, thereby completing Chapter 4. Getting past Chapter 4 and getting the portrait frame was the only reward this season, and it wasn't a very gratifying one.

    I think progression has gotten out of hand in D3. Within the first weekend of Season 5 everybody and their momma was on T6 and paragon 700+. By Monday I already saw people inviting for T7-T10! This is ridiculous! Why have all these difficulties if players are just going to fly by them at warp speed? Nothing is earned or achieved anymore, it feels like everything is handed to you.

    I want to play and enjoy D3. Not speedrun through it like a game of Spelunky. If I don't, I won't have anybody to play with because everybody is light years ahead of you speed farming T10 while they pass over paragon 1000 like it is meaningless.

    What do you guys think? Is D3 too dang fast? Should it be a game that you play for 3 weeks and then dump until the next season? I don't think it should be.

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    Quote from ruksak

    Small things, like a separate aggregate bank for gems and mats would go a long way. Similar to how Guild Wars 1 did their materials storage, separate from your gear stash and each different type of mat was represented with an icon, next to it a tally of your total amount.

    They thought of that for the 2.1 patch, I think, making crafting mats a currency. Problem is, players won't value the mats if they are "automatic". In games there needs to be some permanence, some physical form of the item even though it is totally virtual. That's why rift keys had to be put in that slot in order to open a rift. It gives the keys substance.

    Blizzard is not opposed to micro-transactions, but their playerbase tends to be. It would be perceived that players who can afford to store more stuff have an advantage over those who don't. If people keep filling up their tabs, adding more tabs may not be the answer, it may exacerbate the issue. That's one of the reasons behind absorbing legendary powers with Kanai's Cube.

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