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    So guys any thoughts/predictions on what we might see? Last year and the year before( I went) were totally abysmal in news relating to Diablo, but... It has been said that this year we may have something to be excited about. All the news concerning the Dev team has me worried though. If they've got a D3X2 in the pipeline for around next year or the year after (Assuming an announcement at Blizzcon) then why move people off the team, and then turn around and hire new people for similar positions? Doubt D4 will be announced but the whole scheme behind moving people around and hiring new ones has me worried that maybe D3X2 isn't happening, so I don't see what could be so exciting for Diablo fans at this Blizzcon. If you were lucky enough to get tickets let us know too (I tried painfully failing).

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    posted a message on ddos attack by Lizard Squad
    Fucking losers.... This is why I hate the internet culture, anyone with money wants to be famous for ten seconds.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Rant
    Yeah remember in the 1.0 days when it was either you had a skorns or echoing fury? not fun but it doesn't mean that 2Handers were anywhere near viable. Honestly its pretty sad it took this long to get around to it. And it's sadder that they still haven't really changed the gem problem.

    Or the fact that every legendary gem is a fuckin damage boost and nothing particularly fun or interesting to play with. That's my sole problem with this game, it's all about damage and modifier for damage, here's damage there's damage fuck it i'll give you millions of damage... Enough with the damage please give us some god damned build diversity, how about items that change skills and the way they work? So many ideas are being dumped for "do X% more damage" because it's what attracts attention.
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    Yeah certain Legs are getting special Leg affixes, here's the list. These legs will NOT be retroactive, so having Depth Diggers now doesn't mean you're going to get the new affix on your Depth Diggers when live goes to 2.1, HOWEVER THE SET BONUSES ARE RETROACTIVE. So if you have a Shadow Set it will gain the new set bonuses in 2.1.


    • A new Legendary consumable has been added
      • Ramalandi's Gift
          Use on an unsocketed weapon to add the maximum number of sockets that item type allows

    • Several existing Legendary items have been updated to include a unique Legendary power
      • General
          Depth Diggers
            Legendary Power added
              All resource generators deal 80-100% more damage

        • Kymbo's Gold
          • Legendary Power added
              Picking up gold heals you for an amount equal to the gold that was picked up
                Note: This power has not yet implemented

        • Sash of Knives
          • Legendary Power added
              Chance on attack to throw a dagger at a nearby enemy for 275-350% weapon damage

      • Barbarian
        • Lamentation
            Legendary Power added
              Allows Rend to be applied twice

        • Bastion's Revered
          • Legendary Power added
              Increases maximum number of Frenzy stacks to 10

      • Crusader
        • Angel Hair Braid
            Legendary Power added
              Allows Punish to gain the effect of all runes

        • Eternal Union
          • Legendary Power added
              Increases the duration of all Phalanx Avatars by 200%

      • Demon HunterNote: Existing items will not be affected by these changes. Only new versions of the items will roll with the added Legendary power.

    • Class-Specific Items
      • Crusader
          Blade of Prophecy
            The text on this item no longer improperly states that all enemies hit by Condemn will trigger another explosion

      • Demon Hunter
        • Embodiment of the Marauder
            (6) Set Bonus
              Fixed an issue that caused Hatred spenders cast by the Sentries to have a slower attack speed than intended

        • Natalya's Vengeance
          • (4) Set Bonus
              Cooldown reduction increased from 1 to 2 seconds per kill
            • Now also triggers on assists

        • The Shadow's Mantle
          • (2) Set Bonus
              Now, upon receiving fatal damage you instead automatically cast Smoke Screen and are healed to 25% Life
                This effect may only occur once every 120 seconds

          • (4) Set Bonus
            • Has been redesigned
                Now causes Shadow Power to last forever

      • WizardSeveral existing class-specific Legendary items have also been updated to include a unique Legendary power (please see above)
        • Firebird's Finery
            (6) Set Bonus
              Weapon damage increased from 300% to 2000% over 5 seconds

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    posted a message on The real problem on D3?
    I agree here, I mean It's one thing to devote some time to Seasons. But devote a lot of the time to Seasons, and then complete that before doing any of the more meaningful stuff is kind of retarded in my opinion. PvP has been promised since LAUNCH. THEY STILL HAVEN't IMPLEMENTED EVEN A SIMPLE 4V4 GAME MODE! What's up with lack of 2Handers, It honestly doesn't take much to fix. Double roll stats on everything and bring their damage in line with a 1 hander, or keep the higher damage per tick but lower the As and balance out the stats, they've had roughly a year to do this and nothing has been done about it. Not to mention Gems which fucking blow currently. Give us some fun things, and don't make it X deals more Damage by X% I can't stand damage mods. Everything is just a fucking Damage mod in this game, give me something that changes how I play! Change my skill through special gems, make it so I want to use different builds. Right now It's just so cookie cutter for some classes, namely DH and WD. At least with Wizard you can go in different elemental directions, but still there's such a lack of mechanic changing legendaries that it bothers me a lot. This game could be so much better if they just focused on making legendaries feel legendary, and change the way they work our skills.
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    posted a message on What people are really trying to say about the current loot buff
    Quote from Vagrancy
    I'm not even going to bother reading all of these responses fully because all of them are either;

    1) I'm not finding enough items

    2) I'm finding a lot of junk

    3) QQ as usual.

    Nobody is ever going to be happy no matter what they do. The fact that people find the need to bitch about a week long buff proves that point. It's a buff to help you find more drops and yet people still complain about it. I don't think I could ever be a blizzard CM because I'd end up just blowing my fucking brains out from reading some of the shit people post.

    people seem to forget that the better your loot becomes, the harder it is to find an upgrade. The drop situation is far better than it used to be and yes losing all of trading for the most part was a big problem but the system for the most part is much better than it used to be. Sure there can always be improvements but I mean come the fuck on, what do you want a legendary upgrade every time you log into the game for you to then complain that there needs to be new legendaries or stronger items because you've gotten everything you needed? When does it end?

    Sure we all know drops often suck and that some of the affix stats we roll often end up with us identifying a legendary that is full of disappointment, but I'd rather find 50 shit legendaries than be doing with my character in two weeks with full BIS items. Due to the fact that there is no PVP my desire to min-max really can be dragged on for as long as possible.
    I'd go back and re read all the posts, they aren't whining that it's not good, and it should be more they're saying that this feels slightly more in line with what the drop rate should permanently be. I tend to agree. Drop the percentage a bit maybe 50% and keep that as the rate. Now when I'm playing I feel like I'm always close to getting a legendary upgrade, before it felt like that could take weeks or months or years even. But the way the buff is working now it kind of feels like there's a bit of a chance that I can get something worthwhile.
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    posted a message on patch 2.05 the end of RoS
    Quote from Kiekura

    Quote from Enty
    Quote from Toninho

    Also casuals should stop whining, if u don't have the time u can't expect to be godly geared, in rl should ppl that study like 1hr a week be given a chance to get the same degree as someone that dedicates 1/3 of each day to his education(brilliant genius minds excluded) ? Should an amateur basketball player have the same contract, salary wise to someone that had dedicated all his life to train? Think not, so you will get more if u invest more.
    This had me laughing. It's a game not a profession. If diablo is your profession there is a problem... I mean for real I play on average 1-2 hours a day and I'm stuck in T1-T2 I could use a little bit less randomization or a little bit of luck but that won't happen. and this game isn't even close to dead. Because you burned out on D3 too quickly doesn't mean it's burning out for everyone. the game is not dead PERIOD. go back to the hole in which you crawled from people the games fine, obviously bug fixing is in order but that doesn't mean the game is dead.
    No wonder you are stuck on T1-T2 when you cant even enchant or gem your gear properly and your spec makes no sense. You are one of those persons who just wants everything without doing anything.
    LOOOOL Please, Don't say things like that. generalizations are your worst friend, and you just made yourself look like a complete loser. Second if you have some of those 50+ hr/week to spare to play my wizard and gear him for me please go ahead and do it. I'd love to see your RNG just blow through mine, I mean apparently I suck so much Blizzard doesn't even care to give me good rolls. >.> Please get off your high horse you shmuck. I play this game at a NORMAL rate. I don't go out of my way to make time for a videogame. It's a hobby and a leisurely activity it isn't supposed to take a millennium to do good in. My build is fine and so are my items for now.

    Also If you couldn't tell I'm doing a frost build with skills I like, Oh wait that's what I'm doing wrong I forgot my bad I'm supposed to do the "right" build... Fuck off with that shit, I suppose you're one of the ones who likes D2 skill trees more than D3 (see what I did there?) I can spec however I want and should be able to play at any level as long as there is cohesiveness, and some order, such as some buffs, some defense, and some offense. You shouldn't be kicked out of any difficulty because you weren't playing with X build. That's called cookie cutter builds and it is the worst thing that could happen to any RPG EVER. It forces everyone to be exactly the same without a single thing differentiating them.
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    posted a message on Bring back TRADE, or fix your RNG!!!
    Quote from BAlexzander

    No game exists in a perfect state. The only way for any thing to become better is to question its current paradigm, believing that the way a thing is, is the way it ought to be, is worthless and as such has no place in constructive criticism.
    See you've just insulted everyone here, who wants this game to do good, who want this game to succeed, and who think it has already been a success. The game needs work no denying that, It definitely needs some more rng counters, but it is also a very good game in a very good state ,and denying that is also very stupid. Just because we like Blizzard doesn't mean we suck their cocks day in day out. I love Blizzard and all their games, I want them to keep doing what they do redefine the genre and push it forward. You hating us because we all have apparently been brain washed is also stupid. Please keep stupid to a minimum and continue on.
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    posted a message on Doesn't it bother you that there will be no OP legendaries?
    You're completely misconstruing how this game is meant to be played. I can't run full Firebird's if I'm going for a Frost build, same way I can't be caught using an Azurewrath+winterflurry for a fire build. I just doesn't make sense. These items are op compared to rares, on their own, but firebirds is not op in a frost build, same as azurewrath+winterflurry isn't op on a fire build. You have to use items that make sense with your build, and Blizzard didn't want people to say "oh okay that item is the best ever, EVERYONE USE THAT!" Which is exactly what they don't want. They've been saying that from day one. They want diversity, which in this game requires a diversity of equal level loot. So while firebirds is better than azurewrath+winterflurry for fire builds in terms of stats and damage, they'll o you about the same. They just won't work better for certain builds. This game is meant for there to be a synergy between your items and your build, not to have your items dictate a build, or be forced into an item because its OP.
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    posted a message on How long until Blizzard fixes people "cheesing" normal mode?
    Why did Diablofans turn into Battle.net forums with this shit. Honestly The hatred is too much; take that shit to the official forums so we don't have to deal with this. Fuckin' nonsense people can't even make arguments without calling each other names and bashing each other for opinions.
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