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    Quote from CheehC

    I remember when i used to see a lot more dfans mods/news guys/wiki people around these forums prerelease (Ophion, PhrozenDragon, Don_guilletine, ScyberDragon, Sixen etc) - these guys helped get me really excited for D3 everyday when I was but a lurker in these parts..
    This a billion times*** ='(
    D3 was the best game of all times... until it was released !!
    *** Wow I'm very impressed by you remembering all those names. There was also Magistrate who loved rats and Mephito's Lament who was pretty cool guy with bad attitude. Damnit, I used to absolutly love this place so fucking much ='(

    I remember when classes would get talent trees - barbarians had berserk, juggernaut and battlemaster; wd had voodoo, spirit and zombies(?); wizard had conjure, elemental and arcane. Wonder what trees monk and DH if they kept that system !
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    Just see the time you play until you get a upgrade (both drops and getting money to buy a item). I get a upgrade every 10 hours or so. Thats a good number. I play like 2 hours per day, so 1 item every week is what I expect from the high end of farm based game. I remember old lineage times were one needed like 50 hours of efficient perfect planned farm to get a upgrade.

    I think majority of people don't really now what they don't like about D3. It's not a matter of time you take to get a upgrade. It's the lack of variety in item types and ways you have to get a upgrade. It's lack of different interations inside the game.
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    Quote from FuriousBalls

    Quote from Cruzlah

    How about before you start flaming people for complaining about a class, you give examples on how they are wrong. You can't just say dumb shit and then not give examples on how they are wrong. Since apparently lots of people need to learn to play, why don't you give us your build and the stats that you build for.

    Instead of OP, I will answer your question nicely.

    I'm clearing Act 3 and Act 4 for 20 days with EZ mode.

    I never used Bears, I never used fail forum builds and any dps build you make such is locust, haunt, zombie wall will work.

    Just as OP said, if you are bad, reroll or learn to play. I killed diablo on Inferno 3 weeks ago. If you can't pass Act 1 then you really need to quit the game or just question your IQ.

    DPS builds fails on hardcore *sigh* Not that HC is mandatory but you can't blame someone for not trying to find a build that does not depends on luck of not being one shotted by firechains vortex packs.

    Also, if the class has only one viable play style (DPS w/o using mana spenders) the class is broken. Some people can't see the difference between being good player and using a good build.
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    .The only thing D3 need to learn from D2 is itemisation. D2 itemisation is a thousant times better and D3 has alot to fix.

    - Sets and Legendaries gotta have a huge buff and need some desing love.
    - Nerf +damage mods on weapons please. An good +stat high roll shopuld give about the same dps as an good +dmg high roll.
    - Rares should be rarer but should be better. Byt it's working the way it is.
    - Using gold to craft and upgrade jewels sucks. I'm stuck with 300 of each jewel type without upgrading then because of the ridicolous gold cost =(
    - Black Smith = Gamble with useless boring pointless steps (scraping for materials, no depth or fun in that). BS recipes should cost gold and gems only.
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    I'm sad they'll nerf Inferno. They should buff your ability to gear up and nerf kiters capacity to avoid damage like tards (maybe improve the beneficts of defensive items too).

    D3 has no ladder, no massively high lvl cap and no need for rerolling characters to try different builds. The only longevity the game has is force players to farm for few dozen hours in order to get enough gear and progress. We're only 3 weeks from release and theres a good portion of the community running Act 1 and Act 2. In a few months people would easilly kill diablo even if inferno kept been retardly hard. Any smoothness will only make farm less needed, reducing the already small longevity of the game.

    I don't know about you guys but i'm pretty sure by now making this game online based and adding an AH just made the item hunt too easy thus making the progression also pretty easy and frustrating at the same time (cause you're farming gold, not items, most of the time).

    I hope PvP is amazing or else this game will have a very little life cycle.
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    I can't understand why ppl are so bothered with this primary stat thing. In every game certain stats favor certain characters.

    It's not like each class only make use of it's primary stat. Everyone make use of vit, armor, attack speed, lifesteal, pick up radius, critical hit rate, critical hit damage, stum/blind chances, hp regen , etc...

    Never saw anyone QQing in D2 why 80% of the affixes were utterly useless for necros, sorcs and elemental druids (and hammerdinds).

    Not to mention STR was useless for necros, sorcs, elemental druids, most zons and hammerdins.
    DEX was useless for everyone but bow zons.
    ENE was uselesss for everyone but ES sorcs.

    Seriously i dunno wtf you're talking about when you evoke D2 as bases for "well done" stats.
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    posted a message on Reconsider buying game...
    A dead character is not a "time loss". You have this kind of mind set, don'tplay HC.
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    posted a message on Community's HC progression
    It's simple. Whats your HC characters (dead or alive, class and level). My progression:

    Name: LadyBrienne
    Class: Barbarian
    Status: Alive
    Level: 33
    Progression: Nightmare, Act I, Old Tristram

    Name: Braids
    Class: Demon Hunter
    Status: Alive
    Level: 11
    Progression: Normal, Act I, Infectwoods
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    FoS means absolutly nothing, except what they say. This player was a beta tester. It's no way a matter for merit.
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    posted a message on Monk's Defensive Passives
    Overall I think there are four main "paradigm" for the monk survivability boost which one with it's own strengths and weakness.

    Dodge: The Monk has several ways to boosts his Dodge. It works almost like common Armor once in Diablo 3 Dodge works normaly against magical attacks. The real difference is that dodge has inherent variability. Take for exemple an Barbarian with 50% damage reduction from Armor and an monk with 50% Dodge. In terms of expected damage taken both classes are equal. however the barbarian allways take half the monster's damage while the monk ignore the damage 1/2 of the time and take the full damage in the other cases.
    This is really important difference in terms of gameplay. The "dodge monk" health bar will be really volatile: it stays full until it suddenly drops while the Barbarian's one drops more constantly. This volatility are dangerous: you have less time to drink potions, grab health globes and use defensive abilities. Also some hits that can be endure after the damage reduction but not without it will allways be handled by the barbarian but the monk has a set chance to simply die.
    However volatility have it's advantages too. Against really, really strong attacks a small chance to ignore is better then anything. Imagine an attack that will kill the barbarian even after the 50% damage reduction - the barbarian will allways die from that blow. But the monk still have 50% chance to survive, no matter how strong the attack is.
    Since the first is much more common then the later I think pure damage reduction is better choice overall despite the small advantages of dogde. However dodge has the advantage of beign associated with offensive stats: (1) increasing dodge via DEX also gives your %damage; (2) you can increase dodge by stacking critical hit chance and picking the Sixth Sense passive; (3) the Backlash rune in Mantra of Evasion. For an pratical view of what I'm saying play Path of Exile.
    Because of that I picture the "dodge monk" being somewhat an balance character: stacking huge amounts of DEX and/or CHC and getting survivability while doing so.

    Damage Reduction: Concusion Creepling Wave + Resolve = 52% damage reduction debuff. Thats freaking huge number for something you get with one active, one rune and one passive. This is far better then the individual benefict you get via Dodge (comparing 1 passive + 1 rune + 1 active skill). And as I argued before, damage reduction has no variability.
    This combo has severe limitation through. You have to debuff enemies which means you have to attack first. As long as you have a fast weapon I think you can ensure the debuff against melee enemies but the problem persist against bosses (wich you can't face all the time) and ranged monsters.
    An alternative damage reduction combo is Slipstream Tempest Rush + Resolve. This combo gives you 43.75% damage reduction against monsters that you attack first and 25% against all other monsters as long as you channel tempest rush. This might be an good alternative to reach and kill ranged enemies.
    Damage Reduction has greater values and no variability but you need to play in very specific way in order to pull out your debuffs and might have hard time against bosses's special attacks.



    Later i finiush my post...
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