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    And this is the reason why Glass Cannon builds will never ever finish hardcore...
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    My brother is farming belial (900 all resistance, 30k hp, 18k DPS). His not outgearing the content.

    It's not execly an melee build but it's the closest thing that works. The idea of getting tanky items is to make good use out of Archon.
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    Quote from jungle_woman

    Quote from italofoca

    Item tips to make this work:
    • Damage is more important then DPS in this build. Need to make most out of sacrifice pluss you need really burst damage in order to keep your pets alive and tanking stuff for you. INT and +dmg > ias even if the DPS entry shows otherwise

    i believe this to be incorrect. Im pretty attack speed increases pet damage (however not their actual attack rate). Can someone else confirm?

    I was not refering to the pet' damage since it's irrelevant. Damage > DPS in this build because of Sacrifice (who doesn't change based on AIS) and Dire Bats (faster bats means little since your mana will be all used in one way or another).
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    posted a message on need good build for witch doctor level 57 inferno
    The first one is the safest choice. Get used to be really careful and never ever be damaged. also try to use faster weapons and movement speed gear, as those items increase your moiblity, making it easier to avoid stuff like mortars and random fireballs that will 1-shot you.
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    posted a message on Φ Ask Lore Questions Here (No Theories)
    Quote from FredrikHimself

    Quote from italofoca

    I've two questions?

    1) Tyreal is "sacrifice" his position in Heavens to become a mortal humam. Err... I thought nephalem > angels and nephalem = human (from the Sin War trilogy), then logically humans > angels. How transform into a potential stronger being is a setency/sacrifice ?
    The only explation is that human =/= nephalem. Nephalem are the demon-angel hybrids (actualy the closest thing to Anu) and humans are degenerated nephalem. So not all people in sanctuary have the untaped power, only a few (the "not so degenrated ones"). It seens men are the degenerated forms of high celestial beigns (nephalem, angels and demons), not only nephalem. It just happens that the first race to turn into mortal was the nephalem.
    My question is if the way i see the story is right or if theres another explanation for how Tyreal becaming human makes any sense.

    2) I think i just missed something but how the soul of the prime evils were sucked inside the Blacksoul Stone ? Was Diablo truelly inside Leah this whole time or it was inside the Black Soulstone (or both) ? Seriously wtf going on ?

    Diablo story is seriously confusng. I'm still struggling to understand wtf the soul stones really do...
    In the Diablo games lore (especially 3), some humans have discovered their powers, but are not close to being at a Nephalem level. They don't live as long as them, nor have their features. Hence they are "just" humans. So Tyrael is just being "downgraded" to a human, not a Nephalem since no such exist.

    Since the Worldstone is gone, Nephalem power will surely wake. And Nephalem do exist: the 5 D3 heroes are cleary nephalem (at least the greater evils call you that way); it seens Magda is a nephalem too once she entered the suken temple, a place were only nephalem can open.
    Imo turning into potential nephalem doesn't sound like a punishment. Also, if nephalem mortals are hybrid demon-angels, in my understanding angels shiuldnt be able to become humam since they lack the demon herintage.

    TLDNR; Humans are NOT Nephalem, they are lesser versions of them.
    Adria made the Evils go into the black soulstone.

    But the Evil's spirits shouldn't be on Sanctuary, they should be at the Abyss !

    What's the point of lighting them? I don't get it. Why is it important enough to risk my life for?

    Lightning up the fires will show the soldiers fighting on the battlefield and on the wall that they had not lost yet (they show that part of the keep has be "retaken" proving that demons can be defeated).
    When people are in an situation they're sure they'll be dead by the end of the day the basic reaction is to let thenself be killed as soon as possible. Specially if they think they will be tortured or something.
    Showing an way out of sure death situations surely boost the spirirt to take up arms and try to win.
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    This is the mainstream WD build. Go for damage stats only - specially attack speed. You will also need some movespeed in order to properly kite fast packs. This is the best build to quickly progress through inferno once this is the least gear dependent WD build.

    Thats a alternative variation of the build above. Big Bad Voodoo is a uber party skill, sky rocketing the DPS your group can dish out. Tribal Rites allows you to use it more frequently, not to mention the possibility of full time Hex. This is not for solo.

    This is the personal build I use. It's high gear dependent build - you need 300 all resists, 3k armor and an 700 DPS 2h weapon to make it work on act I and 800 all resistance, 4k armor and 1000 DPS 2h hander to make it work on Act 2. You will advance really slowly (gotta make like 500 butcher runs before moving into act 2). The advantage is the speed which you kill packs - it's a very damage explosive build despite you gearing up in tanky way. If you have the right gear you also have very low chances of getting killed.
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    Quote from Snowbrew

    You know it made total sense to me when they explained it pre-launch but actually playing the endgame I'm a little confused...I've beaten Diablo on Inferno, didn't skip many packs along the way, and have done 90% of the random events according to the achievements. So tell me...why am I farming gear? Like...if I'm able to play through the game on Inferno just fine...what's it for? :S I'm not trying to complain, I just want someone explain this to me without defaulting to "Diablo 2" cause this is clearly not the same game.

    I bet 1:100 you're playing an glass cannon DH, Wiz or WD.
    Assuming i'm right, the only reason why you can end inferno without farming gear for days is because you're using really OP strategy. You can just ignore all the gear thrashholds that are really difficult to get (requires insane farming).

    Quote from Ayr

    Quote from Greenjoke

    what specific changes would you make for gear to be 'fun' and farming not a chore?

    First they gotta do something about Melee characters. They just suck, period. Having such an imbalance make it pretty dull for people that chose melee first (I chose wizard so don't think I'm preaching for myself). Also fixing melee would make coop a lot better because you could then play with some melee players, right now its unefficient.

    Then I really think they should fix/tone down rares/champions. They are a chore because you gotta fight them for 5 minutes not missing a step. That was fun when finishing inferno was my purpose but now this 2 shot fest and ridiculous soul ripper packs that is inferno is just boring so I end up just exploiting mechanics to make farming efficient.

    Finally, thats not really my job to make the game good so I don't know ;) Just explained what I feel doesn't work for me.

    And I don't even want to speak about the game having many bots, having a crappy ping on east coast (150+ wtf), Blizzard being VERY inneficient at releasing patches and well having been inneficient for the whole development of this game even.

    I may sound a bit angry but hey I think its still a good game but after 200hours I'm kinda done with it for now :)

    It's not melee whos broken, it's the ranged ones. When you set the difficulty really high the best strategy is allways try to avoid all possible damage.

    Imo what should they do to make D3 better ?
    Massive nerf on teleport, spirit walk and smoke screen. I mean MASSIVE.
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    posted a message on To all the complainers and whiners
    People are not complaing about the difficulty. They are complaining about:

    i. Lack of build diversity
    ii. Broken itemisation.
    iii. Beyond acceptance umbalance.
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    Ok, i can make a video if someone teachs me how to make one. Theres any free video recorder ?
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    posted a message on Do You Miss Boss Runs?
    There are boss runs in D3, but it evolves killing enemies, not skiping content.

    I kind agree with you about levels. I never bought the end game idea of fixing the level nad progression being item only. I mean, why grind items alone is better then grind levels and items ?

    I too do not understand the whole way they organized quests/maps. I mean, i can't see one possible advantage compared to D2's system...
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    1. Get close to him
    2. Cast Acid cloud on your head. The little shadow bastards will die as soon as they enter the acid fog.
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    Lately Blizzard is doing a great job at ruining their villains (see WoW, SC2 and D3).
    At first i though it was just me. Now i'm pretty sure they have ridicolous bad taste for narrative for something like Diablo's and Azmodan's taunts to even reach the final version of the game.

    Answering your question: they have bad taste. They must think saturday cartoons are good inspiration or something...
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    posted a message on A2/A3, any reason to continue playing?
    With 10 hours farming bucther you only have 7k DPS ?
    Post your build and your items, then people will be able to help you. When i was level 50 i had that DPS w/o even using AH items...
    Today i just dropped a staff with 790 DPS and a gloves with 200 dex, 70 vit, 50 all resists. On the Bucther. I'm doing bucther run for 2 days.

    This is not WoW. Killing one boss doesn't mean you're ready to progress and make the next act. You gotta farm up equipament. And i mean farm for an few days, not 10~12 hours. Dropping a good item in this game is difficult you gotta make like 50 runs in order to get something of value. Also this is not Wow were item upgrades are extremely linear (blizzard already make items tailored for you to progress). In D3 you gotta know what you need, piccking the wrong item, even if it's higher level one, will make you weaker.
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    posted a message on Witch doctor weapons and prefered stats?
    Quote from superfula

    Quote from Ruppgu

    Quote from gs23

    Is it better to stack more INT than INT/VIT? My DPS is currently 17k with 27k hp. Im in act 2 and im currently being 2 shotted. I used to have 36k hp but I was still dying quick anyways.


    MOAR INT!! Seriously though... I was having a heck of a time with Act 2 until I decided to forget about resist and vit and just go with IAS and int (+ dmg, + crit, +crit damage is also good if you can afford it). After I stacked damage and accepted the fact that I'll be 1 shot... I cleared 3/4 of Act 3 and all of Act 4 in one day.

    One warning though... I'm not sure how far out the next patch is but that might change everything. I'm holding off on the trigger for new items until I see if vit + resist will actually matter once the Inferno nerf hits. If stacking medium amounts of resist + vit will allow us to take 3-4 hits in Act 3/4 then I'll be switching my gear around and trying to average things out a bit. There's nothing more frustrating than a terror demon coming out of stealth and 1 shotting you.

    Yeah man. Once you realize that you'll be one/two shot in Act 3/4 regardless of your health, mitigation or resist, Inferno becomes that much easier.

    Only if you have no hardcore pretensions =)
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    posted a message on Is a Thorn Build Doable?
    Quote from Chako

    Quote from italofoca

    I"ve info (from an not so secure source) that Blizz tested the skills and runes by creating level 60 character and giving him "dream gear" (best gear they wanted). They did not tested the whole process of farming obtaining gear with each build (this would take years of test). They just tested different skills and build using absolutly perfect gear.

    In case this info is truth, the vast majority of builds in D3 are actually viable, but some are freakly gear dependent. So if you have rolls in all slots you can make anything work. I mean, if you play Act II with full lvl61 gear with high rolls of phys res, int, vit, armor and thorns affixes you might make it work.

    Take this info as grant of salt through. It might be that some strategies in the game are undoable. I tend to believe this info cause with right gear i can use dogs on Act 2 (info through they are not execly tanking).

    I remember a blizzard source saying the testers on inferno recieved RANDOMIZED gear and after that used drop gear. Giving them perfect gear wouldnt make any sense any way.
    And at the moment pets DO NOT scale with gear, so idk exactly what kind of tests you did. Blizzard said they are considering making pets scale off vit, tho nothing certain yet.

    Summons scales with: armor, resistances and dodge (dex).
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