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    My problem with WD is not mana, cause i kind think that works. Running Act 3 using Dire Bats and an 2h weapon and only Spirit Attunement + Honored Guest is enough to keep my mana on.

    Imo what need to be fixed in the class:
    i. Pets should survive if you invest in 1 or 2 defensive affix (right now you need 4). I mean, right now you need HP regen, CC on Hit, Armor and All Resistance in every piece of gear. Good luck dealing damage with that ! Pets taking reduced damage from avoidables is another must have change (or else gimme the ability to micro my stuff so i can avoid.
    ii. WD need armor/resist bonuses like other classes. This is absolutly needed if you want to make tanky WD functional. And how's one suppose to use spells like Toads and Charger without being tanky ?
    iii. Buff healing runes please. Hegde Magic is a joke wtf

    Republican spotted.

    Lefty spotted
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    I feel oike MFing Act I is better then doing Act III and Act Iv.

    I dunno what Blizz going to do. They nerfe Act 3/4 drop rates because they buffed Act I/II rates. D3 longevity relys on it's low drop rates, they obviously don't want to make the loot hunt easier, but the way it is it's not rewarding (one act being 500x times harder then the preview one but giving slightly better loot).
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    Quote from Juggernauth

    Not to mention that Zoltun Kulle Archives can suck balls if you aren't lucky... It happens to me alot that theres only 1-2 packs in all 3 dungeons combined.

    Vault of the Assassin is much more worth it in terms of elites: found 9 packs in it yesterday, most of the time 6+ packs.

    Just saying..

    Not to mention when you find a fallen manic pack that suicides and gives no loot/nv.

    Act 2 desolated sands, oasis and it's dungeons are the best places for me. The cannals between oasis and desolated sands oftenly have 2 or more packs (it's a small place) and those packs are very easy (skeletons, fallens).
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    Quote from FuriousBalls

    Quote from Cruzlah

    How about before you start flaming people for complaining about a class, you give examples on how they are wrong. You can't just say dumb shit and then not give examples on how they are wrong. Since apparently lots of people need to learn to play, why don't you give us your build and the stats that you build for.

    Instead of OP, I will answer your question nicely.

    I'm clearing Act 3 and Act 4 for 20 days with EZ mode.

    I never used Bears, I never used fail forum builds and any dps build you make such is locust, haunt, zombie wall will work.

    Just as OP said, if you are bad, reroll or learn to play. I killed diablo on Inferno 3 weeks ago. If you can't pass Act 1 then you really need to quit the game or just question your IQ.

    DPS builds fails on hardcore *sigh* Not that HC is mandatory but you can't blame someone for not trying to find a build that does not depends on luck of not being one shotted by firechains vortex packs.

    Also, if the class has only one viable play style (DPS w/o using mana spenders) the class is broken. Some people can't see the difference between being good player and using a good build.
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    WD suffers from long cooldowns. BBV, Fetish Army and Zombie Wall should have cooldown 50% lower and the sill would be ok.

    I mean, you can't compare WotB / Archon and BBV/Fetish Army, thats a joke. In one case i get like 3x, 5x times my damage. In Wd you get 40% buff if you stay inside that freaking small area, c'mon. Or summon a bunch of guys that will tank stuff for me during 5 seconds ¬¬

    Wall of Zombies could have 15 or 20 seconds and it wouldn't be OP. Still WD have amazing survival skills: Spiritwalk and Hex. None is 10% as good as Smokescreen but SS is totally insane lol.
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    Quote from BigEd781

    Quote from Slayerviper

    Learn 2 Play

    That would imply that beating certain affix combos requires a certain amount of skill, or even that playing Diablo requires a certain amount of skill. Of course it does not; it requires gear and luck. Fast - Vortex - Molten - Jailer - Whatever is not "difficult" in the sense that it can be overcome by skill, it is simply cheap and inescapable death. So what to do? Skip or run run run away while firing something off every now and again. And die, a lot.

    No wonder yo'ure dying alot with that kind of mentality.
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    .The only thing D3 need to learn from D2 is itemisation. D2 itemisation is a thousant times better and D3 has alot to fix.

    - Sets and Legendaries gotta have a huge buff and need some desing love.
    - Nerf +damage mods on weapons please. An good +stat high roll shopuld give about the same dps as an good +dmg high roll.
    - Rares should be rarer but should be better. Byt it's working the way it is.
    - Using gold to craft and upgrade jewels sucks. I'm stuck with 300 of each jewel type without upgrading then because of the ridicolous gold cost =(
    - Black Smith = Gamble with useless boring pointless steps (scraping for materials, no depth or fun in that). BS recipes should cost gold and gems only.
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    Dire Bats is what i use. Best mana spender ability imho.
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    D3 crafting system suck so hard i can't believe it. It's almost worse then TL's enchanting bullshit.

    They should just scrap all their stupid ideas and accept that D2 is the superior game when it come downs to fun secondary feature such as gamble, combining items and crafting. Actually crafting in D3 feels like a annoying way of gambling were you have to scrap items instead of using just gold right away. Useless, pointless steps between you and fun.

    The itemisation in D3 is seriously inferior to D2's one. It's actually alot worse then the itemisation of B games like TQ...
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    Quote from Gallows

    The storytelling sucks period. Nothing left to the imagination of the player and every single line in the game is cheesy as hell.
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    Quote from Saljen

    Adria marked the prime evils before they were killed in Diablo 2 I thought. It made it so instead of them going into the souls stones (like we assumed, and then destroyed to no avail) they were instead sucked into the black soul stone when we killed them in Diablo 2. Adria would have been an allie to the prime evils all along, so she would have the opportunity to mark them before their death.
    Yes Adria did indeed mark the souls - she didn't collect them. This is why the black soulstone consumes the souls when "activated" by Kulle.
    So Adria just walked in the corrupted monastery, Tal Rasha's thomb and the durance of hatred and said "hey [insert Andy, Duriel, Meph and Baal] i will mark your souls so when you get killed your souls will be sucked inside this badass unknown soulstone, so in an few decades Diablo can all absorb you and become the Prime Evil"
    This is not a plan any demons would agree with, speically the top elite ones. If the demons would remotely accept being absorbed by Diablo they wouldn't need an bunch of heroes to kill then in order ti release their souls. Demons refuse the idea of unity, this is execly why the Prime Evil is such a dangerous being.
    Diablo tricked the other demons so he could absorb then, thats pretty much confirmed in the Black Soulstone cinematic. I don't see how Adria would mark fucking Greater and Lesser Evils against their will. Seriously Mephisto would turn her inside what in half blink of an eye. In D2 all the Evils you face acts really loyaly towards Diablo so if they are marked they never new it. And I don't see Mephisto and Baal being marked to the slaughter without even knowing it, that sounds ridicolous.
    If this is the direction D3 story is, i'm deeply disapointed.

    Also, your making it sound like a demon (Lillith) would be more powerful than a nephalem. I think that Adria is indeed a nephalem, just like our characters, which would make sence for both her long life and her assumed power, since nephalem are more powerful than both angels and demons.

    Not more powerful, but more knowledgeable of their powers and how the universe works. I've a hard time believing Adria has flourished to that level of power. In that case why would she needs you (and the other heroes) in the first place ? Why she doesn't just go there and defeat Belial, like we did ?

    Even Uldyssian had a fucking hard time using his powers in that level. Adria being able to reach the Black Abyss and capturing Evil's souls will or marking then to be absorbed by Diablo against their will sounds fishy as hell.
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    Quote from TheDFO

    Yeah, I'm not seeing Lillith working for Diablo. I mean, it appears she's been working for him since possibly before D1, definatly end of D1, just before D2. At that point, she would have no idea (well, I can't see how she would have an idea) that Baal was going to destroy the worldstone, which, IMO, allowed the sudden jump in power (yes, we were getting back our Nephalem powers, but with the worldstone gone, the powers are coming back much, much faster). Additionally, if she IS Lillith, then would Leah been half demon half human, or all demon?

    The souls of demons should be in the Abyss, not on Sanctuary.


    Tyrael in D2 at the end of Act 4: "Praise be to the Light! You have accomplished the impossible! Diablo and Mephisto have been banished back into the Black Abyss that spawned them, and the corrupted Soulstones are no more"

    The soulstones is an Izual's trick. The Horadrim idea was to keep the Evils forever caged inside the Soulstones. Izual knew the stones could be corrupted and telled Tyrael only half of the story, so they could use the whole concept of the soulstone as a passage into the Worldstone-protected Sanctuary.
    Breaking the stones with the souls inside is not attempt to kill the Evils. It's just a way to banish then from Sanctuary. Thats the whole Horadrim's tragedy: they offered their world as prison to the great evils, interfering in the Great Conflict. What they gained ? Fucking demons in the doorstep. This is also Tyrael's fault, thats why he feels so guilty about Sanctuary's fate.
    So the Evils souls should be in the Black Abyss, not floating around Sanctuary. The Evils respawn as soon as they get killed (this is backed up again in that video unlocked video were Auriel asks Imperius to not kill Diablo), Andariel and Duriel should be respawning in the Black Abyss since D2.

    Lilith is working along side Diablo because she would know the Evils would loose every battle they dare to take against an Nephalem (like they did). Archangels and the Evils think they are the supreme beings of the Universe but Lilith believes otherwise. Working alongside the Prime Evils was both a way to destroy the Worldstone (one huge step in her ultimate goals) and a way to destroy the Evils (by sending then against her overpowered children).

    At that point, she would have no idea (well, I can't see how she would have an idea) that Baal was going to destroy the worldstone

    Destroying the Worldstone was the Prime Evil's plan since the Dark Exile. Open the door from the inside. Thats the whole plot of D1 and D2. She just bet Baal would succed.

    Additionally, if she IS Lillith, then would Leah been half demon half human, or all demon?
    Aindan was not demon, but an possessed human. What the natural law have to say about the child of an demon and an demon possessed person is beyond me =p She definetly have a human looking body but she also have demonic powers. Leah would make sense in both ways (Adria being Lilith or not).

    Look even me is not taking this theory too seriously. It was just something i tought and felt like I should share, once this add alot of perpective to D3 plot imho. It does not only close a large plothole, it creats a connection between the Sin War, D1, D2 and D3.
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    I was reading the other thread (Adria is more powerful then e think). In this thread people adressed one of plot holes in D3's story: the souls of the greater and lesser Evil should be at the Abyss (were dead demon souls return and respawn) so Adria wondering across Sanctuary collecting those souls makes no sense.

    Adria gotta be something more then a human witch. Gathering souls of greater demons ? Ploting side by side with Diablo himself against two of the Evils ? Trick Tyreal (who doesn't have powers but a eternity of wisdom and experience) ?

    In my opnion D3's start to make alot more sense if Adria is actually Lilith. A short list of "evidence" (more hints then evidence actualy). Heres the short list:

    * http://www.diablofans.com/topic/52672-adria-more-powerful-than-we-know-spoilers/ post #3 by Pyrrhic hints that Adria is more then humam (do not drink or eat wtf).

    * As mentioned above Adria gotta have some godly deception skills in order to make a fool out of Tyreal. In the Sin War it is very clear Lilith is a insane master plotter and deceptionist.

    * Adria seduced Aidan in order to give birth to Diablo's future host, Leah. Again theres an convergence in skills and praxis of Adria and Lilith.

    * As mentioned above Adria gotta have SICK dimensional traveling skills or else D3's plot have hole. The souls of demons should be in the Abyss, not on Sanctuary. The Abyss doesn't sound like a accessible place for a human witch. Adria being Lilith would kind explain that: Lilith found an way out of the Void once, hinting she has the power to travel dimensions above the avarage (Inarius didn't expected her to escape). For the third time theres an convergence between Adria and Lilith's powers.
    This even explain why she lied about gathering the souls on sanctuary. If she telled "wow i was at the abyss bro" it would be really suspicious.
    Why Tyreal believed the seven souls wasn't on the Abyss is another question though.

    * Lilith would have all the motivations to make what Adria did in D3. First she tricked you and Tyreal into raising the Prime Evil (following Diablo's plot). With this she would crush the High Heavens by sending the powered Diablo there. Then she tricked Diablo once she knew you (the Nephalem) would stop him. Remember she's the only Demon that truely believe Nephalem are the superior beings. By doing that she crushed Hell.
    With both sides broken she freely raise the Nephalem the way she wants.
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    Quote from sabag123

    wait but i need to use only poison dart without rune?
    it's not alot dmg..
    thank you for your help

    lol forgot the pick the Splitters rune !
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    what if Adria = Lilith o.O ?

    Adria has decieving skills (decieved even Tyreal!) like Lilith.
    Adria has seducing skills (seduced Aidan in order to have Leah) like Lilith.
    Adria gotta've dimensional traveling skills (gone to the Abyss in order to catch the Evil's souls) like Lilith (scaped the Void once).
    She might 've revived Diablo and turn him into the Prime Evil (and maybe tricked him) because she knew you (the next gen Nephalem) could kill him, as Lilith believes the power of Nephalem like anyone does. By doing that she crushed both Heavens - she made the invasion possible in the first place - and Hell - the 7 evils dead. By crushing both and showing humans Nephalem are OP she did execly what she allways wanted to do.

    Rofl i kind think thats a decent theory
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