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    I lol'ed at the genie :)

    Kinda cool
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    Personally i just cant wait until i open up my bag and click a picture of a tiger/horse/whatever and out pops a fully saddled and trained animal just begging for me to ride it around.

    But why be happy with jsut a normal one? why not instead reach level 70 and then get one that flies. now that is where the shit is at!


    I don't really think they will do it, but AoC did have mounted combat. Probably will make diablo a little unbalanced and difficult to control though.
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    oooo i think muderface nailed it!

    Their argument will be war itself is not the social control, it is how war is used by others that is the social control.

    Find a counter for that, and you win! :D
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    War can be used for advantages in many ways

    Rewrite that. (i know it's just a dot point, but the concept isn't really that great). Try something more like "Despite war doing (or not doing) *insert their shitty line here*(now rebut that shitty line to hell :D), certain members of society can use war, and its consequences to manipulate individuals and society as a whole."

    Never really did debating, but i think it flows better than war being used for advantages.

    EDIT: Manipulation is your entire argument (Scoial Control). Focus on it! Maybe spend 2 minutes typing "manipulation in war" (especially focus on Hitler) and grab some examples of how, when, and why it was done.
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    Quote from "synthaza" »
    Yeah.. I'm pretty sure it will impact the gameplay negatively, that's a given. Inducing a hard limit on durability is completely unfounded. It's fine that you are trying to amp up the death penalty but going that far as to completely make an item unrepairable is way too much for a game. What if the item is extremely expensive or rare? Too bad, you've lost it. Why don't you waste tens of hours trying to get it again? That would be way too unforgiving to players and frankly, it might even turn players away from the game.

    Criticism makes baby jesus cry.

    WTB hole in which to hide ^_^
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    Oiiii, it's a good idea dammit! just needs a little loving is all!

    Rofl, ok i'll try and think of a new idea
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    Well cheers for the replies,

    I choose to disagree with some of them :P For instance bots and dupes will always be present. If you ask me, my idea would reduce bots, as there would be no need to farm all day long for gold to repair you items (another reason for my idea). Gold could be used for buying/enchanting/whatever, but i fear that if gold is used to repair items it will eventually just turn into a grind for gold (like many mmo's for instance), rather than a game of strategy where you try not to die.

    Lachdonan, good points raised. However i disagree with you that repairing durability loss is enough of a penalty. This will lead to a game where nobody actaully cares if they die, they might have to farm a half hours worth to make up the gold they lost, but that's hardly a big deal. Personally i believe that there would be enough items to gather as the game progresses that most players would not have any items become obselete.

    Perhaps if gold is rarer, it will fix everything. However will it just turn into a farmfest where nobody actually cares about trying stay alive once they have ground a few gold?
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    So it was recently mentioned in an interview about durability possibly being included. Possibly as a death penalty (I would assume exactly like it is in wow).

    In WoW: Lose durability during general gameplay, plus extra durability loss if you die in PvE, no durability loss for PvP. Once durability reaches 0, the item goes red and offers no stats/features until it is repaired. You can go to most tradesmen and pay a small fee to get any item you want repaired to full durability.

    Now, what if, instead of durability lost over time it was only lost when a player died. And further more, they could not be repaired.

    This offers a strong incentive not to die (you're items will become useless after lets say 10-20 deaths). However, it also does not adversly effect gameplay as you will constantly be getting new items.

    To prevent high level characters with ridiculous gear losing it all, all they need do is continue playing and gathering new gear (as they would anyway), and there could also be a scroll of some sort (E.g. Scroll of Youth, Scroll of Something-or-other) that could be used on any piece of equipment to repair it completely. Possibly this scroll could only be used on each item once, and it also has an EXTREMELY low drop rate.

    Those who couldnt be bothered reading a few sentences:
    -Durability loss occurs when you die.
    -Can not be repaired (except for possibly a scroll/enchantment of some sort which is ridiculously rare to find).
    -Leads to death penalty having a meaning, without negatively impacting gameplay.

    Edit: Any suggestions, criticisms, comments appreciated.
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    Quote from "Jugzor" »
    Yap, its pretty lame. I never tried using it, but i know its popular.

    Eh, didn't you just say that you tried to buy items from it?

    EDIT: Yes you said this:

    d2jsp is VERY popular.
    I remember I put up a thread, saying that I wanted to buy a Mal and a Lo i believe, and I forgot what my offer was.. but within a minute of my post.. there was almost a full page of replys saying "Ill give you Mal and Lo for # forum gold" I was shocked!

    EDIT 2: You sir, are a liar! A LIAR!
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    fail...i edit
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    posted a message on Diablofans - WWI Card Tyrael Pet Contest
    Pretty sure nobody is reading this anymore, but i had an original (i hope) idea that isn't jsut the same sentence spewed over and over again by other people.

    Everyone seems to be suggesting "no more ganking" "make pvp fair" but they don't seem to understand that the team probably wants to know <how> to do this, not be told the obvious.

    Context for my idea is this:
    -I believe that pvp SHOULD be in the open world, though not in towns.
    -You should not have to "flag" yourself or set your identity to hostile to pvp.
    -Ranks (in the form of a title in your name) should be awarded for various pvp feats. E.g. "Woop the Hungerer" "Althius the Noble" "Serdan the Unquenchable" "Geirend the Brave"etc etc.
    -Certain positive ranks lead to positive rewards, e.g. cheaper costs for gear (even a % off player to player transactions, with the difference made up by "the people" [e.g. buyer pays less, seller still gets the same gold])
    -Lower ranks lead to punishments: excessive costs, only able to bhuy from certain NPC's, etc.
    -Negative ranks (received for ganking, excessive pk'ing, etc to be discussed below) lead to very annoyiing aspects in the gameplay. E.g. guards attack in towns, a lowered sense of morale which may lead to increased chance to miss/lower crits.
    -Even a possible bounty system being put in place whereby the player who is repeatedly ganked may place a bounty on his killers head. First player to "scalp" the ganker (to be discussed) and return it to the player (via mail or some other method) receives the bounty, and possibly a "bounty hunter rank." E.g. "Althius the Vengful" --> "Althius the Pious" --> "Althius the Protector" --> "Althius blah blah" etc

    To prevent/govern the ganking, and to bring all of the above ideas into play i propose this: When a player is killed they are automatically "looted" and an ear/scalp is given to the pk'er. These trophies may be turned in to increase your PVP rank/possibly purchase certain PVP rewards (if these rewards are of an adequate value, and not overpowered). Killing a player who is a higher level than you may lead to you looting both their ears (double the reward), and killing a player quite a bit lower will lead to no looting, or possibly even a loss of all the ears in your possession/a PVP rank.

    Leading on from this: When a player revives they become an "earless one" for a short period of time, enabling them to escape being repeatedly killed. If an earless one is killed they may place a bounty on their killers head/the killer will lose a PVP rank.

    There could also be an option for players to go into town and have their ears removed (a player who is very against PVP may do this), every 3rd or so time they revive they would have to travel back to town to remove their ears once again, their title could reflect this as in "woop the coward." Either way, if a player who is against pvp has this done...and they are pk'ed...the killer would lose several ranks and have a powerful debuff placed on his character for a period of time, as well as have a bounty placed on his head.

    Well...there's my idea. In my mind it would lead to a dangerous Open PVP World, where no place is safe, however at the same time stop constant ganking. I hope you all understood where i was coming from and any comments would be appreciated.
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    posted a message on multiple game platforms
    Different controls entirely, different gameplay, totally different everything.

    They'd ahve to completely re-script the entire game so you and your dad could play co-op together because he won't let you play online.
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    posted a message on battlenet character import
    Quote from "Ent1ty" »
    actually hockey has 11 players including goalie and chees is milk frozen and added bi products

    Epic fail.

    Cheese is milk that has been exposed to specific bacteria in suitable conditions (cool and damp for example). It is NOT frozen. Go to your fridge and put some milk in the freezer and see if it turns into cheese. Better yet, a fridge doesn't freeze anything, so why doesn't cheese melt and revert to milk when it's in the fridge?

    And yes, hockey does have 11 players on the field including a goalie. I don't understand how you thought i was saying otherwise.

    Next time try to correct someone who is actually wrong, such as yourself. :thumbsup:
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    posted a message on battlenet character import
    No chance.

    Why wasn't the soccer world cup the same as the hockey? Because they are different games. Sure they both have 11 players ont he field, a goalie, and a ball...but, it hink you get my point.

    DII =/= DIII

    Just as cheese =/= milk, even if they are both dairy products
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    posted a message on Looks for armor:mods/abilities
    Quote from "Atrumentis" »
    Yeah, the first post does just seem like random thoughts... but I understand what he's saying.

    He's talking about magic prefixes and suffixes, and the effects that they give.

    And the one about '2 extra invent spaces' is referring to the fact that they are pants with pockets.

    I don't even know how I understood it lol.

    I think you'll find his post was actually a thinly disguised sexual reference.

    what special ability is gonna be in pants lol:P

    He compeltely ignores the other armour and talks solely about pants and the special abilities of what is going to be in them (you know what is in pants).

    res. = "resurection" he finds the word similar to "erection"
    very funny...

    maybe even like one 2 extra inventory space's

    Back to the whole "what is inside pants" theory.

    Speed...well...that's anyones guess. Perhaps he is like superman in the bedroom? faster than a speeding bullet?

    Case closed :)

    Of course, he might have actually been referring to resistance, socketted items and increases in stats (one of which being speed of some type)...but i like my point of view better.
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