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    posted a message on Yang's Recurve reroll question.

    You are missing a lot of disc! You should replace your armor and quiver ;)

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    posted a message on Pain enhancer gem good ?
    Quote from VMT8ยป

    [p]Pain Enhancer is good if you have physical dmg skills. It is normally used in N6 build with ROV- Dark Cloud builds[/p]
    [p] Pain Enhancer:[/p]
    [p]Critical hits cause the enemy to bleed for 1200.0%weapon damage as Physical over 3 seconds.[/p]
    [p]Gain Blood Frenzy, granting you 3% increased Attack Speed for each bleeding enemy within 20 yards.(Requires Rank 25)[/p]
    [p]It does physical dmg but why is good only for physical dmg skills?[/p]
    List tags are malformed.
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