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    posted a message on Got rank 11 (5 according to Diabloprogress) - How to proceed?

    from the information i gathered, the only way to go for best rifts is to optimize a raiment gen monk, sad to say but that build with a proper rift fishing is the way to go

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    The equip and the set of abilities that you have are good, you are at the right paragon level, and the bars seemed Okay, but then i took a deeper look at your char and there are some crucial mistakes you made, i make a list with problem, solution and why:

    -switch ourobros and ruechambers with compass rose and traveler pledge, that set utility is too good for a monk

    -switch gem of the powerful with a trapped, better have a constant bonus than a temporary

    -you have NO life on hit on your weapon, which, let me say, is not the best choice, one weapon at least should have it, the simplicity alone is not enough many times

    -switch chant of resonance with harmony, the resist boost it gives is something that a monk can't say NO

    - dashing strike with quicksilver is something i never seed, the right runes for you are radiance or blinding speed are the right runes, depending if you need more survivability or attack speed

    -your inna body has a reforged ally damage: that's a big NOOOOOO!! you are using a gen monk, so the vitality or elite damage reduction is what you need, same for shoulders

    -your belt has armor bonus and a reforge on the secondary, trash that junk away and look for a belt with dex, vitality, crippling wave damage and %life or all res

    -you are missing many other reforges: gloves (vitality must become att speed) fist of legend (vitality must become life on hit or area damage) relentless assault (socket must become life on hit or attack speed, keep life on ONE weapon and ramaladni must be added, if you dont have a ramaladni just switch spirit reg), boots(life regen must become armor)

    Make this changes and you will surely do a 70 GR.

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