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    there is just no point of this post, that is what i said from the beginning. There is your best answer from blizzard that you can potentially get on this topic. So why create another one?


    I (and our forum moderation team) have been locking threads because multiples on the same topic are a violation of our forum code of conduct. Similarly, I have replied to a few to make it clear what the violation is, rather than delete threads or suspend posters.

    I've made no further posts because our stance hasn't changed. Botting is not permitted, we continue to issue bot ban waves on an as-needed basis, and we do not communicate when these waves occur. Actions that we take are discussed only with the holders of accounts that are impacted.

    Combating botting is an ongoing, tedious, and forever-long process. It's a "war" that goes back and forth between our detection methods and sneakier, less detectable bots. It will always be an ongoing challenge. Feedback is appreciated; however, spamming the forums with the same topic repeatedly is not.

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    exactly. The maphack portion of it makes it easily banable to me. not even counting things like stricken stacks on the boss or w/e it does.

    worst part here is that so many ppl are used to thd that they wouldn't even play the game without it anymore.

    Only reason why blizzard is not banning thd is because they knew that they would lose a major part of their "competetive" playerbase.

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    "people who want to play wisely use thud" interessting statement of you sir.

    And no. This post was not just about botters. It was from people that claim to play on a fair playingfield and get offended by botters because you guys think they get an unfair advantage.

    [WQW] – Quantum Warriors

    [Hybrid] – The Hybrids

    [ZE] – Zero Emphaty

    [PiratE] – The Pirates

    [DoW] – DemonsOfWind

    [EoD] – Eye of Demons

    [VoiD] – VoiD

    out of all of these clans. who of them is really "clean"? not using any 3rd party software like thud or d3helper / scripts that allow to change them 25000 paragon points midfight within a second?

    None of you guys is clean. None.

    You guys just wanna make yourself look like the whiteknights in this post. You guys are no whiteknights. Blizzard also will occasionally ban botters. No need to create multiple threads or letters "from the community".

    For our community and Diablo franchise..

    Because this discussion not only affecting
    the leaderboard and unfair competition, also causes our legit players
    being desperate and having argument with whoever using bots.

    This part is funny. Who is legit here? Nobody.

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    But using TurboHud is fine? Since I know plenty of people in all of those listed clans use that software.

    No I am not defending botting but using TurboHud is also clearly an unfair advantage.

    Disgusting to see how people brag about their Xp per hour on livestream while doing speed 110's or knowing elite packs behind doors. etc etc. (not listing any names, you can figure out yourselves.)

    balance is still not close to be fine how you state it. all people search in communities is 2 rathmas, 1 zbarb 1 znecro.

    nice meta change. nothing changed.

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