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    It's a good idea but one thing Diablo needs is longevity, not many people keep playing the game lets say after two weeks into the season. The people who stay are the ones who really want to compete in the ladders and make progress on the GRs, the problem with this system is that people would just hit a soft cap getting all the good stuff, they would do the best GR they can with that and than they would hit a wall because they cannot progress anymore and eventually quit. I think Diablo needs a 180 revamp in order to give more longevity to the game, maybe an expansion or even a new game that can constantly spit content and make some money with that. Right now I can only expect similar patches to what we had so far, new season with some new items, another power creep allowing us to do few GRs higher and that's it.

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    Botting has such as small impact in competitive GR right now. It comes way more to the ability of nolifing your way to paragon 1400+ which bots can't do. All it really does is farm you some mats which all the no lifers already have plenty of. So basically you'll never make to the top20 of the SC ladder if you are a normal folk with a job, a family or school doesn't matter if you bot or not.

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    posted a message on BlizzCon 2015 - Diablo is dead
    Quote from nobbie01»

    Quote from Marnok»

    The schedule posted at MMO-Champion has to be fake,


    • Unkown panels Epic Cosplay and you?, Machinima panel?
    • No World of Warcraft Movie panel
    • No Engineering Panel
    • Missing time from before The future of Starcraft and after which sums up about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
    • Opening Ceremony taking more time then previous blizzcon events.

    Like previously mentioned there is no Engineering panel
    There also seems to be unusual large gaps in between not talking about 5~10 minutes, if you look closely there are at certain places easily 20~30 minutes missing from the rest of the hour. compare this to previous schedules you'll see that the previous once were more timely accurate and not were people sitting for 20 minutes for nothing. Take a look at "The future of starcraft II" Also "machinima panel"? "Epic Cosplay and You"? seems honestly kind of awkward haven't seen those panels before.

    So besides some of the panels are literally unknown, and this schedule seems very fishy.
    I'm pretty sure and convinced this is a fake.

    Just wait and see until blizzard uploads their official panels.

    The Warcraft 3 HD-Remake is missing, too, but the list is not fake but a WIP it seems.
    Warcraft 3 HD is fan made
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    Well, as we all know most games now days are Politically Correct, and so they aways make atlast one black character for you to choose, and the Paladin was the homie for D2, but now in D3 seems like Witch Doctor is taking the place as the main representant of the brotherhood and i dont think that the pally will be coming back in any other shape since the barbarian is our old friend from 20 years ago, so who will be our new shield baerer in D3?

    I would like to state that im not a racist, this is just a theory.
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    posted a message on Character Classes and Ideas for Diablo 3
    those are what i thought for the last 3 spots

    Waylayer - Ranged/Avoidance/Daggers
    Sage - Gravity/Soul/Elemental
    Cleric/Paladin - Combat/Shield/Aura
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    Imo they should take off the dificult levels from the game (normal, nightmare,hell) and instead of 4-5 acts give us 9-10 with approximately a 8-9 lvl goal per act, this would make the game much less repetitive.

    sorry about the english, tryed my best :(
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