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    Ok so here is the barbarian picture I've been working on for so long. I would have finished it earlier but college kept me away from my tablet.

    Anyhow, I thought it would be nice to have a barbarian that looked like he had some experience. I still remember when playing d2 that there were quite a lot of old people in Harrogath. That left an impression on me.

    Also, I thought it would be nice to equip him with a sword for once.

    So here is the picture, with 2 close-ups on the original sized jpg.

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    Overall it's good. I like his facial expression.

    The anatomy is pretty good except for his right hand, which has a bad angle.

    I have issues with the lightning too. If the light is coming down from the top there isn't supposed to be any of these dark shadows. They should be all diffused. If it's coming from the left his whole right side should be more shadowed than it is. Also, the block on which he's sitting should be shaded imo.

    I have also sketched some important details in the pic I attached below. Good drawing overall.
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    Depending on some factors I might be willing to do this.

    Job-realted experience:
    - I have never worked as a concept artist before, but i have been drawing since I was a little kid.
    - I am designing websites ( html and flash) It's my part time job.
    - I am studying in architecture so I have some experience with programs such as Autocad and 3ds Max.

    Strong points:
    - Since i'm studying architecture, I have a good knowledge of how to draw architectural entities.
    - I am also equally good at drawing people/monsters and other biological organisms (as you can see in my drawings)
    - I have some experience in flash/photoshop/3ds max
    - I am very enthusiastic about this whole thing since it's something that has interested me since i was a kid.

    Weak points:
    - I tend to be a perfectionnist so sometimes it takes me a while to finish my drawings.
    - I don't have a lot of experience in coloring and finalising drawings in photoshop ( I will buy a pad in the next weeks and begin studying painter).

    - My semester ends in about 5 weeks, I don't know what delay you want your project to be completed in but this might be the biggest problem.

    Here are some examples of things i'v drawn (I don't only draw realisticaly. Altough it's my prefered drawing style, I can do something more cartoony or abstract without problems)

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    My first post on this forum.

    Here's a little elf drawing that I made, there are plenty of mistakes but it's presentable.

    I'm currently thinking about making a Diablo related drawing, so stay tuned.

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