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    Hello everyone,

    Will get straight to the point: imo this weeks DH challenge rift is unbeatable, except for only a few top tier players (in group) maybe-

    Now I don't wanna be that Illuminati guy, but: after this one it is clear to me that some high level players are making under-geared GRs with the intention to make then super hard to complete.

    Therefore I humbly ask: is there a way to test these challenge rifts before release, run them a few times maybe.

    Because it is very frustrating to fail over and over again, taking the fun out of the game- especially in early season when you need those materials.

    PS:: a blue post about these crazy hard challenges would be gladly appreciated, thank you in advance.

    Please share your thoughts, tactics, and I wish all the best of luck.

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    I totaly agree, Down with botters!

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