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    Hi, not sure if anyone has touched on this. My wife and i play together, i am a Monk & she plays a DH. We are both similar in paragon (she is about 15 levels higher) and we are currently playing T3 (hardcore). My question is what determines the drops as i can literally find 5 or 6 items to her 1 or 2. We enjoy playing co-op and i thought the game was designed to promote that style of play (with friends & family) but it just doesn't seem fair for us to play for a few hours and i will end up picking up 12-16 items to her 5-8. What makes things drop for me but not for her? We both have no MF (well 10% as we play co-op) and we are now at the point where we will encounter elite packs and i will try to run away so that the kill registers from her instead of me. When she plays on her own, she has no trouble picking up numerous items (what seems like a normal drop rate) so now we are forced to play separately just so she can get items to drop :( We are dedicated fans and have been playing since the original Diablo came out 500 years ago; we have all the expansions and have conquered them all and always look forward to continuous story-line developments but i am thinking of going back to the Xbox to play Halo.....very sad indeed :(
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