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    Quote from DeliriumShift

    I'll always remember my first encounter with The Butcher. The combination of him and the room he was in told me I was in for one hell of a ride.

    When I first played the game, it took a few tries to finally get him.. Eventually I leveled myself to lvl 9 bought tonnes of pots and heal scrolls.. Then opened the door and by the end of it, I still had 2 belt slots left to use. It wasn't til after I managed to hit him enough time to kill him that I ventured into his room, and noticed what all that was. I was maybe 8-12 at the time. Most memorable moment of the game for me, that was some scary shit.
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    posted a message on [USEast](XP L SC] WTB Crown of Ages, Steelrend, Shadow Dancer & Wisp Projector
    I need
    Crown of Ages

    Shadow Dancer


    Wisp Projector

    I can trade the following


    Firelizard's Talons
    Nord's Tenderizer
    Suicide Branch
    Heart Carver

    Anadariels Visage
    Hwanin's Splendor
    Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest

    Wall of The Eyeless

    Gloom's Trap

    Immortal King's Pillar
    Natalya's Soul
    Goblin Toe

    Dwarf Star
    Nature's Peace

    Twisted Essence of Suffering
    Festering Essence of Destruction
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    I stumbled upon a small 2 liner post about this.. You can't run dual monitors because of the game being directdraw or something of that effect. I turned off compatibility mode stuck the cd in, disabled my widescreen monitor and launched the game, and it runs now.. Some jackass named "god" joined the game and somehow corrupted me and my friends saved games.. talk about no life, still trolling d1 *rolls eyes*

    Thank goodness for doom gaze
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    posted a message on Diabdat.mpq not Found/ WinXP Pro SP3
    Compatibility settings don't work, all the do is change the message to that. With no compatibilty settings, I actually get a bit farther. I get past the blizzard logo and then the game encounters an error. I've emailed blizzard since their support section has NOTHING on this.

    I patched to v1.09 btw.

    I've tried using the CD, I've tried using an .iso image.. I've tried using the install directory. I changed the DiabloCD key value in the registry every time to the appropriate location.. Heck I even tried using my development HDD (D:\) thinking oh maybe it is looking where it shouldn't.

    So I've got nowhere left to go before trying a virtual machine of windows 95 or something of that sort.
    Again I've got Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
    Build 2600.xpsp.080413-2111(Service Pack 3) //In case anybody actually needs the build lol

    Please help me!
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    posted a message on How would you like to Quest?
    I voted for all but collecting, simply because I find it tedious and boring. Like in Act 3, or Act 2.. maybe if it's something related to the end of the game.. like collecting soul stones, or just something that you don't need to have completed for a long while and just casually collect as you go, y'know?

    I enjoy keeping things alive while masses upon masses come flying at me, like in L4D.. only this would be an rpg, so it would make it feel more like the masses of evil have broke free from the hell fires. So, I picked survival / protection. And so long as its something like dota, where you have layers of defenses to keep the main thing alive and you just need to protect the defenses.. that's not so bad. But if you have a 5 month year old baby in your arms that you have to protect from a couple thousand minions of the darkness.. FUCK the baby, throw it as a decoy worry bout staying alive yourself right?

    I don't mind acting as a medium of transportation for two NPCs, especially when I am going to be dropping by the destination anyways, so I voted delivery. So a casual take this, and get it here ain't so bad. so long as you're not given some time limit like when you're delivering that frog in ocarina of time to take those eye drops to the goron so he can make you a big ass sword.. okay in zelda.. not okay in Diablo

    As for the travelling part, as it says.. scavenging for treasure, cool.. but only if it's a cool treasure.. I wouldn't want to get to the treasure chest, open it up, have some dramatic music play, and find a fucking rupee.. or in Diablo terms, a sweaty pair of old boots with some shitty enchantments

    Special stuff I voted for cause it mentioned riddles and that got me thinking about puzzles and shit like that.. I like being rewarded for figuring things out.. it is mentally gratifying and makes me feel smart even if I'm not, but I am.

    Bosses, everybody enjoys a good challenge.. except for the noobs at life who don't. Obviously they don't count. Yes you! Your opinion doesn't matter on the subject.. ;p

    I voted for other, because I like surprises.. sometimes they are interesting and cool, unfortunately other times they are lame.

    I absolutely hate killing and collecting.. it is the most retarded irrational type of quest.. like in that mmo.. that I am thinking about and continue to type as I think.. which I believe was called RF Online.. Starting off, and for a long time after.. all you get for quests are objectives like.. kill 5 youngling.. okay I just started I need some xp and don't mind a reward for it.. you complete it.. kill 5 next enemy *grr* and so on and so forth until you say OMFGWTFBBQ? are we fucking killing these for food or what? Do I need to feed an entire army?!!? I eventually quit that mmo due to bordom and tediousness. I mean.. if every now and then you need to kill a few minotaurs to grind up their horns to cure stupid little gwen who had a minotaur mage cast a rape spell on her or w/e tf, and its necessary to make'er better.. alright.. but fuck that mmo shit is annoying
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